Stop voter suppression

Mar 3, 2014

Early voting has proved two things in an abundantly clear way: More Ohio residents vote when voting hours are extended; and Republicans don't like that.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, who is running for re-election on the fall ballot against Cuyahoga County Democrat Nina Turner, approved uniform hours for all 88 Ohio counties last month, eliminating evening hours and Sunday voting.

Husted cut Sunday voting completely and eliminated evening hours and five open days from the voting calendar. If Husted's order sticks, he will have successfully suppressed thousands of Democratic votes in Ohio's largest county, likely guaranteeing himself a win in November.

A leader in GOP-dominated Ohio Legislature for eight years before getting elected secretary of state, Husted's office is responsible for all election-related regulation. He is level-headed, thoughtful and articulate and has the ability to detail the reasonings for his positions in a powerful and persuasive way.

But not on this issue.

He was the water boy for the national GOP in 2012, working for Mitt Romney's campaign in a fervent effort to suppress Ohio's vote in Romney's favor. If it had worked, Husted probably would be in Romeny's cabinet if other efforts in other states to tilt the vote had worked.

Republicans have pushed voter suppression efforts for far too long, and it needs to stop.

They would be better served honing the appeal and focus on their ideas to craft legislation that can move the state forward. Republican lawmakers have success and a better appeal to voters when they choose that path.



We should cherish our right to vote. We should be fervent in our attempt to offer every opportunity for citizens to vote. But, we must have the same zest in making sure those votes are real, true and counted correctly.


Indeed. We have reports of districts with more votes than residents. We have districts with 100% of votes going to one candidate, a general statistical impossibility.

We have plenty of examples of duplicate voting. Voting really needs to be standardized with a broad enough window for everyone to vote, and everyone voting should be required to show a VALID ID. There are plenty of issues out there that can be solved with an updated fair computer system and also requiring said ID.

The only argument against it that there might not be a problem, so why do we need an ID? It's a red herring attempt to promote unfair elections with no valid reason. It's the most bizarre terrible logic and it's sole purpose is to enable a win at any costs mentality which is really sad. You can't get madical care, a bottle of wine, or basic services without an ID. I think it's safe to say our most cherished tradition deserves to be fair and requires Voter ID.


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Voter suppression was a huge, huge problem in more than a dozen Republican- controlled states in 2012. State courts overturned most of their attempts, including in Ohio. As the above article, and many others like it, have reported, it's easily observable and their motivation is obvious: they want to keep a certain portion of the electorate - who typically vote Democrat - from voting entirely, or at least to make it much more difficult for them to vote.

Along with gerrymandering, it's a last-ditch effort by a shrinking conservative population to garner enough votes to remain a viable party. Their antiquated views on social issues are causing American youth to turn away from the Republican Party and they refuse to evolve their policies to reflect the new American demographics. So, enacting new rules to tilt the election their way is their only viable option.

In short, if you can't win fair and square, and can't attract new voters to your platform, you have to cheat in order to win.


That's funny because the research shows most democrat controlled states have more stringent voting requirements than Ohio. Go peddle your BS somewhere else.

In short, if you can't get every last dead person, or institutionalized person to the polls it is considered voter suppression. If the Dems socialist agenda was winning over the American public like you say coaster then the Democrat party wouldn't need year round voting to try to dig up anyone they can coerce into voting democrat.



Darwin's choice


How about voter ID?, since you're so worried about the election process?


That is a Republican-invented solution to a problem that doesn't exist, and we all know it. There were less than a dozen verified cases of voter fraud in the 2012 election. Contrast that with the tens of thousands of voters who were disenfranchised by Republicans.

You guys were losing elections not because of voter fraud, but because you nominate weak candidates and have platforms that a majority of Americans reject.

I recently read a book on the 2012 election that stated that a large reason Obama won re-election was due to the fact that millions of Democrats who hadn't planned to vote, came out at the last minute, when they heard of the voter suppression efforts Republicans were implementing.

Americans don't like it when either party tries to cheat the system. And so your party got trounced. And they're apparently slow learners, as they're up to it again. I'm glad that this article shines the spotlight on the issue.


Re: "have platforms that a majority of Americans reject."

The majority of Americans reject Obamacare but I don't see you advocating for its repeal. Talking out of both sides of your mouth as usual. I can't wait to watch you stroke out when them dems lose control of the senate and the repubs maintain control of the house. Don't worry, I'll make sure I am on squad duty on that day so I can get you to ER pronto.

The Big Dog's back

Obama ran on Obamacare and trounced romney.


Fair elections should be a priority to all Americans. You need an ID to do ANYTHING nowadays, and they are easy to obtain. The DNC does not want them simply because they do not want fair and free elections.

There is no voter suppression in Ohio. That's just silly. Now, if we could just have things standardized and Voter ID required we might actually have elections more valid than banana republics.


Now, now there ya go with that ID thing. You know that would keep democrats and the poor from voting. Its funny how the people that the dems say this would keep from voting manage to be able to present and ID to obtain government assistance, buy booze and cigarettes, drive a car,and a multitude of other things that require a photo ID, but for some reason that ID won't be available when it comes time to vote. The expense thing doesn't wash either since most states provide free or low cost state IDs to the poor, all they have to do is get off their behind and go get one.

The Big Dog's back

What's silly is you saying we don't have voter suppression in Ohio.


How can you call this voter suppression? Why do we need a month long window to vote? If cutting a few hours off of a number of DAYS to vote guarantees you a win, then the people voting against you are not really that concerned. If they really wanted to vote, and really cared, it would not matter what hours the polls were open. Especially when you stop and think about that fact that you can early vote for weeks! Something this "Viewpoint" fails to mention.

On a somewhat related issue, you also should be required to show a photo ID to vote. Some people that support fraud in elections will call this a "poll tax" or "suppression" but it is not the case.


To that weak argument, I would reply: Why shouldn't we allow early voting? As the first post above stated, we should do everything/anything we can to make it easier for people to vote.

Until Republicans can demonstrate that voter fraud is a real issue (and they can't, because no evidence/statistics exist that show it's more than an extremely rare occurrence), they cannot use it as a reason to require voter ID.


See the problem is that evidence states that it does exist. Take this as just one of the many instances that it does exist:

I would also ask you to take a look at what happened in Virginia in 2012 as well.


You have to understand it takes a lot of effort to coerce people into buying the BS the dem party peddles. That's why they need year round voting. It is extremely difficult to brainwash a freedom loving American to sign up for socialism.


Repuglican, republicon, repuublichrist, etc. Proven to be fraudulent in and of itself. Repubanything=fraud.


You can go back to sitting on Obama's pole now.

Peninsula Pundit

What a thoughtful, reasoned response.


That is about as thoughtful and reasoned as you will get for a comment as ignorant as the one by holyblind.




The only thing more silly than their attempts at voter suppression are the silly excuses they use to try to justify it. Husted, as usual, is talking out of both sides of his mouth, calling for equal/unlimited access to voting, while doing things that blatantly prevent that.

The courts overturned his efforts in 2012, calling them unconstitutional. Odd how we don't hear any uproar from our Republican friends on that one, eh? Usually, attacks on anything constitutional sends them into a frothing rage...


Why would the Republicans have a problem with extended hours and Sunday voting? That gives good old fashioned working people a chance to vote after working during voting hours. Obamas supporters don't work so they can go whenever...........Maybe they think that the lazy welfare recipients won't wake up before 5 p.m to vote. They may be onto something there I guess.


That's true, it's the same reason that when my payday comes near the first of the month I make sure I do my grocery shopping early in the morning, because the freeloaders won't be out of bed clearing off the shelves at 7 am.

Peninsula Pundit

So, after all, you agree that extended voting hours are a GOOD thing.


I'm fine with it, just show your ID when you get there.


Yes, within reason. They should be extended a bit to accomodate those who work. The amount of days allowed for early voting, not so much. With all the methods available vote, in person, absentee, etc. There is no need to have a month of early voting. The excuse that by not allowing it we disenfranchise voters that are likely to vote democrats is hogwash. There is no reason a person can't find a way to vote within that time period. They can mail in an absentee ballot from comfort of their own couch if they want to for crying out loud. The only reason for needing that much time is if there is something fishy going on, like trying to get alzheimer's patients in a nursing home to vote democrat.


So anyone and everyone on foodstamps are freeloaders? Payday near the first? Do you mean the 3rd when you get your check? Hypocrite!


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