Repeal 'stand your ground'

Jul 21, 2013

The “stand your ground” laws in Florida — the same template used for almost identical laws in Ohio and other states — resulted in the not guilty verdicts that many see as unjust in the trial of George Zimmerman. 

At its most basic level, Zimmerman armed himself and ignored police when he killed Trayvon Martin, who was walking home unarmed after buying a bag of Skittles and a soft drink at a neighborhood store. That’s what happened. Florida law — and Ohio law — make it legal to kill, but not right. 

These laws provide vague and codified terms to the intensely complicated act of killing and render almost any outcome in such cases — and potentially in less similar cases — the same as the verdicts that found Zimmerman not guilty on both manslaughter and murder charges July 13.

Ohio and 24 other states have “stand your ground” laws modeled after the same legislation Florida lawmakers used to enact its state law that provides a path to justifiable homicide with the weakest of circumstances. Trayvon was a teenager, who was walking home to his father’s house when he was killed. 

At its most intense center, these laws are derived from good, if fearful, intention, wrapped into the always difficult American system of courtroom justice. The national GOP successfully pushed the legislation inside state capitals across the country, but the outcome is not what these lawmakers likely intended. 

“Stand your ground” laws are emotionally opportunistic, destructive, and create situations to kill and glory in the killing. 

The president of the Sandusky chapter of the NAACP offered readers his reaction after Zimmerman verdicts were announced. 

“Try to imagine the situation reversed, if a black man shot a white teenager on his way home in his neighborhood,” Jim Jackson said. “There would be outrage among everyone. What it comes down to is the question: ‘Is racism dead in America?’ Obviously it’s not.”  

We’re hard-pressed to see any plausible argument to refute what Jackson, and others, have said. We hope the Sandusky branch of NAACP, other Ohio chapters, the national NAACP, the ACLU, residents and legislators unite for repeal, to remove these laws.



Dead men don't testify in court cases. That's why you don't shoot them in the leg. But if you want lose everything you've ever worked for, and every asset you have; go ahead and shoot the legs out from under you're attacker. I prefer them to be dead! If you've ever been the victim of a violence, you'd would have been able to answer this question yourself. No one has the right to put their hands on me to cause serious injury or death. That's why we have self defense laws enacted like 'stand your ground'. You don't want to take a life to save your own, that's you're business. But don't tell me I can't! We live in a dangerous society with child molesters, wife beaters, punks/thugs, doped up burglars/thieves, home invaders, murderers, rapists, etc.... and you want to shoot them in the legs? If everyone against guns quit enabling the criminals I just described above, and started putting bullets in their brain pans; sooner or later, even the dumbest criminal is gonna think twice about their next move. If they don't, a lot of us armed civilians will be the last thought they ever have! If ohio ever repealed stand your ground, criminals and their families will file civil suit after civil suit to rob otherwise law abiding citizens for defending themselves. So it will only serve to serve criminals. I say, kill em all, and let God sort em out. Then we can put our guns away, and all sing songs, and get our coloring books out after milk and cookies.


In the future please refrain from bringing facts, statistics, evidence and common sense into a discussion about an opinion piece written by the Sandusky Register, it is NOT appreciated. (sarcasm, if not recognized)

Thanks for doing your research on the subject Informer, and linking to it.

For the people who decided to use a 5 year old picture of Martin, Wasn't there a school picture from his first grade class available? (see previous note about use of sarcasm)

The Big Dog's back

SYG was used by the jury to make their decision.


@grumpy, I agree with you the SR is more of an inflammatory RAG then a NEWS paper.

Tool Box

First of all, SR, Stand Your Ground was NOT used in Mr. Zimmerman's defense! You really should do your homework before trying to stir the pot..... And not that we are talking of pot, yeah, Mr. Martin was high! One more thing, please use a current picture of Mr. Martin not a picture taken 5 years ago because according to facts in the case, Mr. Martin was about 11 inches taller than Mr. Zimmerman! SR, try to get your facts right before trying to stir the pot!


Where's the proof he was "high"? You have really just embarrassed yourself because your facts are all Wrong! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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The toxicology report from the medical examiner showed he had intoxicating amounts of THC in his body. Let me guess, Mr. Zimmerman made him get high before he blew his heart out!

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He had trace amount in him. What did zim have in him? Gee, we don't know because the white police detective didn't have a drug or alcohol test done. Really? Guy just kills someone and we don't have him checked?


He was a marijuana smoker. Thats what thugs do. Get over it pooch.


Why should Zimmerman be drug tested? He didn't do anything wrong! He shot a stoned thug that sucker punched him from behind! Probably saved Martin from a life of crime if you ask me! The statistics don't lie, look them up for yourself!


Racist arse! It's comforting knowing you can see in the future!And as for being a stoned thug- someone follows me while I'm walking home from the store. don't think I'm not gonna be that bad a** b***h that's going to turn around and confront your a** also! Zimmerman was told to not follow Martin and he proceeded to do so. Martin was NOT displaying any criminal behavior initially. And as for Zimmerman, he had no RIGHT, except a self appointed one to confront Martin! A member of the neighborhood watch, who follows a kid from the store, confronts him and starts to get his butt whipped so he shoots him DEAD? It shouldn't have been a self defense or SYG=he murdered that boy in cold blood, I don't care how anyone tries to justify it!

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So anytime you point out injustice by race you're "stirring the pot"?




You got that right boy!

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Sounds like something an Imperial Wizard would say.


You have had conversations with one? Or have you been listening to their speeches? Is that where you get your ability to know what one would say? Or are you reading minds yet again?

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Yes, when I was undercover.


Since the media continues to show his photo of 12 yrs. here is a video of him the night he was shot. Pay close attention to the height difference in regards to the clerk and the height comparison of him to the coolers.

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What difference does it make what picture they use? HE'S DEAD!



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So you're glad a kid is dead?

Tool Box

Heck yeah! One stoned black thug off the streets is a good thing!


the Hillary amendment, "what difference does it make"?


There is a case right now in Florida where a 16 year old boy was killed because yt thought the music was too loud. He is using the SYG as a defense. Stay tuned!


Gee, another racist comment from you. How shocking.


Was it the yt part you did not like? The guy in question is white. What's the fuss?


It's racist and shows so much about you. Hope the Register removes it because it clearly violates the guidelines about racism.


Would the word "Caucasian" be okay with you? Good, you use it!

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yet if we use a derogatory term for a black person we'd be racist....