Turn right at the light

Oct 21, 2013


If the worst problem Cedar Point has is a delay emptying its parking lot on a Saturday in October, then the park and its management team are doing a whole lot the right way and enjoying huge success from their labors. 

Area residents saw traffic jams all day long along the routes to CP last weekend, and if that's the worst of the city's problems on a Saturday in October then there's huge — HUGE — opportunity. Late-season business downtown will bring big dollars to our merchants and revenue to local government. 

It's happened every October for the last decade — with the success of HalloWeekends at the park — and the way for tourists to avoid a delay heading out from the park from the causeway is to take a right at the light at First Street. 

The Apex building is gone and that land is prime. Lyman Harbor could use some help in envisioning and developing an entertainment district from Causeway Drive to Meigs Street that connects down Meigs to the downtown business district. 

It's big, bold and it's been on the table for years.  

We'd like to see it become a priority for the new Sandusky city commission Jan. 1. 

And before the usual adversaries take to their corners for a pro-development vs. pro-preservation showdown, perhaps both sides should take a deep breath and look for common ground.

A "mixed-use" plan that preserves the parkland along the waterfront and provides space for commercial growth would be one path to prosperity. 


Get today's Register for the Viewpoint about thievery in the public sector, 'No accounting no-accounts.' 



The APEX site would make a great spot for another boat storage warehouse!

Darwin's choice

And, it's been paid for by the Citizens of Sandusky.

Stop It

Let's face it. The best way to get to Cedar Point is by boat. They don't have a helicopter landing pad yet? I dunno. I quit going there in the 90's.

Raoul Duke

What about the bats? This is still bat country.

The Bizness

I saw this idea once ----> http://bit.ly/yi9h5K

The red part is where a bike path could go with the use of a pedestrian bridge. You could connect development on First St. with downtown while opening up a ton of waterfront to make the 'watchdog' people happy.

The redevelopment of First St. would in turn help revitalize the rest of the city.

T. A. Schwanger


@ Bizness

I opened the map you provided.

The area marked in red duplicates exactly what the City's 2006 Sandusky Bay Pathway/Corridor plan spells out for the "pier track" from Meigs Street to First Street. The City actually owns the pier track.

Residents on Cove Park Boulevard have squelched this idea for years.


Or the worst problem.

Matt Westerhold

Nice catch. 



T. A. Schwanger


Let me make one thing perfectly clear to the Register Editorial Board.

Never has the Save Our Shoreline Parks group stood in the way of private development on private land. The two areas on First Street the board mentions--APEX and Lyman--are prime examples of private property/private development. In fact, as the failed Marina District Project at Battery Park was being introduced, our group suggested the City look at the APEX property as an alternate site. The "pro-development group" the Editorial Board refers to would have nothing to do with the APEX idea sighting "the property is too far from downtown".

With that said, the City's 1996 Port Plan does suggest development on the APEX property include open space whether development is commercial or residential.

Our contention has, and always will be, fill the vacant upper floors of downtown buildings rather than wholesale development of public waterfront parks.


Let's be honest though, after a day at Cedar Point, I just want to go home. First Street and Downtown are a long stretch away. If anything, focus on the Keller Building land first, then Apex.

The Bizness

I tend to agree with you, but if you look at Orlando, Universal Studios created Universal CityWalk, and Disney created Downtown Disney, so I think people do enjoy a good, and varied night life destination while on vacation.

I have seen in some cities where the newly vacated property is turned into a temporary park until a buyer is found for the property.

Good 2 B Me

Use the property to run a ferry over to Cedar Point. Charge for parking and it will pay for the Ferry. Just like the one that we used to have out of the Jackson Street Pier.

Once it is open, it will allow for development in the area surrounding it on First Street.

Dude i Roc


2cents's picture

Multi level garage with rooftop restaurant! That Idea is not too bad because it may only be a seasonal business anyway. People would park, ride the ferry, and maybe stay to eat after their visit to the park before they grab their cars, add a gas station on the property as well as a convenient store and they may just spent some moola. Throw in a dock for a boat ride company as well : )

The Bizness

Good idea, but the architecture and design of which would have to be pretty darn good for it to look appealing. I am imagining a square concrete parking structure with an Applebees plopped on top...not aesthetically pleasing.

I wonder how long it will be before Cedar Point itself installs a parking garage, thus freeing up real estate.