Stop voter suppression

Mar 3, 2014

Early voting has proved two things in an abundantly clear way: More Ohio residents vote when voting hours are extended; and Republicans don't like that.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, who is running for re-election on the fall ballot against Cuyahoga County Democrat Nina Turner, approved uniform hours for all 88 Ohio counties last month, eliminating evening hours and Sunday voting.

Husted cut Sunday voting completely and eliminated evening hours and five open days from the voting calendar. If Husted's order sticks, he will have successfully suppressed thousands of Democratic votes in Ohio's largest county, likely guaranteeing himself a win in November.

A leader in GOP-dominated Ohio Legislature for eight years before getting elected secretary of state, Husted's office is responsible for all election-related regulation. He is level-headed, thoughtful and articulate and has the ability to detail the reasonings for his positions in a powerful and persuasive way.

But not on this issue.

He was the water boy for the national GOP in 2012, working for Mitt Romney's campaign in a fervent effort to suppress Ohio's vote in Romney's favor. If it had worked, Husted probably would be in Romeny's cabinet if other efforts in other states to tilt the vote had worked.

Republicans have pushed voter suppression efforts for far too long, and it needs to stop.

They would be better served honing the appeal and focus on their ideas to craft legislation that can move the state forward. Republican lawmakers have success and a better appeal to voters when they choose that path.



Only a Democrat would consider 29 days before an election to vote is voter suppression. LOL. On the other hand, maybe it is since todays crop of socialists...uh, I mean democrats are too dumb to figure out how to vote on election day. Ever notice how the vast majority of problems when it comes to voting come from democrat voters? You can't fix stupid.

Bottom Line

Your first sentence says it all really.


You need ID for Library cards, buying beer, buying cigarettes, going to an R rated movie, to drive, open a bank account,to get government benefits, ect, so why aren't these things considered suppression?


Re: "If Husted's order sticks, he will have successfully suppressed thousands of Democratic votes in Ohio's largest county, likely guaranteeing himself a win in November."

"If"? "Likely"? "Guaranteeing"?

Too many suppositions and therefore a non sequitur.

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The Hero Zone

I have the same issues with the article, Contango. We must keep in mind that it is an opinion piece, though.

It's not just with published pieces like this that you'll find presumptive reasoning. Look at most any "reason" given by someone in (predominantly) Federal authority. I've gone through those reports too and just tally up the ifs, maybes, "over ten years" (presuming nothing else in that decade changes), etc. Don't even get me started on the anecdotal stories/human backdrops that are used too.

Furthermore, why is this ONLY suppressing Democratic votes? Unless there is some party conspiracy where everyone planned to vote on Sunday of one of those five days, not tell anyone, then get offended that that secret day was cut I don't understand the exclusivity of this phrasing.

I vote too, can't I also be suppressed?

In my own opinion against this article's, that kind of approach that hurts the overall message of "unfairness" because it immediately casts bias or polarization into the report. So now if I get asked, "What was in the news?" I can reply with "It seems only Democrats are hurt by standardized voting rules throughout Ohio that include Sundays when most every other governmental agency is closed."

While it sounds odd to repeat, am I incorrect?


baaahhhhaaaa...sniff, sniff, waaahhhhhhh boohoo.


Peninsula Pundit

Unless you're working 16 hour shifts and your employer won't let you go vote.


Wrong! Last I checked absentee balloting is and has been available for those situations. I work 24 hr shifts in public safety. If I am scheduled to work on a voting day I fill out an absentee ballot.


I have to have a photo ID to recycle aluminum cans. One is required for other things that aren't as important as voting. One argument is it's hard for some people to get a photo ID. Set up a spot to get one at Walmart! Doesn't everyone go to Walmart? The privilege to vote is one of the most important privileges we have. The responsibility to vote legally should be also.


Re: "I have to have a photo ID to recycle aluminum cans."

Therefore, there's a greater necessity that society properly identifies those who collect aluminum cans as opposed to those who vote.


Why not provide the Voter Identification Card upon registering to vote in a given precinct?


I never quite understood why the Dems say the Repubs are trying to create voter suppression. There are hours to vote and being a very busy person I somehow find the time to get to the polls within those hours. The hours are the same for everyone so where is there suppression? The only suppression that I know of and is real, is the New Black Panthers standing outside the polls intimidating voters to vote their way!


Are you a stripper? Or did you mean polls?


Fine! Line 16 : )




I agree 2cents. This Register Viewpoint shows just how Liberal this paper is. Where I am living the managing editor of newspaper is a true Patriot and major supporter of the Second Amendment. For those uninformed people the Second Amendment gives us the right to own and bear arms.

Matt Westerhold

The managing editor at your paper must be a "good American" then. No offense, exsanduskian, but your comment is ignorant and offensive. 


Matt if the shoe fits wear it!

Matt Westerhold

Yes, exsanduskian, you're wearing the shoe questioning the patriotism of a group of people you don't even know. "I have in my hand a list of people with known ties to the Communist Party." I hope one day I can be as good of an American as you. Really. 


Re: "I have in my hand a list of people with known ties to the Communist Party."

KGB files confirmed that Sen McCarthy was correct. There were spies in the State Dept. and elsewhere.

Today, the Fabian Socialists that are firmly entrenched in our state, local and federal govts. euphemistically refer to themselves as: progressives.

Matt Westerhold

Yes, Contango, Sen. McCarthy was correct. That's why he was later elected president. 


Re: "That's why he was later elected president."

a non sequitur.

More like Cassandra.

Matt Westerhold

You're probably right, Contango, Sen. McCarthy was one of the "good Americans" exsanduskian likes so much. He rooted out communism and didn't hurt any innocent people in the process. 


Re: "He rooted out communism,"

You continue to conflate the point.

And after the fall of the Soviet Union, opened KGB files didn’t confirmed that Julius Rosenberg was a spy?

And if a crazy person tells you that your house is on fire, you'll simply dismiss the source and go back to watching the ball game?

Peninsula Pundit

The pot calling the kettle black, 'tango.


Re: "The pot calling,"

Which means what?

Peninsula Pundit

You should consider changing your handle to 'Non Sequitur.'

Peninsula Pundit

or perhaps 'Euphemistic'
Sounds sorta Greek.


I have to agree. You guys do a good job of posting articles both for and against the powers that be. I got a little upset by how much you promoted Obama when he was in town, but he IS kind of the president. Kind of.

Matt Westerhold

The Register also invited Mitt Romney to visit Sandusky.