Dismissing lawyers good for MetroParks

Oct 31, 2013


Erie County MetroParks system is enjoying bigger turnout and growing participation. It's nature programming shifted into high-drive after the summit of 2011, when Judge Tygh Tone called together all the litigants in the numerous lawsuits filed after construction of the Huron River Greenway began two decades ago. 

There were many heroes in finding an end to that endless litigation — including property owners Mick and Lisa Coles — who donated considerable time and money to the fight and finally forced it to an end. They spent even more in a battle to protect property owner rights. The Coles won and protected an important principle of an important right: to own property and have it be safe from government seizure. 

The Coles were ultimately proved to be right but the victory came after a long and tortuous road of litigation. Graceful in victory, the donated more time, more property and more money to get final settlements for the property owners.  

And that resolution might be the best thing that's happened for the Erie County MetroParks system in two decades, removing the stranglehold law firms and lawyers had on the MetroParks for far too long. Park commissioners Kurt Landefeld, Randy Glovinsky and Don Miears have been freed from that burdened and the parks system is moving ahed, nicely, as a regional approach to the public parks system. 

The Osborn, East Sandusky Bay and the Coupling metro parks and the McBride Arboretum at BGSU Firelands College are top-notch facilities with expanded programs. The success Erie County MetroParks is over adversity.


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Just Thinkin

what about the West Huron Youth club aka WHY club, Seems that something is not right on both sides and who / how do you get put on those committes ? lots of $$ being spent, the mighty Sandusky Register seems to skirt the issue, why because it's not popular with the big wigs ?


It's always good not to involve lawyers.


Know what's even BETTER than not involving lawyers? Not stealing citizens' property! (I'd point out that fraud is also somewhat frowned upon by those of us who DON'T work for unaccountable government entities. I'm just saying...)

Julie R.

What gets me about that MetroParks case is how they put the blame on everybody else now but the real villians.

Does anybody really think that those big shot Lorain County attorneys for MetroParks didn't know that MetroParks didn't own that property? Does anybody really think the jokes at the Erie County courthouse and the 6th District Court of Appeals didn't know it? That case was nothing but flat-out legal abuse. The jokes looked at the facts staring them right in the face and ignored them. The reason they kept that case going on and on for years with one unfair ruling after another was nothing more than an unlawful attempt to either run the property owners out of money and/or give into the stress and give up. Why do you think the attorneys for the property owners (who sure weren't afraid of anybody in the Erie County legal system) said the Erie County taxpayers should be furious?


I'm not going to argue that the lawyers shouldn't have taken the case on behalf of the MetroParks. I will point out, however, that if MetroParks hadn't abused its power up to and past the point of what were apparently criminal acts, there wouldn't have been any lawyers to take the case in the first place!

Julie R.

Knowing how Erie County works, I wouldn't doubt the lawyers were involved in it before it even became a case.


The only winners in this debacle was the law firm that represented the Metro Parks and the courts. You are telling me that the judges and attorneys did not know that it was illegal to steal a persons property. That has been the law in this country for years. Those attorneys and judges saw a big pay day at the expense of the taxpayer. This was fraud and criminal what the legal system did to those landowners and taxpayers. Then to add more misery to the taxpayers, a judge stated that "John Granville {sp} was exempt from prosecution". He broke the law by forging documents and was never prosecuted by the Erie County Courts.

The legal system in this county is so corrupt it is pitiful . They protected their friends at the expense of you and I. If there was any justice in the Erie County Legal System, someone should have gone to prison.

Julie R.

So what were the documents that a John Granville forged and what did they pertain to? Seems to me I read something about a fraud document and Key Bank. (no surprise there) So who prepared the fraud document that Granville forged? Did he prepare and forge it himself or did a lawyer prepare it for him? If so, did the lawyer also sign it or did he just state on the document that he prepared it? That's what the attorneys did that fraudulently transferred my mother's property. One of her Huron attorneys prepared the fraud power of attorney and another attorney filed it in the Lorain County Recorder and falsely stated on a QuitClaims Deed it was on file in the Erie County Recorder ...... but the lawyer didn't SIGN the quitclaims deed ; all he stated on it was that he PREPARED it. The two fraud power of attorneys then took it down to the Huron Public Library and signed it in front of a Notary.

Is that what they did in the MetroParks case? Seems to me I saw some document when the SR had them online but I can't remember what it pertained to. All I remember is it said it was prepared by an attorney giving his name & the name of his law firm, but it wasn't signed by him; instead it was signed by a notary public who I just happen to know works in the Erie County probate court.

Julie R.

The jokes in ERIE COUNTY ~ more than including the county commissioners and even the auditor and prosecutor ~ knew the railroad didn't own that property, just like the big-shot Lorain County attorneys and the former park commissioners knew it. Isn't that why Beverly McGookey ignored a petition signed by over 400 people not to re-appoint the same arrogant commissioners? Once again, they just figured if the case stayed in Erie County and the courts pulled off their usual of dragging it on and on and on with one unfair ruling after another, the property owners would give up.

Too bad citizens can't start pressing charges against public officials --- especially judges.