Lawmakers should kill condo bill

Feb 26, 2014


We've seen worse ideas, but a proposed law that would govern condominium rules in Ohio and make it a crime for the volunteer condo association board members to forget to post meeting times and file paperwork is one lousy proposal. 

House Bill 371 would require condo board members to register with the Division of Real Estate, open their meetings to all unit owners, post all meeting times in advance in common areas and websites and require certain records to be kept.
State Rep. Cheryl Grossman, R-Grove City, introduced House Bill 371after hearing stories about bad condo boards from her constituents. But we agree with local condo board members and legal experts who contend this is bad legislation. 
Most of the provisions already are encompassed in existing regulation, but HB 371 would make it so condo board members guilty of a third degree misdemeanor for unintentional mistakes. 

Jerry Fraley, president of the Hunters Glen Condo Association in Norwalk, and Darcy Mehling Good, an attorney with Kaman and Cusimano who works with condo associations, said earlier this month the legislation is over-reaching and not necessary. 

“This would be charting new territory,” Good said. “It’s big government at its worst”

Fraley said it’s already difficult to recruit good people who will volunteer their time to serve on a condo board.

“Who are you going to get to open yourself to criminal prosecution?” he said. “Not me. I’m gone”




It's nutz to criminalize incompetence!

Put those requirements into the by-laws, replace the board members or just harass 'em.

local man

Fully agree with your viewpoint Owners can go after directors E&O (errors and omissions) for any mishandling of condo business. Make sure the treasurer is bonded!!!


Lawmakers should "kill" themselves! I hate this country more every time I read this paper. Like we need more laws. Especially a retarded law like this one. The fact that it made this far is a joke. Someone high up on the scrotum pole must've had a bad experience and is now pushing this law so they feel more powerful. I say hang em all.


This is old news.

This bill is almost dead according to Darcy Mehling. It was illconcieved, unwarranted, and just plain stupid.It will never become law the way it was originally written.
Come SR stay up to date.


And how much time was wasted on this? Time is money. But on the other hand, at least they weren't doing something even more harmful!


If they criminalize incompetence, very few people will be working anywhere!


If Condo Boards are just advisory, and if Condo Boards involve themselves in resident disputes, okay. But if Condo Boards make decisions with the force of law (where residents are concerned), and which could cause residents to lose their own homes, it seems to me they should be liable to adhere to the same "sunshine" and other laws that ANY regulatory board must follow.

We've all heard the horror stories of homeowners' associations and condo boards infringing dramatically (or apparently so) on the rights of residents. I've had little sympathy because those who agree to honor such conditions got themselves into their own mess. That being said, if there are things they DIDN'T know because impromptu meetings were held or board members "forgot" to mention meetings, well, that's another story!

Is this particular law the answer? Doesn't sound like it. But there DOES need to be some recourse for those affected by the rules such boards make!


AMEN, Sam. Some of these boards are run by former CEO's with too much time on their hands who are used to making rules without being told NO. I agree that maybe some boards need a watch over them by some law or governing body but these laws are a bit too strict. Perhaps at the setting up of condo board by-laws they need to have a stricter rule of meeting times, notification and consequences for those who are in power. Stop it at the beginning before anything gets started would be a more practical thing than letting things get out of control.