Tanny smiles

Mar 17, 2014


She was born to be an educator. She was born to teach and to inspire.

The life Tanny Vonthron lived shows that to be the perfect truth.

The Huron Shawnee Elementary School principal died last week.

Vonthron, 39, never allowed the disease she suffered to define her and she taught a community how to rise above circumstances and live a good life of service.

She defined the role of educator in new ways and her contributions to the Huron community will live on through the students whose lives she touched, and their families.

The familiar yellow smiley face that's recognized all over the world, here in these parts, will forever reflect her loving face and the joy she shared with the community.

Tanny Vonthron always a smile away

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I'm asking that Huron City council pass a law to forever make note of Tanny by having her birthdate known as Tanny's Day in the City of Huron and keep the smily faces up. Huron, the City that smiles.


Lots of people die from cancer everyday, what about them?


what about them? Tanny exemplified that no matter what is happening or who is dying, we should all smile.

I know I am going to die and so what? Not smiling won't make that not happen, will it?

Some people suck the life out of us and some people bring us joy by their very presence. That was the thinking behind my request to honor Tanny and has nothing to do with slighting anyone.


If I died of cancer tomorrow, I would not expect this type of attention because I am but a fraction of the person she was. Her loss is affecting us deeply.


Not everyone that has cancer has had the impact on very young peoples attitudes like she had. She had the heart and smile of a giant. She inspired people! So many young people before and after the cancer diagnosis. She did not let the cancer beat her spirit. That's why people are asking for a special day. Even after her death, we want her memory and attitude not to die with her.