Dear Joe Yost: See you in court

Feb 20, 2014


If the allegations against a developer, business man and property owner are true, then he took everyone for a ride

Joe Yost owes more than $1 million in back taxes on properties at the Cold Creek Crossing housing development on the west side of Sandusky, and the new county treasurer, Pam Ferrell, took action earlier this month to file lawsuits in an attempt to collect that money. 
That's a good move, we say, whether it ever results in repayment of the money he allegedly owes in long overdue property taxes. Those funds represent funds owed to the school district, primarily, and Yost should not be allowed to walk away from it without a judgment if it is duly owed by him. 
But children who attend Sandusky public schools aren't the only group Yost and his businesses have hurt.
He owes the city of Sandusky hundreds of thousands in unpaid water bills, money for which he allegedly collected from unsuspecting tenants at the former Hopper's Mobile Home Park at Tiffin Avenue and Venice Road but never paid to the city. 
Some of those tenants also allegedly "bought" titles to mobile homes from Yost, but never received ownership, and all of the residents who lived at Hopper's were forced to move after Yost defaulted in making payment on the water bill. 
Yost faces criminal charges related to the alleged theft of water services from the city, and we're glad he won't be able to walk away from those debts — and the residents he allegedly swindled — without at least a full accounting.



Could you please print a better picture of this man, every time you write about him, so we can put a face to the name? I say bring back public stocks on the courthouse lawn and let the people handle the punishment for his thefts.


Hopefully a stiff prison sentence is in line. More than likely one of Sandusky's notorious scumbag law firms will represent him and he will get off with a slap on the wrist.

To all potential jurors, judges and lawyers, keep in mind all of the lives he has destroyed because of his actions. THEY deserve justice although it more than likely won't help them.


He will be back in business in another 5 years, fleecing more people, just like the rest of the crooks in this town. He or a family member will start and LLC under some nondescript name and continue the same practices. It happens all the time in this area...


I'm not here to defend Joe Yost, but let's not forget to place some of the blame on all of the support characters surrounding this problem. The city had a finance director who should have been well aware of the non-payment of the water bills, and the county had a treasurer who also should have been aware of missing property taxes. Nonetheless, we the taxpayers are several hundred thousand dollars in the hole for these misdeeds. It's nothing new though.


You are correct with this post! The gov't officials that were in charge of these departments and looked the other way regarding past due payments should hold some responsibilty in this themselves!


He swindled every resident in the city not just the resident of the park PR the water department or even the tax department.Those funds go to coffers that are suppose to help run the city as well as the schools etc. So led lay the blame in all areas that need to share in this mess.I am wandering how someone could do the things he s accused of and get away with it for as long as he did .That's why I think the blame should be shared with county as well as the city in this mess and changes in government should be done to ensure something like this can not and will not happen again. And yes I am sure its not going to help in fighting the wrong that has happened , but at least we can do something to prevent it from happening again


I'll bet if I didn't pay my water bill, it'd be off in a matter of a few months ....... I think there should be some investigating into exactly HOW he was able to get away with not paying his water bill. Looks to me like he had a little inside help. I'm not defending him, not by any means, but I believe all that are guilty need to be held accountable. After all ... who pays the wages for the city finance director? Our taxes???!!!! Seems to me Mr Yost isn't the only one guilty here.


I couldn't agree more. WHY did the city let it go for so long?? Has the city addressed that????


The water bill collector should be facing criminal charges as well, for letting this bill get so far out of hand! Normal citizen get two months behind on paying water bill they shut your water off. Doesn't seem to fair.




After 2 months of non payment, they should have informed the residents of the situation. Then the residents could have picked it up from there, and took him to court for their 2 months of STOLEN payments.

The governed

Typical 1% er, arrogant douch-bag. He's been stealing from all of us for years with the blessing of city and county officials. The whole time joe has been living the high life, showing off with his Cigarette boats and partying at his Kelley's Is. mansion retreat with his other crony crook buddies.


This guy is a shyster. Sadly many small towns have their share of moneyed shysters. The average person gets the mess that shysters make.


Whether right or wrong, putting someone in prison for debts is no longer legal, see SR article from a few weeks ago. Fraud yes, but not for owing money on property taxes, defunk subdivision etc. You cannot get blood out of a turnip. Is spending more taxpayer money to prosecute a turnip a wise move??


he should go to jail for what it sounds like he did to all these people. And anyone in their right mind would know this city isn't going to see the money he owes this city. But who was alseep at the switch at the water department allowing things to get this bad? Why didn't they shut the water off at these places and why didn't it get caught LONG before this? Why didn't someone arrest this guy on back taxes before it got to the millions of dollars level???? I am with those who are asking who dropped the ball in the important places. Isn't it their jobs to watch that stuff?

T. A. Schwanger


First of all shutting the water off "LONG before this" would not have impacted Yost. It would have been devastating to the residents. Legal action should have been taken against Yost long before the bills began to pile up.

And yes, someone at 222 Meigs Street should be or should have been held accountable.


Shutting the water off would have impacted Yost because the residents would then have become aware that he was not paying the bill and could have done something about it. Shutting the water off earlier would not have been as devastating as losing their homes when things got out of hand.


You talk about all the crimes that Yost committed but the real crimes are within the system. The people that let him get a way with what he did should be held accountable also. Just like the judges at the court house that let the Metroparks try an steal land from the River Road residents. The judges knew about the agreement between the landowners and the railroad. They continued to let this thing blossom until it reached millions of dollars that the taxpayers had to pay. Who can you trust anymore? Everyone in the positions mentioned above can be bought for a price. Just look at what happened in Cuyahoga County. This county is no different.


Who's going to sue Yost--the Sandusky Register? Don't look for Sandusky City to do it. These type con men are never gone after.