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Jan 21, 2014


A couple of years ago the Lake Erie Shores & Islands visitors bureau commissioned a study to determine whether the Northcoast region could support a league park for sports programming that would attract competitive teams in various sports. 

It was our region's version of the movie "Field of Dreams" asking the question answered in the Kevin Costner film, "If (we) build it, they will come." 
The most important question asked in the study was could this region provide enough opportunity to justify a massive private investment to build a sports complex, and fill hotel rooms and restaurants all year long.
The answer was an emphatic "yes." The study determined a sports complex and league programming could generate up to $54 million each year and fill 75,000 additional hotel rooms annually.  
Cedar Point extended the traditional May to September season a decade ago with its introduction of "HalloWeekends," which has been wildly successful bringing visitors to the region through the end of October each year. 
Just a few years after that, the massive Kalahari Resort water park and convention center opened and "winterized" the local tourism industry, bringing tens of thousands of visitors here year round.
Good planning takes time and a $500 million development never happens with lightning speed. The study, and the continued interest we see from private developers are encouraging signs. 
"Location, location, location" is a rule every wise private developer knows, and we are that. The Northcoast region already has the hotels, the restaurants, the shopping centers and everything in place to make a development a success.  
If you build it, they will come.




So if it is such a lucrative deal why have at least 2 failed to start building? Probably only a money maker if it is subsidized by our taxes!


we pay for it they make the money off it we have to put up with all the BS


Re: "massive Kalahari Resort water park,"

Check the initial revenue stream - govt. contracts.


Re: The study determined a sports complex and league programming could generate up to $54 million each year and fill 75,000 additional hotel rooms annually."

The numbers of which were formulated based on some fine creative financials.


Wasn't Kalahari going to build something like this? A few years ago I was on the Board of a local youth sports organization and we were told as much anyway.

The real issue here is who is going to pay for it? Something can sound great all day long, but unless a business like Kalahari builds it where is the funding going to come from?


Re: "Field of Dreams"

A fantasy movie in which in reality the owner would have likely gone bankrupt after plowing his crops under, while spending time & money on the boondoggle project.


Dreamers start things to happen.


Re: "Dreamers (snip)."

Another movie quote:

"No bucks, no Buck Rogers." - "The Right Stuff"


One does not have to build with brick and mortar to bring revenue to the area positively impacting hotels, restaurants, grocery shops, gas stations, retail, movie theaters, and so one. Simple green space will do the same. Property purchase and/or property upgrades and installations could cost less than $1M to achieve the same. Viewpoint board short - sided on this issue.