Ohio Legislature: Kill this bill

Jun 29, 2013


Maybe Ohio lawmakers just don't get it. 

A proposal that would make it almost effortless for police to get phone records and GPS location information for anyone with a cell phone, anytime, breezed through the Ohio Senate by a 32-1 vote in April. A House committee was set to send the bill to the House floor last week for a vote, but cooler heads prevailed, at least for now.

State Rep. Rex Damschroeder put the brakes on it, after objections were raised that it would allow police unfettered access to private phone records and also allow phone companies to break their privacy contracts with customers without any repercussions. 

We're not sure whether Ohio lawmakers are just oblivious to the U.S. Constitution, don't care about privacy rights, or whether they simply don't have a clue to the invasive power they are contemplating giving to law enforcement. Americans already are concerned and distressed with the scope of federal NSA phone records data collection and spying activities, and there are no national security risks in this state effort. 

There also is no demand from anyone for these increased police powers and we cannot see any need for it, either. We're having difficulty fathoming that there could be any reason that warrants this action. 

We worry Ohio lawmakers are on the bandwagon with the effort to chip away at personal liberty in the name of security and that it's all smoke and mirrors. It's either that, or they are pushing forward legislation in a mindless and dangerous way. 

Kill this bill.



Re: "A proposal that would make it almost effortless for police to get phone records and GPS location information for anyone with a cell phone, anytime, breezed through the Ohio Senate by a 32-1 vote in April."

What's to worry?

Were we all not reassured by the POTUS regarding this paranoid nonsense?

"They'll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.

Because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self rule is somehow just a sham with which we can't be trusted."

- Pres. Obama, May 5, 2013

"We can't be trusted."???

So do you honestly think that THEY can't be trusted? :)


I cant believe i agree with the editorial page at the register. Kill the bill.

dorothy gale

Same here! Kill the bill!


"THEY" are already doing it, "THEY" just want to make it legal.

2cents's picture

I guess that they think technology will stop with this bill? Bad guys are always one step ahead of us while trying to steal our online information so I do not believe that bad guys will give a shirt about this because technology allows them so many ways to get around this. The only people that loose are the honest tax paying citizens that pay the salary of these law enforcement people.


Why do we worry about bad guys getting our personal information? Because they're certain to misuse it. Why do we worry about the government getting our personal information? Ditto.

In both of these cases, the trolling for data is both broad and indiscriminate. We tend to have more trust in law enforcement for two reasons and two reasons only:

1. Law enforcement goes AFTER the bad guys; and
2. Law enforcement is kept on the straight and narrow by requiring adequate suspicion and corresponding warrants.

Take away the controls offered by Rationale #2, and the government JOINS the bad guys. It really is that simple. Is every government employee a bad guy? Of course not! Is every government employee a GOOD guy? Hah.





Re: "Why would I care if they want to see my phone records?"

Senior naiveté or Alzheimer’s?

It all depends on who "they" are doesn't it?

Murphy's Law: If it CAN be misused, it WILL be.

And remember: "Murphy" was an optimist. :)




Re: "."

Can't defend your opinion, so you take your "ball" and go home?

Like most closed minded liberals: If YOU think it, it must be correct eh?

FYI: It ain't all about YOU and what YOU want.

BTW: The phone company has been likened to renting an apartment. You don't 'own' YOUR phone calls, the phone co. does.

So does that mean that MY furniture in a rented apartment. BELONGS to the land lord and that he can give it to whomever?

There are many, many legal questions here that are much bigger than: I’ve got NOTHING to hide.


Re: "Why would you care if some local cop wants to see who you called last month."

Thought that we went over that. Must be Alzheimer’s.

And all "authorities" are honest right?

Whether or not to have a Facebook account or conduct business with a private entity is a CHOICE.

Why bother with a Fourth Amend.?

Why in the h*ll did our colonial ancestors bother to fight a war against the Brits????

Were the Jews innocent in Nazi Germany?


Both Elliot Spitzer's and Gen'l Petraeus’ dalliances were discovered through phone records. Probably absolutely NO political motivation there – right?

With Pres. Clinton, didn't the brain-dead liberals tell us that sex doesn't matter???

We need a SERIOUS discussion about this issue. It’s too important to leave it up to the (bleeping) bureaucrats!


Old Hunky saying: "When you get into a pissing contest with a skunk, you end up smelling as bad as he does".


Great, you can't debate an issue so you finally just resort to ad hominem attacks.

Typical closed minded liberal. :)

Did any of your relatives fight during the Hungarian Uprising? If so, what the h*ll for????


Kimo wins again.


What happened Kimo. You get your butt handed to you again so you delete your comments. Lol



Just don't like the company.

When you don't like the company in a room, leave the room.

Came back to see if SR deleted my comment.....


Re: "Just don't like the company."

You poor thing. :)

More like: Can't think outside the liberal mental feedback loop.

To h*ll with havin' a p*ssin' contest with a skunk -

"Whenever you cross swords with an enemy you must not think of cutting him either strongly or weakly; just think of cutting and killing him."

- Miyamoto Musashi

So what about it, any Hungarian Freedom Fighters in the family???