Wilson gets it done

Feb 19, 2014


Do you know where all of your money is? Well, you will be happy to know that Erie County clerk of courts Luvada Wilson is keeping a close eye on taxpayers’ money — even funds overpaid to her department in years past. In fact, if you paid money to the clerk of courts and never received a refund for overpayment, you may be surprised to get a check in the mail someday.

Wilson and her department have been working hard to figure out the exact origins of about $4.4 million in clerk of courts funds spread across 20 bank accounts.

About $3 million of that total derives from residents overpaying for services, such as filing fees, and never receiving a refund.

Now Wilson has embarked upon her biggest challenge to date since taking over the troubled office from the late Barb Johnson — cleaning up the books and these overpayments once and for all.

“There is an ongoing effort to try and figure out where all of your money is,” Wilson said.

This latest effort and all the other improvments made in the department the past few years not only shows accountability and good stewardship of taxpayers’ monies, it show we finally have the right person leading this vitally important department.

Well done, Luvada.


Julie R.

Geez SR, aren't you kind of overdoing it on the praise of Luvada Wilson and what a great job she's doing cleaning up the mess supposedly left behind by the former clerk of court?

What about the auditor Rick Jeffrey and the recorder Barb Sessler? Aren't they doing a good job cleaning up the mess left behind by the former auditors and the former recorder?

Julie R.

I personally was impressed by Barb Johnson and I think I already gave the reasons why fifty times over. That honest & ethical lady was so totally ~ and I do mean TOTALLY ~ different than the sneaky, arrogant, and nasty other county public officials that I dealt with for over 10 years, it was like the difference between night & day. I might even go so far as to say it was like the difference between good & evil!