Sandusky just plain rude

Jun 11, 2013


There are several concerns about the way city officials rejected a proposal from the county to consider the Erie County Office Building at Columbus Avenue and Washington Row as a potential home for a new Sandusky City Hall. 

The city ignored the invitation without so much as a reply, a telephone conversation or a short chat with county commissioners. 

Nobody at City Hall can say who made the decision to reject the offer; what factors led to it; or how the decision was made. 

Nobody at City Hall — it appears — asked for cost estimates, or estimates of the potential savings there might be when compared to the cost to maintain the current City Hall and add a new courtroom to the building at 222 Meigs St. It seems fiscally irresponsible to city taxpayers not to ask those questions.

But the fact the city offered no response — not so much as an acknowledgement of the invitation — is just plain rude. Rudeness, unfortunately, has become a too-common way city leaders respond to questions, especially difficult ones requiring thoughtful and detailed responses. 

Someone at City Hall — we don't know who — should address that.

The rudeness is the public face of city government; the deeper problem is the compromised and dysfunctional decision-making process the city has adopted. That dysfunction, we fear, will handicap Sandusky's future for years if it is not addressed or is allowed to fester and continue to deteriorate.



It is because 90% of the people at the City Level (elected and not elected) are in over their heads. They did not understand what they were getting into when they jumped into their jobs or positions. Now that they are there, they are afraid to make a decision.

It would not matter if they said yes or no to this or any other issue. Either answer would be seen as wrong by either this paper, Sharon Johnson, or one of the many other monday morning quarterbacks in this town that always seem to know better after the fact.

Face it, this is the Sandusky we live in now. A Sandusky where inaction will be the only action. A Sandusky where its leaders feel that the best way to deal with things is to ignore them out of fear of having their names attached to an actual real descion. Obviously, it is not the correct way of doing things, but it is the city we live in now.


Caint say that about Cole and Poole.


Moving in with the county would not be a good idea but that is beside the point. The problem is that a suggestion was made by the county and the city commissioners claim they did not discuss it with each other or in executive session, how odd. All seven commissioners ignored the county's correspondence and never discussed it or even gave Ard direction to even write the county to say no thank you? What are the odds of that happening? I wonder how much behind closed doors of business is really going on. The public was not even aware of the correspondence going on with the county to the city if it had not been for the paper releasing the information to the public. The news blockage coming from Meigs Street is very serious. There will be no good come from it all. It will eventually catch up to the commissioners because they are in charge and directing the city manager and orders are coming from them and them only. Not communicating with the public or the newspaper is disaster in the making and only time will tell. If the city is doing right by the public and it is forth right in what they are doing, they don't need to fear the newspaper or anyone else for that matter. Inaction is not an option and we shouldn't have to live with the circumstances presented to us.


Ard is your problem. She has no clue.

J Cooper

We get it for the umpteenth time of rehashing the same story line. The City Of Sandusky never ever does anything correct and what ever two Erie County Commissioners propose is always the only way.


Theres one thing that might be the reason for the city not responding
Does anyone remember when the county filed to evict the city from the sandusky city complex to make room for the County dentention home ?
well that could be coming in to mind and that could be why the city has failed to talk to the county .At least Thats what I am thinking anyhow , That and a lot of egos at both levels


There are several really valid points here, but the most salient are these:

1. It's immaterial whether the City says yes or no to an offer from the County. The POINT is that they should actually SAY yes or no! There are doubtless reasons to go either way; those should have been discussed and an answer provided. "Rude" doesn't begin to cover the lack of response here...!

2. If Ard ISN'T the problem, she's doing a darned fine job of LOOKING like the problem! Her non-answer "answers" to questions, combined with her nonsensical scribbled notes on crucial issues (remember the budget talks, anybody?) don't bode well for the City, and lend a lot more credibility to the notion that she is, indeed, at least a big part of some of the difficulties the City currently has.


I vote to go to an elected City Manager. OOOPS we tried that.

sandtown born a...

I seem to recall reading that the offer was never actually valid, just another way the county commission slaps the face of Sandusky city commissioners. The space really wasn't big enough, didn't have the correct layout something along those lines. Was I dreaming or was this talked about???? We all know the way things work in Sandusky do we really need the county commissioners to point out the obvious?

Matt Westerhold

There was never a review of the offer or conversation of any substance by city officials to make any determination about anything. It was never determined whether it was a good fit or how much would be spent or saved by making a move and what kind of structural changes might be needed. Your suggestion there never was a valid offer is incorrect. There was an invitation to have a conversation. There was no response from the city.

J Cooper

Why would the city respond to a vague offer without details, oh I forget because it made the county look good at the expense of the city, knowing full well it was not a feasible proposal. Was this the same offer that would have moved the city police outside the city limits, and scattered city departments in various locations, who thought that was a good idea? If someone suggest to you to jump off a roof, do you need to respond?

T. A. Schwanger


Julie R.

Off topic, but has there been any word yet when the Erie County Clerk of Court's is going to get records online?


They claim to be working on it. In the meantime, at the courthouse there is now public access where you can search, view, and print digital records. The digital files are not ... complete.