East Side: Thanks for the memories

Feb 14, 2014


Last day at the East Side Cafe 7 a.m. until after 6 p.m. Saturday 

In two days the end will come.

But not before one last meal; one last trip to the salad bar; one last chance to meet friends and family in a place that's as familiar as home to many, for generations.

On Saturday, the East Side Cafe on First Street will be open for that last-chance, last family gathering. After 53 years serving tasty sandwiches and burgers and fries, the iconic eatery will close its doors and be no more.

But the East Side will always be, and remain, in the minds and memories of many as the place where the food was always good and the service was always friendly. It's a place where life was lived with family and where friendships happened.

All good things do one day come to an end.

And endings are openings to new beginnings. We wish the best of luck to the Sharpe and Howman families and the entire East Side crew for their new beginnings.




Just a shame. Good people...good food...good prices. Will miss you all! Good luck!


Went there today for lunch and good-byes.You will be missed.

There you go again

The big question is.... Who bought them out? I'm thinking there will be an announcement soon that some developer bought out these places on First Street. Any thoughts?

red white and blue

I herd it will be a pharmacy at least thats what delivery claims