Fix the weather

Feb 6, 2014


Each Wednesday members of this editorial board gather and talk through the important stories of the week. We hope to craft intelligent responses to current events that might serve some useful purpose. 

For the last few weeks, weather has been in the big story in America's Heartland. 
We're against it. 
We believe the area has trundled through enough bitter cold, snow and wind and those irritating "calamity days" from school. Even the kids are tired of it. 
If winter's here, can spring be far behind? 


Stop It

It's northern Ohio. If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes or.......just move south. Way south. Far enough that we can't hear the whining.


We've had two previous years of little or no snow. Our memories must not work past those two years. The state is already looking to supply entitlement of adding more snow days. Can we sue Mother Nature?

Stop It

I walked all the way to school many times just to find it it was closed for the day. That sucked. we didn't have instant coverage. Sometimes the "parent chain" worked, others it didn't. Best we had was local time and temp on the phone and that was iffy.

Freakin' wussies, just leave.

Carlos Danger

I'm surprised the Register didn't blame the weather on officials in Sandusky County.  Maybe that will be in the print edition.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Carlos. We'll have someone check into it, see if there's a connection. 


You're such a sarcastic prick! I like you more and more every time you comment on an article. Keep it up Matt!

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Was it wrong of me picturing you telling him that in a seductive bedroom voice?


The harsher the winter, the sweeter the spring.

Have to repeat that phrase many times on a day like yesterday.


Didn't I read in the Register that Sandusky County officials have banned Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy from spreading their propaganda in their county.


Well as long you can still teach a kid to masturbate and get a schizo to strip, they're good.

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Why not hop into summer?
The Sandusky Register can send a reporter or two to Hawaii or Fiji, and talk about how hot it is, so we may be reminded of the "perks" of winter. Seems as though our memories slip while we live in the now moments.