Repeal 'stand your ground'

Jul 21, 2013

The “stand your ground” laws in Florida — the same template used for almost identical laws in Ohio and other states — resulted in the not guilty verdicts that many see as unjust in the trial of George Zimmerman. 

At its most basic level, Zimmerman armed himself and ignored police when he killed Trayvon Martin, who was walking home unarmed after buying a bag of Skittles and a soft drink at a neighborhood store. That’s what happened. Florida law — and Ohio law — make it legal to kill, but not right. 

These laws provide vague and codified terms to the intensely complicated act of killing and render almost any outcome in such cases — and potentially in less similar cases — the same as the verdicts that found Zimmerman not guilty on both manslaughter and murder charges July 13.

Ohio and 24 other states have “stand your ground” laws modeled after the same legislation Florida lawmakers used to enact its state law that provides a path to justifiable homicide with the weakest of circumstances. Trayvon was a teenager, who was walking home to his father’s house when he was killed. 

At its most intense center, these laws are derived from good, if fearful, intention, wrapped into the always difficult American system of courtroom justice. The national GOP successfully pushed the legislation inside state capitals across the country, but the outcome is not what these lawmakers likely intended. 

“Stand your ground” laws are emotionally opportunistic, destructive, and create situations to kill and glory in the killing. 

The president of the Sandusky chapter of the NAACP offered readers his reaction after Zimmerman verdicts were announced. 

“Try to imagine the situation reversed, if a black man shot a white teenager on his way home in his neighborhood,” Jim Jackson said. “There would be outrage among everyone. What it comes down to is the question: ‘Is racism dead in America?’ Obviously it’s not.”  

We’re hard-pressed to see any plausible argument to refute what Jackson, and others, have said. We hope the Sandusky branch of NAACP, other Ohio chapters, the national NAACP, the ACLU, residents and legislators unite for repeal, to remove these laws.



Read the trial transcripts. It was explained there. You would make an excellent investigator... except for being a couple weeks late in coming up with questions.

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Bullspit. Making up stories again pooh?


Are you now claiming it wasn't mentioned in the trial? Really? You cracked the Case!!!! bring back the jury they got it wrong!!!!! The Good Doctor and piddle puppy proved Zimmerman guilty!!!!! Oops just kidding.

The Good Doctor

The trial transcripts do NOT support your position.




We all have the right to defend ourselves even without SYG laws. Stand Your Ground gives Napoleon men the courage to put themselves in a situation where they can use SYG as justification.

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And DOJ just reported that there is no evidence suggesting that Mr. Zimmerman used race in determining any of his activities that night or in his past. Now the DOJ has to figure out how to step out of the pile of crap that they stepped into.


Survey on the case. All questions used have cited, and linked to, their sources.

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Interesting links, however for all those who may say that the adolescent ramblings on social networks and text messages should some how justify a death sentence at the hand of an untrained neighborhood watch participant should look into their own children's facebook page and text messages. I'm sure many are already aware of disciplinary problems at school etc. Listen to the lyrics of the music they like to listen to....ohhh I know you will say in my day the parents didn't like rock and roll either but I will tell you straight up the music if you can call it that is vastly different today. Don't let your child be labeled a thug for immature posts and actions, be a parent and help give them the guidance they need not to fall into the same type of scenario Trayvone and Zimmerman fell into.


You'll be singin another tune when your head is being pounded into the pavement


What it comes down to is that there was no racism involved. Rediculousism is what going on. The NAACP wants tp promote raceism. Keeps them in the popular opinion of people of color. It is just plain reverse raceism,,,,they hate whites. True story!




“Stand your ground” laws are emotionally opportunistic, destructive, and create situations to kill and glory in the killing.
Only a liberal would make this statement and believe it.

Criminals must know that honest people can and will defend themselves with deadly force. We don't know who started the assault so the winner goes free.

Those who are trying to turn this into a racial case are racists.


Martin was a thug. If he hadn't been suspended from school for having dope at school, none of this would have happened. He would have been in school where he belonged. Zimmerman wouldn't have had contact with him at all that day, because Martin wouldn't have been going to the store in the first place. Martin wouldn't have attacked him, and been killed. Instead of this being a wake up for the thugs and parents of the thugs; we "white folks" get the race card thrown at us once again by Rev. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. But why didn't we hear from them when the young white couple from Tennessee was brutally murdered by rape and castration by 5 blacks, including a black female? Why weren't they speaking out against those 5 black animals who did these horrible things to this young couple? What about the young 20 year old white waitress who was killed on her way home from work by 3 black men who robbed her for her tip money? Where were they then? They hate us, always will. Did we make them go on welfare after having babies at barely teenagers? Did we force them into gangs to victimize outsiders and extort those inside their neighborhoods? Did we pull the triggers on the guns they use to kill? If they don't like it here, why don't we all pitch in "again" to help the less fortunate. Let's hire all the major cruise lines to charter runs back and forth from the U.S. to Africa. Maybe we should repeal slavery instead? Lets put them all back in the fields, and give John Deere a rest. I'd say burn their churches and schools, but they already do a good job of that on their own. Yeah! I'm sick of the race card being played everytime the black folks don't get the verdict they want. Zimmerman was arrested, threatened, tried, aquitted, and still threatened for his life, and now the Feds want to bring up civil rights charges against him. What about those white people I just told you about? Why didn't the Feds bring up civil right's charges against those animals that brutally killed them? I'll tell you why...because we have a race dividing administration at the Federal level, over-stepping the verdict of a lower court appointed jury of his peers. "They didn't get the verdict they wanted either". But you people who think Zimmerman didn't have a right to defend himself with deadly force; better wake up! This case shouldn't have even been heard in a court of law. The Stand Your Ground Laws we have enacted throughout this country are there to protect all of us from what happened to George Zimmerman. He was beaten, it was proven, and he defended himself just as I would, and thousands of others throughout this nation. I never considered myself to be racists. I wasn't raised that way. But, I'm getting real tired of being blamed for every Adam Lanza, and Jared Loughner that falls through the cracks of a non-existent mental health program. And for every Travon Martin thug, that attacks someone. Some of you think he's just some teenager acting out. Well, there seems to be a lot of angry teenagers acting out these days without any empathy for human life. You want the violence to stop? It's starts at home...with the family. Families don't eat together, pray together, or talk together about what is going on in each other's lives. We allowed prayer to be taken out of the schools, and now we suffer some of the consequences with a breakdown in society as a whole for it. Go ahead and laugh! Parents refuse to let school administrators administer corporal punishment, and tell them to leave our kids alone. So they did. And everytime little Johnny gets in trouble at school, parents defend the actions of their little angels. So what lesson was learned? Only that little Johnny learned how to beat the system. And he'll do it the rest of his life, and so will his little Johnnys, and so on, and so on... Alright, I'm done venting.