Stop voter suppression

Mar 3, 2014

Early voting has proved two things in an abundantly clear way: More Ohio residents vote when voting hours are extended; and Republicans don't like that.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, who is running for re-election on the fall ballot against Cuyahoga County Democrat Nina Turner, approved uniform hours for all 88 Ohio counties last month, eliminating evening hours and Sunday voting.

Husted cut Sunday voting completely and eliminated evening hours and five open days from the voting calendar. If Husted's order sticks, he will have successfully suppressed thousands of Democratic votes in Ohio's largest county, likely guaranteeing himself a win in November.

A leader in GOP-dominated Ohio Legislature for eight years before getting elected secretary of state, Husted's office is responsible for all election-related regulation. He is level-headed, thoughtful and articulate and has the ability to detail the reasonings for his positions in a powerful and persuasive way.

But not on this issue.

He was the water boy for the national GOP in 2012, working for Mitt Romney's campaign in a fervent effort to suppress Ohio's vote in Romney's favor. If it had worked, Husted probably would be in Romeny's cabinet if other efforts in other states to tilt the vote had worked.

Republicans have pushed voter suppression efforts for far too long, and it needs to stop.

They would be better served honing the appeal and focus on their ideas to craft legislation that can move the state forward. Republican lawmakers have success and a better appeal to voters when they choose that path.



I really am amazed at this editorial. Regardless of party, how anyone can state that four weeks of early voting is not enough is crazy! The voter has to make time to vote. We are all busy but if you want to vote make the time to vote. Last time I checked there was no line keeping Democrats from voting


Re: "Democrats,"

The crazy b*stards wanted a "re-do" in FL in '00!

(If VP Gore woulda won his home state of TN, the results in FL would have been inconsequential.)

Just keep piling on the progressive-socialist entitlement programs.

Eventually, NO ONE will vote against his or her own self-interests and then this country can have TRUE one party rule.


backwardation. Says it all.


I just read the book "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations" and it helped me gain keen insight into the diseased minds of republicants. The deck is stacked and very well funded. The repugs should be limited to election day voting while dems should have all year to vote. Fact, not opinion.


Re: "very well funded."


Yea, very few special interest groups give to Democrats.


"Romeny's cabinent" Both misspelled.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks OMG. Those typos have been fixed. Good catch. We also corrected the spelling of Secretary Husted's first name. 


Give the repugs a break. Voter supression and gerrymandering is all they have to win elections. Otherwise the numbers (and logic/common sense) do not support repuglican representation in most populated areas.


Always amazing to see our two major party's slugging it out over this issue when a simple, effective solution has been in place in both Oregon (1998) and Washington (2005): 100% vote by mail.

As noted here,, the results of Oregon's 100% vote by mail have been, "Consistently high -- often, the nation's highest -- turnout rates for registered voters. Because of Oregon's careful signature verification process, fraud and other electoral mischief are virtually nil."

As noted here,, 3 years ago the Montana legislature voted against joining OR & WA in 100% vote by mail. Guess the "promise of saving $2 million each election cycle by eliminating polling places and poll workers -- while also enhancing voter protection and participation" wasn't enough incentive.

Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees...

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The Hero Zone

Once again, a supportive thank you!


This would work but also voting online with a good ID system, like when voting proxies for stock issues, would make the most sense. I would prefer online rather than mail, but that is just me.


Why call it "Voter Suppression", instead of "Voter Readiness"?

I agree with the majority on here. Bring a photo id with the time allotted to vote. No big deal.

I'm tired of certain groups being catered to, and by catering, I mean making excuses for their laziness, and procrastination. Talk about special privileged.

Little Giant

If it is not voter suppression and is such a great idea..... why not apply the same rules 1) registration and 2) Photo Id for gun ownership?


Re: "1) registration and 2) Photo Id for gun ownership?"

Some states do, e.g. IL's FOID card.

Little Giant

If it is good enough for Illinois..... why not in Ohio?


Re: "Illinois....."

If that makes sense to you, then feel free to move to that Democrat Party heavy, oppressive, bankrupt state.


And why not 100% vote by mail? Why keep trying to fix a broken, contentious system when a better, cheaper system is available?


Not me. I wanna fill in the circles, and place the ballot in the electronic box. I want to make sure my vote is counted.


I'm guessing perhaps you didn't see an earlier posting of mine where I wrote: "As noted here,, the results of Oregon's 100% vote by mail have been, "Consistently high -- often, the nation's highest -- turnout rates for registered voters. Because of Oregon's careful signature verification process, fraud and other electoral mischief are virtually nil.""

Folks can either have their postal carrier pick up their ballot from their home's mailbox, drop off the ballot at the Post Office/postal box, or drop off their ballot at official ballot boxes.

No system is fraud-proof. Your vote via an electronic ballot box can be subject to fraud just as easily as any other system. The data from Oregon's system clearly shows not only does vote-by-mail work, but it works very well.


No system is fraud proof, but with less handlers it's more difficult to commit.


We agree: no system is fraud proof.

The #1 goal is to do everything possible to enable legal citizens to vote. Everything else should be in support of that goal, as in the voting process itself should help insure the risk of voter fraud is in the lower single digits. 1% sounds reasonable to me. Perhaps that's too low. But hopefully you understand my point.

Since both Democrats and the GOP keep fighting over the same argument, I still propose they need to seriously consider what Oregon has so successfully used since 1998, where every legal citizen gets a voter pamphlet in the mail well in advance of any election followed shortly thereafter by their voting ballot. Per an Oregon Voting website, "Registered voters receive a ballot two to three weeks before an election, giving them ample time to research issues or candidates. Voters also receive a security envelope in which to return their completed ballot.The envelope can be stamped and mailed or simply dropped off at any official drop box​ across the state. If a voter casts their ballot after the Friday before an election, the ballot should be left at a drop box site to ensure it's counted. Ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day.​​"

What could be better than sitting down in the comfort of one's home, filling out the ballot, then dropping it in a local state-provided ballot drop box?

A survey conducted in 2003 by Dr. Priscilla Southwell, a professor of Political Science at the University of Oregon, showed 81% of respondents favored the vote-by-mail system while 19% favored voting at the polls. The poll also showed high favorability among both registered Democrats (85%) and Republicans (76%). 30% of respondents said they voted more often since vote-by-mail had been enacted.


Voting by internet?

I vote my stock shares by proxy on the web - works for me.

Just don't let the Democrats pick the website building contractor, i.e. Obam☭are. :)


Amazing that both our State and Federal election officials can't seem to embrace technology, eh? And if they wanted to make the leap into the current century, their best bet would be to outsource the contract to a technology development company like maybe SAP or Cisco, to name two.

Little Giant

Clearly the intent of the Republicans is not to fix a problem but to suppress the vote.


Counter argument:

Clearly the intent of the Democrats is not to fix a problem, but to garner as many illegal votes as possible in order to help further the election of their socialist candidates and socialistic programs.

Little Giant

Do you have proof that there is a lot of voter fraud in Ohio or did Faux tell you to think that?


How to tell when a socialist loses an argument^^

...bring up fox news.

The Big Dog's back

How to tell when a right wingnut loses an argument.
They used Fox news as a reference.


Re: "They used Fox news as a reference."

Did you learn to say that from Bill Maher, derpy? :)


Re: "voter fraud in Ohio,"

Murphy's Law: If it can happen it will happen.

Wizard of Oz: "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

Lastly: Socialists prefer their populace ignorant – Congratulations, you passed the test.