'Fess up and be free

Nov 1, 2013


Vermilion police chief Chris Hartung acknowledged authorship after someone, somehow, got a satirical newsletter circulated in the community. Someone pilfered it from his office, Hartung said, and 'yep,' he wrote it. Satirical. Biting. Offensive?  Maybe. Pretty much. 

Vermilion mayor Eileen Bulan, who was parodied in the newsletter, thought so. She reprimanded Hartung last week. Hartung said he would "take his lumps," owning up to his mistake. 

We're not certain how the newsletter, called "Vermilion Insider," got pilfered from his office or for what purpose it got circulated. We're not even sure, exactly, why Hartung wrote it.

But we do know it was satire, and some people might find it downright funny. Hartung fessed up and the mayor responded. 

All seems to have worked out. 

You can read the newsletter at HERE at sanduskyregister.com. 

Some readers might find some words used in it to be offensive, or vulgar. 

Don't read it then.



Satire involves a public servant and whether you read it or not, it was inappropriate for a high profile civil servant, least of all a police chief, who should be highly respected in the community. Thumbs down to this police chief.


The fact that it was not to be distributed and was private (and dont bring in the fact that it was done on a gov't time and equipment, it is not where i am going) should not be a down vote to him. Just becuase he is a high profile civil servant, he should be able to exercise his freedom of speech just as much as the next person. Especially when he is the one doing the upholding to begin with.

I would rather see civil servants be more personable and friendly and relate able then the "high-horse" pedestal servants that people like you want them to be.

Thumbs Up to him for exercising his rights that he protects and upholds.

Peninsula Pundit

I'd give a big thumbs down to detectives who commit perjury in a court of law and don't fess up when the video shows they were lying, the county prosecutor who didn't bring charges against them,officers who sell guns, sleep on the job....I could go on and on with only recent, LOCAL examples. 'Public Servants' are only human, after all, but to cry about this item and remaining mute on real instances of malfeasance is ridiculous. What the chief did was peanuts to these other examples. The chief fessed up. Let's move on while we await to see if these other instances of truly bad behavior are EVER addressed.

Stop It

"his rights" went out the door when he left it on city property for anyone to see. Ever hear of CYA?


That's why I said don't bring that into it. If this was done on his own time on his own computer you would still be "Thumbs-down" voting for him. Public Servants are "untouchable and power hungry" in peoples eyes yet they like to put them that high because they don't think of them as regular human beings.

Stop It

I don't care if he did it in a port-a-pot on his cellphone in Kentucky. Point is, it was printed paperwork left on city property and therefore it is city property. Explain the part that doesn't float your boat of reason, please?

Clark W. Griswald

Lighten up Francis

Stop It

ok, Emma.


Not saying the words he put on paper were ok. BUT, one would think people in that area would be more concerned for the Simko family. Am sure the delay in justice makes them lose faith in the judicial system.

Julie R.

"Some people might find some words in it to be offensive, or vulgar. Don't read it then."

All we ever hear about every year when it's time to pass a school levy is how we should vote for it "because it's for the little children."

So how many kids do you think got online and read that offensive, vulgar language coming from a police chief? You mean to say nobody was worried about the little children?

Clark W. Griswald

I'm sure there are so many small children reading the register...

sandtown born a...

Wow what a design job I've seen graphic artists that can't put together a format as clean as this, hey a future job maybe? Freedom of speech is the answer he is entitled to his opinion as you or I.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

While the circumstances of who wrote it could be a bit blush-worthy, I actually found the document amusing. Granted I'm a fan of satire. But like bnj said above I'd rather know my higher ups in public service are approachable human beings with senses of humor than stalwart bulwarks against us meager masses. Reading the document kind of reminded me of the movie Super Troopers which was a bonus as I find that movie rather hilarious.