Some pricey deer meat

Jan 8, 2014


It's a court case that simply won't go away, and a Bellevue man has to wait again to find out whether the state will force him to pay more than $27,000 for killing a deer during deer hunting season. 

We think Huron County Common Pleas James Conway was correct when he tossed the case in April 2013, saying the state was attempting to collect fees for the deer kill twice. It seems ridiculous the state would even press for a payment of $27,000 even given the unusual circumstances of the kill. Arlie Risner, the hunter, contends he shot the deer on a relative's property but harvested it from property owned by the railroad after it walked there after being struck. 
But Conway's ruling was reversed on appeal, with the Sixth District Court of Appeals determined there was nothing in the law preventing the state from seeking restitution. 
We think common sense should prevent a hunter from being charged $27,000.


Licorice Schtick

Commons sense is overrated. If all you needed for justice is commen sense, you wouldn't need the courts. Just newspaper editors.


It makes me wonder if the State coffers are a bit empty- 27,000$ would pay the salary of one unnecessary gov. employee... This boy is getting hosed all the way around.