Repeal 'stand your ground'

Jul 21, 2013

The “stand your ground” laws in Florida — the same template used for almost identical laws in Ohio and other states — resulted in the not guilty verdicts that many see as unjust in the trial of George Zimmerman. 

At its most basic level, Zimmerman armed himself and ignored police when he killed Trayvon Martin, who was walking home unarmed after buying a bag of Skittles and a soft drink at a neighborhood store. That’s what happened. Florida law — and Ohio law — make it legal to kill, but not right. 

These laws provide vague and codified terms to the intensely complicated act of killing and render almost any outcome in such cases — and potentially in less similar cases — the same as the verdicts that found Zimmerman not guilty on both manslaughter and murder charges July 13.

Ohio and 24 other states have “stand your ground” laws modeled after the same legislation Florida lawmakers used to enact its state law that provides a path to justifiable homicide with the weakest of circumstances. Trayvon was a teenager, who was walking home to his father’s house when he was killed. 

At its most intense center, these laws are derived from good, if fearful, intention, wrapped into the always difficult American system of courtroom justice. The national GOP successfully pushed the legislation inside state capitals across the country, but the outcome is not what these lawmakers likely intended. 

“Stand your ground” laws are emotionally opportunistic, destructive, and create situations to kill and glory in the killing. 

The president of the Sandusky chapter of the NAACP offered readers his reaction after Zimmerman verdicts were announced. 

“Try to imagine the situation reversed, if a black man shot a white teenager on his way home in his neighborhood,” Jim Jackson said. “There would be outrage among everyone. What it comes down to is the question: ‘Is racism dead in America?’ Obviously it’s not.”  

We’re hard-pressed to see any plausible argument to refute what Jackson, and others, have said. We hope the Sandusky branch of NAACP, other Ohio chapters, the national NAACP, the ACLU, residents and legislators unite for repeal, to remove these laws.


The Brownie Elf

What would anyone suggest in lieu of "stand your ground."


Stand your ground is really redundant. Self defense laws are already on the books! They work just fine!


Stand your ground is the same as the Castle Law.... as you house is your castle......but your not suppose to leave your house or car so I don't understand how he was in harm in anyway shape or form..... I think the dude was sick of crap in his town and wanted to kill someone being that he had a ccw and was a wanta be cop. Sad but true and after what that juror said that is just crazy. No such think as no double jeopardy ...... he will get hung up on some federal charges! Wait you'll see!


Stand Your Ground laws didn't apply here, and still don't. The lawmakers will go through the motions yet leave the law unchanged, just to appease the misdirected masses. The marchers and demonstrators believe Stand Your Ground laws are designed to discriminate. They won't change their minds or listen to reason.

Yellow Snow

Zimmerman didn't use SYG for defense. You might want to google "black or white stand your ground percentage"
There's a lot of results, the statistics might surprise you. Then get back to me about self defense.

The Big Dog's back

SYG was used by the jury to make their decision.


uuummmm Zimmerman isn't "white" FYI But I love it how a brown man can kill a black kid and a white person gets blamed!!!! I got nothing

Darwin's choice

Really Register? You've sunk to a new low with the 12 year old photo of the thug! Show the recent photo's of martin, then ask about repealing SYG. Sensationalism sells.....


What exactly made him a thug? If he was a thug so are YOU!

Darwin's choice

When you assualt someone, you can be branded a thug! Don't get it, or blinded by the race?


BRANDED! Interesting choice of words. What are you "branded" when you chase down and KILL an unarmed kid?


Someone who used the law of stand-your-ground. SYG is a type of self-defense law that gives individuals the right to use reasonable force to defend themselves.

What part do you not get?


Way to omit the whole beating phase of the case haha.


Zimmerman didn't chase anyone down, he was curled up in a ball getting stomped and beat by Martin who was intent on killing him. Had Zimmerman not shot Martin, Zimmerman would be dead... and I guarantee there would be no public outcry.


14 year old on pot = thug in my book sorry


Kids grow up and can change a lot from one high school year to the next.


Your point? I'm sure it is worth at least 2 cents!

Professor Playdoh

It was a self defense case not stand your ground. But go ahead and spin it the way you want.

The Big Dog's back

SYG was used by the jury to make their decision.


Culture Of Violence: The attorney general worries about protecting his 15-year-old son from supposed white racists like George Zimmerman. But his own office warns that the No. 1 threat to black teens is black teens.
In a speech Tuesday before the NAACP, Eric Holder confided that after Zimmerman fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year, "I had to protect my boy ... make him aware of the world he must still confront."
"We must stand OUR ground," he stressed to the all-black audience gathered in Orlando for the civil-rights group's annual convention.
But less than two years ago, the Justice Department conducted a comprehensive study that found the real concern for African-American parents like Holder isn't the George Zimmermans of the world. It's increasingly violent black youths like Martin, who broke Zimmerman's nose and repeatedly bashed his head on the pavement before being shot through the heart.
The November 2011 study concluded that "young black males were disproportionately involved in homicide compared with their proportion of the population."
This is understating it. The precise data show that even though black men between the ages of 14 and 24 make up only 1% of the U.S. population, they represent 27% of all the nation's murderers. This bears repeating: 1% of Americans are committing over a quarter of the murders.
Equally alarming, the administration study also found that blacks of any age are eight times more likely to murder than whites.
While blacks make up just 13% of the population, they're responsible for more than half — 53% — of the country's murders. By comparison, "whites" (Justice includes Hispanics in its "white" category) account for 83% of the population but less than half — 45% — of homicides.
The 36-page study, which analyzed race-based crime data spanning three decades, found that whites were twice as likely to be murdered by blacks than the other way around, such as in the recent case of 17-year-old De'Marquis Elkins shooting a white baby dead in his stroller while robbing his horrified mother on a Georgia street.
And many white-on-black homicides were "justifiable" along the lines of the Zimmerman case, where an assaulted victim responded with lethal force.
But the most striking trend is black-on-black murders. Justice found that 93% of black homicide victims are killed by fellow blacks. This self-imposed genocide can be seen in cities like Chicago, where gang murders are at a record high. In a tragic irony, another four black children were gunned down in Chicago during the Zimmerman trial.

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You missed the entire point of the speech! Sad!!!!


He only shows up when he gets to spew this stuff. I think I saw this same post on different articles, but always involving African-Americans.


Regardless of Martin/Zimmerman, StandYourGround statutes encourage shooting people. What ever happened to the idea of non-lethal (in the leg, etc.) self-defensive shooting?


Turd---: You obviously know nothing about a self defense struggle. You're not picking a small aim point on a stationary target but at the center of mass and hoping you hit it.

The Big Dog's back

Trayvon shot in the heart and it was a lucky shot? Bullspit.


well.. if you have to use a gun to defend yourself, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.

Simple Enough II

When you are down getting your head hit and pounded into the ground, you are not trying to shoot some one in the leg when you pull and fire, you are trying to stop the threat......

Simple Enough II

Oh, shoot someone in the leg (if you can), hit the thigh, clip the femoral artery and see how non-lethal that is!


Whatever happened to the idea of learning how to properly kick and punch and disarm weapons?