We like you, too, Mr. DeWine

Oct 13, 2013


Attorney General Mike DeWine appreciates the Sandusky Register. 

In a conversation last week, DeWine said the Register's reporting impacted his decision to take on the investigation of the killing of Jacob Limberios. 

"One of the reasons we took it is because you urged us to do that," DeWine said. "As I've told you, in a complimentary way, you're a real newspaper. You guys do what a good newspaper does."

DeWine gets it. Like his office, newspapers also have a job to do — albeit a different task — and we're proud of the work Register reporters and staff have done sticking with this story despite obstacles and roadblocks created by Sandusky County officials.    

DeWine has been the most active, hands-on Ohio AG we've ever encountered. We admire the decisions he made concerning the Steubenville high school rape case that resulted in criminal convictions and made national headlines earlier this year. That crime appears to have been covered up before DeWine got involved. 

He also took a courageous stand in the Cleveland police shooting involving multiple officers that left two unarmed people dead, faulting the Cleveland Police Department for a "systematic failure" in its operations.

DeWine also ordered the state's crime lab to gather thousands of untested rape kits from police department across the state that weren't previously sent to BCI because of problems with the crime lab that pre-date his election. 

That decision was, perhaps, the most powerful statement any state official has ever made in the battle against sexual assault. 

We hope DeWine can finish the investigation the Sandusky County sheriff started nearly 19 months ago and bring it to a successful conclusion that will answer the family's questions and finally explain what happened to settle this in a full and plausible way. The family deserves that. The community of supporters, and the community at-large, deserve that. 

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Thumbs up to the Register for their persistence! Sometimes persistence needs to be the name of the game to get elected officials off their butts and just plain do their jobs they were appointed to do.

Julie R.

So far, I like DeWine, too, but Sandusky County isn't the only county around with corrupt public officials. What about Erie County?


Who are they Julie R


Perhaps the SR could use its influence with AG Dewine to undertake a state investigation of the Yost case; the Sandusky Housing scandal; and whether it is lawful for Mr. Baxter to appoint special prosecutors who are also county prosecutors without the consent of the County Commissioners to investigate/prosecute his friends or to target enemies.

Carlos Danger

The headline should read "We like you too, Mr DeWine, but only when the results of your investigations match our preconceived notions"

Matt Westerhold

What pre-conceived notions might those be, Carlos

Carlos Danger

Do you really have to ask, Matt? Don't you read your own articles?

Matt Westerhold

Sure, go ahead, give me your pre-conceived notions as to what you think the Register's pre-conceived notions might be.  And if you can, cite some factual information for what you believe those are. 

Jakes Dad

Go ahead Carlos and cite what factual information you have. I was thinking you were just another one of those blogers, but it looks as if you are the one with the pre-conceived notions. Is there something you know about what happened to my son that night that you want to tell us or about how it was almost covered up! I am sure Mike DeWine's team would be instristed in it. Keep in mind, we watch what is printed in the Sandusky Register. None of it so far is hear say. They have audio, video and hard copy documentation of everything that they have published. If there is something you need to tell us keep in mind there is a $5,000 reward for pertinent info or you can plead the 5th! As you know, you still have that right since you did not go public or would you like me to try and get you onto the Dr. Phil also. If there is something really worth while you have to say.

Jakes Dad

Just as I thought Matt, another person hidding behind a false screen name that they will now have to change again. Since they can not back up their claims, look Ella in the eyes and tell her these false statements (that someday she will see).


Mike and Ella
So Long Carlos!

Jakes Dad

I know that the Register would delete my true thoughts and feelings and I respect that, so I will not bother posting them about Carlos.

Dr. Information

I can tell you one thing Matt. The SR has no moderation on its forums? Why have rules if they are not moderated?

Carlos Danger

The point of my post is that you don't "like" Mr. Dewine when you don't like the results of his investigations, like the Jones case or the naked inmate case (both of which found no criminal wrongdoing), and you all but convicted the Deputies in your initial articles.  As for Jakes Dad's case, there have been no results released, yet you've printed two recent articles criticizing the way the AG's office is handling the investigation.  So to come out with this "We like you to" article is kind of hypocritical.


Carlos there are things you do not know so let me set you straight. Yes they criticized the Ag's office but that was cause of things they heard. Now that mike DeWine us going to grand jury must mean they have something to go on. Jake's dad is just frustrated with all the negative comments on here. He has sat back and finally had enough and said his peace. Put yourself in his place and see how you would react. If you do not like the registers reporting then do not read it or comment then. Their is a little girl you need to think of. Would you want your granddaughter growing up knowing your son did not kill himself when scientific evidence and regular evidence show otherwise.


I am willing to give DeWine a chance at weeding out corruption in corrupt Ohio. Here is a good link to online news about corrupt Ohio.

"Records destroyed, laws violated, officials holding office illegally, conflicted political relationships between courts and prosecutor's office"

"Democratic hopeful for governor is quietly earning a "Fast Eddy" reputation for stretching the facts about his FBI career as a crime fighter"

Kottage Kat



The response, or more correctly stated, the non-response to legitimate inquiries the family received — first from Sandusky County officials and now from DeWine and company in Columbus — has not been reasonable. It's being irresponsible.

Ignoring the family's legitimate questions doesn't make those questions go away, or diminish their legitimacy.

Ignoring the questions, instead, simply diminishes the stature of the Ohio Attorney General's office, and the validity of its investigation.

This is what you said in a previous article. Seems like you're pulling a 180 on the AG's office from a week or so ago. Just my opinion here

Matt Westerhold

Thanks jmschmidt812. While there are no "preconceived notions" there, you raise a valid point. It's not a 180 though. The excerpt you cited is specific to the Limberios investigation, but it did not mention the good work the AG's office did in the Steubenville, Cleveland and the rape test kit examples cited in this viewpoint editorial on Sunday.  

It is extremely nuanced, but a key word in the viewpoint aligns both opinion pieces more than it diverts them in opposite directions. It's more like a running back who cuts right but is still heading toward the goal line. 

"We hope DeWine can finish the investigation the Sandusky County sheriff started nearly 19 months ago and bring it to a successful conclusion that will answer the family's questions and finally explain what happened to settle this in a full and plausible way. The family deserves that. The community of supporters, and the community at-large, deserve that." 

Thanks for your attention to detail. I hope that helps explain my thinking on this.


The Giver

As stated in the past, I've been following this story from the beginning... I find it very intriguing and so heartfelt for the Limberios family..... I also read the inaccuracy, which the Register reports on this story and how the Register portrays this to be something, which they don't have all the answers too, only some of the answers.... The Register cites this investigation as a "Killing"... This would suggest to the readers that this investigation is a murder/homicide... There is nothing to suggest that this is a murder/homicide other then what Dr. Wecht has proclaimed. A Doctor who is renowned to be very controversial, who over the years has had his offices raided by the Federal Government, and who's opinion differs from the that of two other Coroner's and perhaps a third pertaining to this case. The Limberios family was told back in March of 2012, that their son died from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
This was based on the what deputies on scene had observed, what the Coroner had noted - if I had to make an educated guess, deputies can not make a Coroner arrive on scene, that would have to be done at the discretion of the Coroner, what the crime scene revealed and most importantly what the three witnesses had seen that tragic night.

There has been a lot of talk pertaining to evidence being destroyed. I find very unlikely that the Sheriff's Office destroyed or allowed any evidence to be destroyed. I'm sure there was Jacobs blood splattered throughout the common area, where the shooting had occurred and where the witnesses were placed. Common sense dictates that there would be Jacob's blood on those person/s in close proximity of Jacob, after all the witnesses put themselves there. This doesn't necessarily rule that article of clothing and or item/s as evidence. If this were to be the case, then the entire home should be boxed up and preserved...I don't believe the Register, family or anyone that has been following this story as I are in a position to say what is or what isn't to be deemed as evidence.

Register articles have suggested that "Sandusky County Sheriff's deputies never pressed Brittany or Will for answers. And they never did interview Evan again. All they did was write down the story they were telling. They never asked anything about all the inconsistencies in their stories". I've listened to the interviews posted and thought deputies/investigators/detectives pressed the witnesses very hard for the right answers. I'm surprised that the witnesses allowed to be interviewed as many times, which they were interviewed. One will note when you listen to all the interviews, you will note the consistencies with the their statements pertaining to what happened to Jacob. There may be a few in-consistencies, which I would think would be the norm, but nothing which changes the facts of what happened that night.

Attorney Dean Henry was obviously at one point appointed to represent the Coroner and other Sandusky County Officials. Henry was removed due to what a Judge had ruled as being a "Conflict". Now Henry only represent the Coroner. The Register suggests that all county officials had been removed. Public record does not suggest this... The only person removed was Henry as noted, the Court did not relieve the responsibility of others, it only re-appointed counsel. Henry did order a second exhumation. From what I remember reading, the family had wanted county officials from the very beginning to do an autopsy. The family had once done at their un-fortunate expense and now I see the importance of why county officials saw the need of having one done as well. One its what the family had wanted, two there should be another opinion based on what Dr. Wecht had formulated, and most importantly it would be part of a very thorough investigation...

Now I have a couple of questions in hopes that someone can answer: 1) During the course of this investigation, a friend or family member of one of the witnesses had their phone tampered/tapped. Person/s involved must be someone close to the family. I say this because if it involved a county official, the Register would be all over it, and seeing how the Register doesn't follow this portion of the investigation, it would be fair to assume its a family and or friend of the Limberios as being responsible... It would be interesting to see if this portion of the investigation gets presented to a Grand Jury - however in doing some research, tapping another persons phone could be a Federal offense, which I'm going to think that a Sandusky County Grand Jury would not have the authority of, it would have to go a Federal Grand Jury, 2) I know someone in "TV Land". When shows such as the "Dr. Phil" administer their own polygraphs for TV, there are usually a
couple of polygraphs done prior to show consistencies. How many if any were done with the witnesses and what results if any will be aired? 3) When I read or watch this story from other news media sources, they seem to report only the facts as they are being told and or are of public record. The Sandusky Register reports a very bias opinion and not necessarily the facts, which makes the reader believe something that is truly not accurate. Why is this?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Giver. Here's the first definition of suicide in Webster's:  The act of killing oneself intentionally. It's known for sure that Jacob was "killed." The balance of your missive confuses news stories with editorial comment and is similarly disconnected and misinformed. With all the questions that have been raised in the last 19 months, it's interesting which one intrigues you most. It's also revealing as to what you really care about. But thanks for commenting. 

The Giver

Thanks for the response Mr. Westerhold. The definition of suicide has no bearing in regards to what I had wrote. I understand that an editorial is based on the opinions of the editor and his/her people - in this case you and your people, but shouldn't the opinion be based on facts and not speculation or theories...


The facts are: 1) A killing occurred; 2) with underage drinking; 3) with a loaded gun; 4) Law enforcement made no effort to secure the scene or preserve evidence including blood splatter evidence and bullet trajectory; 5) no forensic tests were taken for Gun shot residue; and 6) witnesses were not tested for alcohol or drugs though underage and alcohol and maybe drugs played a role in the shooting.

These facts are undisputed and indicate significant departure from standard law enforcement policies and procedures. Certainly there's enough there to raise at a minimum a question of law enforcement malfeasance justifying professional review.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks 2Timothy1-7. It seems the Giver doesn't want the facts to get in the way of his opinion. They have "no bearing." 


Well, well, well it certainly would appear as though “The Giver” has a personal stake in this. It also appears to me that “The Giver” may have inside information if not first hand information as to where the AG’s special prosecutor will be “steering” the Grand Jury. I find it intriguing that “The Giver” has all of the sudden pointed out to all of us that the Coroner has no duty to go to the scene and that not everything is considered evidence. And let’s not forget that the state may not consider the phone tapping charge but may leave it up to the Federal Grand Jury. All this sudden knowledge being brought up right before a grand jury convenes sounds very interesting to me.
Wasn’t it Overmyer’s own Detective O’Connell that stated “If I had to make an educated guess, the gun went off as (the witness) was playing around with it while Jacob was on the phone in close proximity of (the witness), which explains the blood splatter on the shoes. Wouldn’t those shoes then be valuable evidence? And if I’m not mistaken didn’t Detective O’Connell make a statement somewhere in those recordings that he admired Dr. Wecht. Something is starting to smell pretty stinky to me. Then again what do I know? Just my opinion!


Giver the news stations you say are reporting facts so is the register and supporters. You want facts this is not the first time sheriff overmyer and his team have done wrong doing there job. There are so many things you fail to see cause you are so blinded by the fact sandusky county can do no wrong. If every one sticks up for the ones that do wrong as officers then we will never fix the problem that is plaguing this country. Look up justice for Molly on facebook you will see another case like this one. Come on people wake up stop this corruption now.

Sal Dali

Really Giver, you are more interested in the phone tap than the truth about how this young mans life was ended?

This story is being covered a little differently by media for a couple of reasons depending upon whose perspective we consider. Media that is not local is not covering it as in-depth and personal because 1). It has not been sensationalized and will not draw a larger viewing/reading audience, which is one of the main goals of media and 2) because this case does not personally affect the residents in those larger cities such as Cleveland or Toledo where this story has been broadcast and covered by various newspapers. They have enough of their own tragedies to cover. However, this case does affect locals and in case you haven't noticed all the Justice for Jake and Ella signs around, a lot of people support the family and the current probe into Jacob's death. If it were so cut and dry, do you actually think the AG would be investigating?

Mr. and Mrs. Limberios lost their son, Ella lost her father; if it were your child are you saying you would turn a blind eye and take it in stride? Do you even have children so that you can understand how they feel at all?

The witnesses were intoxicated teenagers and because they all said Jake did it that makes it so? Do you think if someone else did it they would tell the truth? People lie about crimes like this everyday. One pled the fifth, if it happened the way the others said it did, why would he do that? A young man lost his life and law enforcement did not even bother to extract the bullet from the place it lodged in the ceiling in a timely manner or separate the witnesses before questioning. Until they have solid evidence to prove it is anything other than a homicide, they should have considered it a crime scene. The story of a couple intoxicated teenagers with bloody clothing would not be solid evidence of a suicide but quite the contrary. It is downright suspicious.

Something else that has been bothering me is the fact Jacob was right-handed and shot in the left side of his head. I am also right-handed and when I speak on the phone, I use my left hand as most right-handed people do; this would make me question how in the heck someone could or would stretch their right hand over to the left side of their head and shoot his or her self. We would hope responding officers are trained "professionals," so why would not one of them question that? Do they just send any Tom, Dick or Harry out to a scene where someone has been shot and "killed"? They should have had people trained in crime scene investigation on the scene as well as the coroner. Blood spatter evidence should have been put into evidence, including that which was on the witnesses clothing. It is Forensics 101 for Pete's sake. Do you know anything about that?

Sandusky County needs to either clean house or educate those they have hired to "protect and serve." This is a perfect example shoddy police work if one could even consider what they did "police" work. They never expected anyone to dispute their findings or pursue Jake's death any further. A novice could have done a better job than the officer in charge that day.

A twisted sense of justice lies within someone who is more concerned about a phone tap than the death of a young son and father. Newspaper articles are a lot like television Giver, if you do not like the content, you do not have to partake.


Well said sal