Ohio Patrol should up its standards

Feb 13, 2014


Ohio State Patrol commanders in Columbus must be re-thinking their decision to return an Ohio State Patrol trooper to full service after Sandusky County prosecutor TomStierwalt declined to pursue charges against him in an alleged sexual encounter with a child.

Trooper Ricky Vitte Jr. is accused of masturbating with a pre-teen boy. Stierwalt said his main reason for not seeking charges was that he might no be able to get a conviction because Vitte could successfully argue an affirmative defense at trial that he was teaching the boy to masturbate.

We still don't understand that, and Stierwalt has refused to clarify his reasons or offer any responses to questions that have been raised about his decision.

The Patrol, however, immediately returned his weapon to Vitte and reinstated him to full service as a trooper after Stierwalt opted against pursuing charges. Patrol commanders did the same thing in 2003 when Vitte was accused of beating a 5-year-old child and the child's mother.

Vitte's attorney told the Register Vitte has been falsely accused. The Patrol's decision to restore him to full active duty appears to have been made strictly on the basis that no charges were filed.

The Patrol should re-think that practice. A police officer should be held to a higher standard and Patrol commanders should determine whether a person is fit to be a police officer by his actions and behavior, not his criminal conviction record.

If Vitte has been falsely accused then he deserves to be cleared of the allegations. The Patrol should have done that before returning him to full, active duty with the state Highway Patrol.


From the Grave

It may seem like we're being hard on Vitte, but after what I've read, I think we need to get this jerk off the force.


May want to re-word the beginning part of this article. I actually got my hopes up thinking they were re-thinking their decision. The patrol has made it very clear that Vitte is an upstanding officer of the law and the public should respect him as such. Regardless of his wrongdoings, violent nature, and complete disregard for laws. I can't believe other troopers and officers are not in a complete uproar about this. They work hard to represent themselves as great law abiding citizens and try to uphold the laws and then they are forced to work alongside a man such as this. Shame on the Ohio Highway Patrol for allowing your GOOD troopers to feel ashamed of who they work for and what they represent!


I have always had the highest respect for the Highway Patrol more then any other law enforcement officers. I am sorry they are willing to let this guy taint their reputation.


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The point is, Ricky can't keep his hands to himself. He will mess up again. He can't help himself, it's just a matter of time.


Thank you Register! Your voice is similar to the populace on this. We (each one) need to keep pressure on OUR elected officials regarding public SERVANTS. They work for US. They must adhere to standards.

dorothy gale

Who needs standards when you have a gun, a badge, and power over the people?

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swiss cheese kat

Stierwalt must be a Penn state fan.