Fight secrecy always

Jun 23, 2013


Here's one thing we know for certain: The public must fight government secrecy in every instance, and it must fight with unending vigilance any and every effort by any government to implement legislation to make it lawful to do the public's business in private.

We applaud state Rep. Chris Redfern for the strong stand he's taken against a proposal in the Ohio Statehouse that would give local governments more reasons to meet in executive, closed-door sessions that bar the public from knowing or participating in the acts of government. 

“We ought not to allow county commissioners and mayors to cut deals, sometimes with their friends, outside the purview of public oversight,” Redfern said.

Redfern's strong opposition and his role as chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party should have sway with Democrats. This is not a partisan issue, however, and we're glad too that state Rep. Randy Gardner, R-Bowling Green, also said no justification exists for extending the closed-door options for government. The limited options that now exist are well reasoned and do not need tinkered or diminished. 

Gov. John Kasich's privatization of the state commerce department into JobsOhio was a disaster and a start toward that implementing standards of secrecy between the government and the governed. Lawmakers have no business following that bad example with this proposed legislation seeking to block the public from the public's business. 

The public must fight government secrecy at every step, always. 



The wingnuts are in control and are passing laws to protect the rich.

Only way to change this is to "Vote".


Re: "passing laws to protect the rich."

Would that include YOU millionaire-next-door?

How is the term "wealthy Democrat" NOT an oxymoron? (Bleeping) Progressive hypocrites.

Raoul Duke

Politics is the art of controlling your environment.


Re: "Gov. John Kasich's privatization of the state commerce department into JobsOhio was a disaster,"

Compared to the national avg., OH's unemployment rate is WHAT?


Hey! The Nobel Peace Prize winner in the WH says that secrecy and the spying on ordinary citizens is necessary for everyone's safely & security - WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? :)

The Big Dog's back

Always going off topic. Stick with the topic and leave your fantasies of Obama out.


Re: "Stick with the topic"

From the FIRST sentence:
"The public must fight government secrecy in every instance,"

Further proof that dogs can't read. :)


Good observation, Dog.
His comments remind me of this :

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LOL! So true.

Tool Box

Hey Redfern, take me to your leader.


I can't believe the Republicans have tried to pull such a thing. If the Democrats tried this, the Republicans would be all over them.

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Where are the right wingnuts to condemn this?


Re: "Where are the right wingnuts to condemn this?"

Where are the lefty loonies to oppose this:

One lone Dem Senator is against it.

To the lefty loonies: Democrat spying GOOD, Republican spying BAD. :)


Kimo you are sooo right. The county that I vote in had only 15% of the voting populace vote in the last election for state governor. We get the government we deserve.


More support for spying and secrecy from the loony left.

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was booed onstage Saturday when she said former government contractor Edward Snowden broke the law by leaking classified documents on National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs."



We are effed if Nancy Pelosi has any say in anything. I can't post the things I'd really like to say about her. It wouldn't make it through the filters.


One of my favs from the botoxed stoner:

500 million people will lose their jobs every month.


Give it a break. It doesn't matter what your political party is. Transparency should be the norm.


Re: "Transparency should be the norm."

Good luck gettin' it from the Republicrats.

Reads like the scales might be fallin' from your eyes.


I hope you have a time machine to wind the clock back, eriemom. Transparency is way long gone.


Eriemom understand that some are old & bitter. Plus they've been married a few times. (That means they probably don't cooperate on anything)


Ha! Playing good with others is a thing of the past. Since we learn the skill at such an early age I'm always flabbergasted when I see the negative trait in adults.


Re: "Ha!"

So agreeing with your comment about the lack of transparency regarding national and state security from BOTH political parties is NOT "playing good with others,"?

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Ever notice his comments on women? All derogatory.


Two points of contention from the Declaration of Independence:

"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance."

(IRS, NSA, FBI, DEA, et al.)

"For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:"

(The Patriot Act & NDAA)

Why did our ancestors fight a war against tyranny only to have their progeny place the populace into its clutches once again?


Last I checked the dems passed the extention of the Patriot act and wrote and passed the NDAA. And now some claim that the repubes are the ones against transparency? Seems to me both are painting the windows so that light won't pass through. It is what happens when federal gov't grows beyond control, from BOTH sides.

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Do you even know what the NDAA is?


Too Funny!

"Russia Just Played A Cruel Prank On A Bunch Of Journalists, Who Are On A Flight To Havana Without Edward Snowden"

Only the Kool-Aid drinkers swoon and faun over "the greatest president," while much of the world laughs at the bumbling, stumbling Pres. Obama.

Truth or Dare

Ah yes, and according to Ms. Napilatano and the DHS, on the topic of Cybersecurity the government needs the help of the private sector for this "experiment" for better cybersecurity protection. It was pretty much stated that if they don't volunteer for this "experiment", they will be forced.

Caught a lecture, again on Cspan's Public Affairs. It was presented at the Philadelphia Library by a journalist by the name of Jeremy Scahill. He is the author of "Dirty Wars - The World is a Battlefield". Take some time and listen, especially those that like to play the finger pointing blame game. He made an interesting statement regarding our 2 party system here in the U.S. and where responsibility lies for change.


There are very few things that need to be kept secret where government is concerned, and even fewer at the state and local level. Unfortunately, the government at ALL levels tends not to agree with those of us who believe that. Just as there are those who will, every single time, take advantage of opportunities for power and money, there are those who will, every single time, take advantage of secrecy.

I'm glad to see Redfern AND Gardner agree on something that's this patently obvious and important. Now if we could just get those in Washington to do the same! Say whatever else you will about Mr. Snowden - at least he brought the issue to the fore, and plenty of Americans are now seeing just how far their government is going because, since it was all secret, it COULD!

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snowden is a traitor.


If you haven't heard of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) you should do a little reading. This little group secretly draws-up legislation for passage in the State of Ohio.

The following Ohio leaders are members:

House of Representatives

Rep. John P. Adams (R-78)[1], State Chairman[2][3] and Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Member [4]
Rep. Ron Amstutz (R-3),[3] Communications and Technology Task Force Alternate[5]
Rep. Marlene Anielski (R-17), ALEC Education Task Force Member[6]
Rep. Peter A. Beck (R-67), ALEC Communications and Technology Task Force Member[7]
Rep. Terry R. Boose (R-58), ALEC Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Member [8]
Rep. George J. Buchy (R-77) [9]
Rep. James Butler (R-37), ALEC Health and Human Services Task Force Member[10] and Communications and Technology Task Force Alternate[11]
Rep. Timothy Derickson (R-53)[1]
Rep. Anne Gonzales (R-19), ALEC Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force Member[12]
Rep. Cheryl L. Grossman (R-23), ALEC Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force Alternate[13]
Rep. Brian Hill (R-94), ALEC Member[14]
Rep. Matt Huffman (R-4), ALEC Civil Justice Task Force Member[3]
Rep. Ronald Maag (R-35), ALEC Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Member[3][15]
Rep. Kristina D. Roegner (R-42), ALEC Education Task Force Member[16]
Rep. Cliff Rosenberger (R-86), ALEC Communications and Technology Task Force Member[17]
Rep. Barbara Sears (R-46)[1], ALEC Health and Human Services Task Force Member[18]
Rep. Gerald L. Stebelton (R-5)[1], ALEC Education Task Force Member[19]
Rep. Michael Stinziano (D-25), ALEC Communications and Technology Task Force Member[20]
Rep. Louis Terhar (R-30), ALEC Member[21]
Rep. Andrew M. Thompson (R-93), ALEC Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force Member[22]
Rep. Lynn Wachtmann (R-75), ALEC Health and Human Services Task Force Member[3]
Rep. Ron Young (R-63), ALEC Member

U.S. Representative
Sen. Bob Gibbs (R-18) [3]


Sen. David Burke (R-26), ALEC Health and Human Services Task Force Member[23]
Sen. William P. Coley, II (R-4), ALEC Civil Justice Task Force Member [24]
Rep. Randy Gardner (R-6) [25]
Sen. Kris Jordan (R-19), ALEC Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force Member[26]
Sen. Frank LaRose (R-27), ALEC Public Safety and Elections Task Force Member [27]
Sen. Bob Peterson (R-17), ALEC Member[28]
Sen. William "Bill" Seitz (R-8), ALEC Civil Justice Task Force[29] Co-Chair, spoke on "Saving Dollars and Protecting Communities: State Successes in Corrections Policy" at the 2011 ALEC Annual Meeting[30]
Rep. Joseph W. Uecker (R-14)[1], ALEC Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force Member[31]

Darwin's choice
Darwin's choice

And, more from the liar in chief, for you Big Dog......