Wukie fails to perform

Jan 9, 2014


Sandusky County coroner John Wukie has not provided an adequate explanation for his decision to affirm his suicide ruling on Jacob Limberios' death certificate, and he has not justified the nonsensical words he used to describe the manner of death. 
"Suicide. Gunshot wound to head. Deceased shot self in head, may not have realized the gun was loaded.”
With those words Wukie launched a 22-month odyssey of investigations without ever launching any real investigation of his own. He declined to go to the York Township home where Jake was killed, the night he was killed, which is a standard practice for a coroner's office in a death investigation. Instead, he relied on Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer's assessment, Wukie said. 
Unfortunately there was nothing standard about Overmyer's investigation, either, but despite serious missteps in its execution none of the witnesses nor any of the deputies at the scene suggested there was any evidence this was a suicide. They came to the same conclusion Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine did after he finished the long-delayed investigation. 
"We have no evidence at all this was a suicide," said DeWine, whose office took over after a visiting judge removed Sandusky County officials from further involvement citing conflicts of interest they'd created in the process of investigating. 
But Wukie, who, again, never conducted an investigation of any kind, refuses to change the death certificate to reflect the finding of the investigations that did occur. As elected coroner, he is the only public official empowered to correct the mistake. And his explanations for, and defenses of the ruling, have been just as nonsensical as the ruling itself. 
We don't understand what is motivating Wukie and are baffled by his unwillingness to correct the record. He should stop stonewalling the serious questions that have been raised and provide a plausible explanation for his position. That doesn't seem possible at this point, but his continued failure to do so represents a continued failure to meet the responsibilities and duties of being coroner.



Stand your ground Dr. Wukie. This has become a modern day witch hunt.



sandtown born a...

Perform not perfom

Matt Westerhold

Thanks sandtown born. Fixed the typo. 


Amen. The weather must be affecting the "brains" of the SR.

Get over it Matt. He is not changing his mind and there has not been a legit reason to do so.


You need to look up the word suicide then look up the word accident. Until you have done that your comments are not credible.


Well put sandusky register. J4J


If I didnt show up for my job, then sign off on the paperwork for something I didn't do, but reflected I did... I'd be terminated.
Wukie has to go. Rumors about his lack of credibility and poor work ethics have floated for years. Is he on the ballot unnopposed? I do not understand how he can be an "ELECTED" official!


Three things that are always certain; death, taxes and yet anther rehash of this subject, agenda and bias should be the headline..


If the Register WASN'T reporting it, people would be wondering what was being hidden from them. I appreciate being kept up to date on this and the blogs are just as "guilty" keeping the story buzzing.
This story is a tragic but fascinating compilation of events/result of conflict of interest and absence of thorough investigating.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Lil DAB. It's interesting how a few readers keep complaining when the Register reports developments, but they keep reading.  


Matt, if it were only reporting developments, that might hold water. When there are no developments to report, however, you seem to feel the need to publish another editorial on the matter. Anyone in the area who doesn't already know your feelings about this must be living under a rock, so there's no universe in which this is believable as a new development.

You've beat this dead horse to the point that it's as tender as Kobe beef. Really, get over it. The family has to have spent more than the life insurance is worth, so now it comes down to nothing but people's feelings. And what feelings? What good does it do them to say it wasn't a suicide, when the only viable alternative explanation is fatal stupidity - what kid wants to know that her father died because he either treated a loaded gun like a toy or stuck around while someone else did - how is that more of a legitimate source of pride?

Certainly there must be something more important on which to expend your ink.


If only a it was a "development" and not just yet another rehash. We keep reading for the entertainment, certainly not the news content.....

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Sam. We're glad you find it interesting and a place where you can offer your commentary.