Edison's idea a good one

Jan 7, 2014


Now that was one good idea with considerable staying power. 

Thomas Alva Edison's incandescent lightbulb finished a 130-year-run as the most prominent invention of modern times. 
Edison, who was born in Milan, changed the world in 1879 when he brought indoor electric light to homes across the country with his new invention. It'a been a staple the world over ever since but as of this year it's out of production and can't be imported into the United States. The phaseout of the incandescent light began in 2007, with federal legislation favoring more energy efficient lighting sources. 
Edison's invention was so universally accepted it even came to symbolizes the word "idea." 
Not bad for a kid from Milan.



I can understand not being allowed to import grenade launchers or RPG rockets into the U.S.- but I for one am sick of hearing my Government say I can have this- but not this. Put them in the marketplace and let the people decide- may the preferred product win. RE: I would like to know if anyone out there knows a web-site that may have a list of other things the government won't allow us to have as "free" Americans. I think that would be extremely interesting to see.

Pterocarya frax...

Here is a list of a few things Republicans don't want you, as a "free American, to Have:

Clean air
Clean water
Health care for women
Safe and effective birth control
Equal rights for "all" Americans
Increased access for voting
Access to reasonably priced health care

You are right. It is an interesting list.


Is that in any way a response to my inquiry?- take your left wing political crap elsewhere. There's a reason I have never responded to any of your previous postings- It's because I think you are a warped individual- and that's saying it nicely. You and I are polar opposites in this world- guess we'll see in the end who's worldview was right.


seems to me the dems have no trouble voting, even the dead ones..


Democrats want people free? Could have fooled me. Here are a few things the democrats do not want Americans to have.
1st amendment (Unless you are agreeing with the messiah in the white house)
2nd amendment, Enought said.
4th amendment, NDAA look it up.
5th amendment, Ask those killed by drones about their rights.
6th amendment, Ask those indefinately detained.
7th amendment, See above (It has to do with a jury trial)
8th amendment, Watch Obama without his teleprompter, Its torture.
9th amendment, This is about the expansion of government. A definate No no.
10th amendment, Democrats want a centralized government, Another definate No No.
See I can make list too. The difference is I can back mine up with links.


Not to be a downer, but he did not invent the light bulb, he made it commercially profitable to make and use, in itself a stroke of genius. He designed a great many things which were valuable in the time period he lived in. He also founded General Electric. Nikola Tesla on the other hand, was a true visionary whose ideas were a century ahead of his time, among them wireless transmission of electricity, the concept of radar, a patent for the concept of VTOL aircraft, among others.

AJ Oliver

Much of what we are taught in school is wrong, but the better schools at least touch on some important critical thinking skills - mostly through the liberal arts. Edison did not invent the light bulb.


Re: "Edison did not invent the light bulb"

Correct. HOWEVER, he invented the first practical light bulb.

He also initially sold them for half price and created power systems in order to build acceptance.

Much of what you were "taught in school" musta been wrong. :)


There is a growing awareness for what type of man Edison was, and the same growth in the awareness of who great Tesla was.

Read the real story about Edison and Tesla sometime.

I was at Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford earlier this year. Ford and Edison were best of friends, and they are still really trying to push the Edison pill up there. After one of their presentations about Edison (which was not exactly accurate) I asked them why we do not use DC current, since Edison was saying it was the only way. And asked who stated that DC current was the best? (Tesla by the way)

They stopped the presentation, rather than answer those questions...


Good man.


All of that is fine and dandy, but it doesn't change the fact that a progressive had now banned one of the best forms of light.

AJ Oliver

For sure, Yo, it's right up there with the tar pitch torches you dudes use to illuminate your midnight forays. Seriously, that is the ignorant post of the day. Bush the 2nd signed that bill in 2008.


Re: " Bush the 2nd signed that bill in 2008."

Pres. Bush was a country club moderate.

Raoul Duke

Well, I sure haven't seen any reduction in my electric bill. In fact, it seems to be going UP.


It doesn't take a dummy to find out through legit research that the only connection Thomas Edison had with Milan was being born there. That being said, Milan isn't the historical landmark it wants to be. It's realistically a "seen one, seen em' all" town full of conservative people who aren't open to new ideas and trying to disguise it with Edison's fame. So kudos to Tommy E for moving not only out of town, but out of state to fulfill his dreams.