Repeal 'stand your ground'

Jul 21, 2013

The “stand your ground” laws in Florida — the same template used for almost identical laws in Ohio and other states — resulted in the not guilty verdicts that many see as unjust in the trial of George Zimmerman. 

At its most basic level, Zimmerman armed himself and ignored police when he killed Trayvon Martin, who was walking home unarmed after buying a bag of Skittles and a soft drink at a neighborhood store. That’s what happened. Florida law — and Ohio law — make it legal to kill, but not right. 

These laws provide vague and codified terms to the intensely complicated act of killing and render almost any outcome in such cases — and potentially in less similar cases — the same as the verdicts that found Zimmerman not guilty on both manslaughter and murder charges July 13.

Ohio and 24 other states have “stand your ground” laws modeled after the same legislation Florida lawmakers used to enact its state law that provides a path to justifiable homicide with the weakest of circumstances. Trayvon was a teenager, who was walking home to his father’s house when he was killed. 

At its most intense center, these laws are derived from good, if fearful, intention, wrapped into the always difficult American system of courtroom justice. The national GOP successfully pushed the legislation inside state capitals across the country, but the outcome is not what these lawmakers likely intended. 

“Stand your ground” laws are emotionally opportunistic, destructive, and create situations to kill and glory in the killing. 

The president of the Sandusky chapter of the NAACP offered readers his reaction after Zimmerman verdicts were announced. 

“Try to imagine the situation reversed, if a black man shot a white teenager on his way home in his neighborhood,” Jim Jackson said. “There would be outrage among everyone. What it comes down to is the question: ‘Is racism dead in America?’ Obviously it’s not.”  

We’re hard-pressed to see any plausible argument to refute what Jackson, and others, have said. We hope the Sandusky branch of NAACP, other Ohio chapters, the national NAACP, the ACLU, residents and legislators unite for repeal, to remove these laws.



Please don't expect everybody to be held to an equal standard. It isn't fair. (yet again sarcasm, for those who still don't recognize it)


i think that the shooter in the case you're talking about will hang higher than Haman, from the evidence released he wasn't in danger, unlike zimmerman who was. apples and oranges

There you go again

Leave it to Jim Jackson from the NAACP (and Barack Obama, for that matter) to bring race into the SYG issue. Who doesn't believe in self-defense? And what does it have to do with race?!?!


there you go again................SMDH!!!!!!!!!!

There you go again

What part of my comment are you shaking your head at? I know, the truth hurts sometimes.


Yet another MSNBC watcher at the SR. Zimmerman did NOT attack Martin. Martin could have just kept walking.... HE was the one who choose to inflict "social justice" on the person following him. SYG is the same as self defense. Turn the other cheek only worked in the bible!


Faux news anyone???????????

The Big Dog's back

Trayvon should have known his "place" right yomamma?

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He was too stoned to know his place!

Darwin's choice

Deertracker, here's a case that Obama, Sharpton, and all the other cheerleaders completely ignore.....
watch this and comment!


What exactly am I suppose to comment on? The fact they were breaking in cars, the fact that the neighborhood watch guy identified himself and brandished his weapon for all to see, the "he lunged at me" part or the fact there were no skittles and iced tea involved? The fact that one guy was white and the other was black is irrelevant. Criminals come in all colors and ages!


Yes they do, This one just happened to be black. Whats your point?

J Cooper

Once again the Register either not knowing the facts or ignoring them to promote an agenda. The stand your ground law was not used in the Zimmerman defense. A recent statewide study indicated that in Florida the SYG defense was successfully used by minorities at a higher successful rate per capita that for whites.

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SYG was used by the jury to make their decision.


What part of the statement, " The stand your ground law was not used in the Zimmerman defense." , don't you understand? The jury instructions come from the judge, not the defense. His statement was correct.

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What part of the jury used SYG to make their decision don't you understand poohball? Juror B37, look it up. derp.


And you know this how?????

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Juror B37. What else do you want to know?


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whites are far more educated? really? I mean, I know some really stupid white folk, and some really intelligent blacks... you have to be trolling.


And this is the kind of talk that makes other white people look bad. Black people aren't, and never have been, the problem. The problem is our current system of government that seeks to keep people dependent on its welfare, in order to retain control. The problem is people refusing to base their opinion on an individual's actions, and instead, blaming the entire group the individual 'belongs' with.




Like Jessy, the SR editorial board likes to stir the race pot. Let's narrow the facts down: The kid was tall, young and strong. He had drugs in his system. He had a criminal record of aggressive behavior and was bashing Zimmerman's head against the pavement. He was NOT the sweet boy shown in the published photo. Let's show his mug shot.


You left out the facts that Z had a gun, a criminal record and was stalking he KID! I could go on if you like! I'm okay with SYG as long as I get to stand MY ground too!


Sure, go ahead and make yourself look even more racist and ignorant. It's amusing and sad at the same time.


It may surprise you to know that although I was deeply disappointed in the verdict, one of my best friends is Hispanic. LOL!


Yes, I'm surprised you have a friend


I've got white ones too!

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You ain't got friends!