Wage battle to save bearings factory

Jun 15, 2013

Excerpt: If there is an effort to save the KBI bearings plant from being driven out of business, then it's a quiet gathering working below the radar. We're not sure a strategy without publicity can work and we're troubled by concerns workers and  retired employees of the former New Departure factory shared after a labor contract was signed earlier this month. They said they feared this contract could be the last one at the factory that for generations was the No. 1 employer in the region. 

The auto industry dominated the local economy for six decades, but as the plant at Perkins and Hayes avenues potentially winds down, with wages now considerably lower than in years past and a work force considerably diminished in number, there is no fanfare and no effort we can discern to save it from extinction. 

New Departure was a General Motors property before it was Delphi and before it was KBI, but it's fate was perhaps sealed when GM shed it and the previous contracts and Delphi bankruptcy hog-tied its future. 

Plant workers clock-in and clock-out every day without any job security  It appears now the clock might be ticking away to the final days for KBI workers and their families. The employees and retirees said they fear  the new contract — which primarily extends the wage agreements forged in courts over the years — will be the last one. The contact expires Sept. 14, 2015.  

We'd like to see a coalition of leaders — including U.S. senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman and U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur — develop a strategy to wage a very public campaign to preserve this factory. That same team might also examine what needs to be done to secure a long-term agreement to keep Ventra Sandusky, the former Ford plant on Tiffin Avenue. 

The jobs at KBI and Ventra are important to our local economy. Losing one or either of these factories will be a major blow to our communities and school districts, and it would create a hole in the economy and a void in opportunities and the way life has been lived in this area for more than 60 years. 

This is a battle that should be waged.



AJOliver winner. Winnie loser.


Actually they are both right, the US does have the highest corporate tax rate in the world at 35% but lobbyists have gotten rules written into the tax code that allow those that are in favor with whichever administration is in place (insert D or R) that allows them to pay a much lower tax rate while those not in favor with whatever party is in power pays a much higher rate. Explain how GE (Jeffrey Robert Immelt, Obama Job Czar and GE CEO) earned 14.2 billion world wide in 2011 and paid ZERO in taxes? And there are examples of the same occurring to Bush allies as well. Political allies always benefit when "their guy" is in office.


Re: "paid ZERO in taxes,"

The highest marginal tax rate for corps should be 0%.

Example: Dividends are taxed TWICE. Once at corp level THEN again at the individual level.

In fact, corp. taxes are pass-throughs and added to their product or service costs.

The end user ULTIMATELY pays the taxes.

Why do you think the not-for-profits are the one of the fastest growing segments of our economy?

Corp. taxes promote financial malinvestments in our economy.

The Big Dog's back

Double bullspit.


^^^ "Double bullspit." :-7


I have been non profit for a few years now, still pay 52% income tax to the IRS and the checks seem to get cashed. LMAO, rethinking windmill factory, or maybe design and patent the newest and best PMM!


@ 2cents:

I worked for NFPs. We had a saying:

We're NFP, but we're not for loss either.

Saw where Siemen's is pulling the plug on their solar project:


Good luck with the PMM! :)



It seems from these post that alot of you have taken big decreases in pay to keep a job. But you still have a job. Thats a good thing. Wish you were making more but at least you have a job. My biggest question would be " How come the schools want more tax money from you". Do they not know you took a wage cut to keep a job. Why dont they try that approach?

Yellow Snow

Automotive workers were/are probably the largest contributors to taxes. As we've lost this base, all schools need to face this fact. Seems like everyone wants to complain about what automotive workers make. We've all made concessions, we've all learned to do with less. It's a beautiful thing to see your kids have the best for 12 years in school, but we've all had to minimalize. Support your local workers.



They need to be FORCED to go out and find other jobs without UNION EXTORTION.

Typical UNION SCUM complaint:

"WHERE ELSE AM I GOING TO FIND A JOB PAYING $30 AN HOUR, get paid for 8 hours, but only work 7, doing a job that somebody from LOTT INDUSTRIES could do it is so simple"

HILARIOUS how the UNION SCUM whine about not being able to find a job anywhere else paying the EXORBITANT WAGES THEY GET thanks to UAW EXTORTION of the company through WORK STOPPAGES, WORK SLOWDOWNS, VANDALISM, SABOTAGE, and of course VIOLENT CRIMES AGAINST management and "SCABS"

IF THEIR "SKILLS" are only worth $20-30/hour when the UNION is extorting the company then THEY ARE NOT WORTH WHAT THEY ARE MAKING

If these UNION SCUM have such valuable skills, other companies should be FIGHTING TO GET THEM


Re: "Thanks to his union contract, I will have good health insurance for the rest of my life."

Gotta ask: Where do you think that the assets which fund that health insurance and any retirement pay outs are invested in order to help provide those benefits?


These retirement benefits were to be funded by the company in lieu of a higher hourly wage. That money was to be invested and protected 100%. The government decided to allow corporations to use up to 30% of the accumulated funds to support and grow their business. The companies seldom repayed the funds.


Like my Dad told me in 1956: "If Americans keep buying imported products they will buy themselves right out of a job". "They won't even be able to buy imported products without a job".

You can't put all the blame on unions. The job losses in the RTW states down south were caused by greed.

The Sam Walton business model is the norm today.......

We went from "Union Brothers" to "Associates"......


As long as other countries are allowed to dump and we have a trade imbalance, America will be at the mercy of the governments that control our economy.

end of story....


We will however have large debates about "public records" and "police reports".

While we "debate", the Japanese and Chinese will keep using the profits from America's trade imbalance to buy up more of this country.


@ Kimo:

Good to read that in your mind that unionism and protectionism will solve ALL the economic problems of the U.S.

History tells a different story.

The Big Dog's back

Capitalism has failed.


Decossackization, I guess my grandfather picked another wrong place to move to then :(


Do you have an alternative? If so, please elaborate.


^^^ “bullspit.” - The Big Dog's back, 6/16/13 :-7


Kimo wins. Then there is also ran. Thirdary description on Webster's.


I will buy an American made car when the parts in it come from America. The last American made car I purchased was 35% made here. A Honda Accord is 75% made in America. Why can't the big three do that?


Toyota Corolla is currently the HIGHEST US COMPONENTS PERCENTAGE

The "American" car with the LOWEST % AMERICAN COMPONENTS?



Current and former private AND public union employees shouldn't get too comfortable regarding their "guaranteed" "lifetime" health and welfare benefits.

"A plan to cut pension benefits previously thought sacrosanct for 30,000 workers and retirees may tip Detroit into bankruptcy as Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr negotiates over $17 billion in debt and obligations."

States like IL and CA are also in DEEP funding trouble.


Why isn't Pres. Obama RUSHING to his union allies aid????


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