DeWine kept his promise

Nov 25, 2013


If just one thing can be said about Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, it might be he never dodges the tough questions or the tough assignments.

DeWine showed that last week when his office finished its investigation and grand jury hearings into the March 2012 killing of Jacob Limberios. DeWine said in June, when his office was assigned to the investigation, he’d make sure it was a thorough probe and would leave no stone unturned.

It appears he kept that promise based on the hour-long presentation DeWine and his team of investigators made to the community at the Sandusky County Courthouse on Wednesday, after the grand jury finished its work.

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State investigators determined Jacob Limberios died from a self-inflicted, accidental gunshot wound, and DeWine carefully presented the information that led to that conclusion. The presentation was professional, plausible and, most importantly, credible.

The believability of DeWine’s investigation, and its conclusions, highlights the lack of credibility created by Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer, deputies and detectives, county judges and the county coroner, John Wukie, during the 15 months when the investigation was still being handled locally.

DeWine gave local officials a pass on what he called the “mistakes” they made during the initial investigation, from not performing an autopsy to the destruction of evidence and mishandling witnesses. The AG said, however, that local officials should learn from those mistakes.

But that’s not likely to happen given Wukie already declared he has no intention to change Jacob’s death certificate to remove the word suicide from it. It might have been accidental, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a suicide, said Wukie, using a logic that makes no sense.

Watch an interview with DeWine and Matt Westerhold in the player below

The family has accepted DeWine’s findings; they’ll have to continue their fight in court to get Wukie to accept them. In the end, taxpayers will have to pony up the funds spent to get the county to do the right thing.

It would have been easier if Wukie and Overmyer had done the right thing right from the start. It would be easier, if they did that now and took the corrective actions DeWine suggested were needed.



I have said all along that there was a rush to judgement on this whole incident. Now, that there has been a sufficient investigation I believe that the death certificate should be changed to accidental.

I disagree with Wukie's thought process.

It is time to start the healing/mending process and this would be a great start.

I also agree that the laws need to be changed to get away from Coroner's and gravitate towards Medical Examiners'.

The Big Dog's back

I will say this, Dewine makes a good AG.


It sickens me to agree with you! But yes he does


Fremont News Messenger and AR ""Dr. Gregory A. Schmunk, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners and medical examiner in Polk County, Iowa, told the News-Messenger last summer a suicide ruling might not be inaccurate if Limberios shot himself."

"It is a complex question," Schmunk said. "If a person is playing around with a loaded weapon and puts it to his head, I would call that a suicide - predictable lethality and actions by the decendent."

"But if a person was cleaning a gun, for example, Schmunk said he would likely rule the death as accidental."

So Dr. Wukie is following a set standard that is used industry-wide. You can disagree with the standard. But it's not fair or accurate to try to discredit the coroner for applying this standard to this situation, as it was done so appropriately, per the outcome of the grand jury investigation."

For those who wants to change the system, who will pay for a full time medical examiner and staff and will their be enough for them to do in the smaller counties to justify the huge added expense.

The one lesson to be learned by all in this tragedy; gun safety and lack of respect and training for firearms when handling them.

Simple Enough II

+1, but folks close to this will ignore the reasoning with the above statement.

Pterocarya frax...

Yep...DeWine definitely doesn't dodge the tough assignments.

Like when he injected his religion into his job by sending a letter to the Obama administration telling them to let employers opt of birth control coverage. Or the time he led the case against Ohio having to recognize the out of state marriage of a gay couple.

Or when he continued to defend his deeply flawed and overly intrusive facial recognition database software, even when he knew it was a trainwreck, and terrible for the privacy rights of Ohioans. Or when he filed an amicus brief with the US Supreme court in support of an Arizona abortion law.

Yes sir. Mike DeWine doesn't back down from fighting the good fight for all Ohioans.


Frax you, funny I didn't see Dewine's name mentioned at all