Ohio's tourism board needs local voice

Mar 31, 2014


We like to think our area — the Northcoast region of Ohio — is the very capital of Ohio's tourism industry.

Sure, Cleveland has the Rock Hall; Toledo has the ... well we're not sure what Toledo has.

But right here, the very heart of the nation's heartland, we have Cedar Point and the islands directly north; the Marblehead Lighthouse to the west, restaurant city in downtown Sandusky; Kalahari Resort and the 15 golden miles of shopping heading south down U.S. 250; and Huron and Vermilion's world class harbors to the east.

Yes, that's right.

But still, there's no local representation on the state's tourism board, the group that guides the marketing plans to promote tourism in Ohio. That makes no sense to us, or to state Sen. Randy Gardner.

We appreciate Gardner's recent push to get a local tourism expert on the board. Gardner, R-Bowling Green, said he doesn't understand why Gov. John Kasich did not appoint Larry Fletcher, the executive director of the Ottawa County tourism bureau to the board after he applied, and we don't either. Gardner also suggested other local candidates who could serve the interests of the state's tourism industry if they were named to the board.

There's a vacancy coming up later this year. Kasich would do well look right here at those candidates when it comes time to name a new member.



I hope "politics as usual" isn't part of the nomination equation. And ABSOLUTELY we here in northern Ohio should have representation. I am not condoning any particular individual as many qualified persons have truly vested interests in capitalizing on this industry's potential all along the shores of Lake Erie.


Shores of lake erie are the operative words. we are NOT a north coast of anything. Does it make a difference? of course it does if we can't even get the geographic terms correct. a shoreline borders a lake and a coast line borders the ocean.

Stop It

"Despite their beauty and vastness, outside of this region they are often overlooked and unknown. But to many who live along these northern coasts sometimes called the "Third Coast" the Great Lakes are a constant companion, a treasure and a well-kept secret."



United States and Canada -- 10,900 mi/17,549 km (including connecting channels, mainland and islands). The Great Lakes shoreline is equal to almost 44 percent of the circumference of the earth, and Michigan's Great Lakes coast totals 3,288 mi/5,294 km, more coastline than any state but Alaska.

References: Great Lakes Basin brochure, 1990, Michigan Sea Grant"

Cram your semantics.


if you're going to offer up all that wealth of information, why do you feel the need to end it with insults?

coast is the land next to a sea.
shore, the land along the edge of an ocean. sea, lake or river.

we don't set foot on the coast of lake erie or the coast of the river and we don't sell sea shells along the shore of a lake.

I stand by what I said.

T. A. Schwanger


Cedar Point "Americas Roller Shore" Just doesn't sound right.


Cedar Point, the Roller Coaster Capital of the world, is referring to roller coasters and has nothing to do with the subject at hand. thanks for your input, coaster fan.

Stop It

I've been witness as to how you stand by things you've said. You do it until the overwhelming majority is against you and then you say 'Ha! I trapped you all into thinking I meant what I said' as you backtrack and sidestep your way out.

Cram your semantics. The majority know the Great Lakes as the North Coast.


you are trying to make an argument where there is none and you are not an overwhelming majority of one. My opinion is my opinion and I stand by that. I don't care what anyone thinks of my opinions as I write them to express a different point of view, not that my views are any more correct or incorrect than others who express their point of view. I stand by what I said originally. I have been reading signs that say Lake Erie Shores and Islands. Are they wrong?

Kottage Kat

Mistake by the Lake.