Spend less there, more here

May 26, 2013


Excerpt: Erie County commissioners Bill Monaghan and Pat Shenigo both promised to run the county like a business if voters elected them.

It's a promise both men have kept.

Every business looks for ways to reduce expenses and improve services, and it's smart that county leaders and elected officials are doing that. Commissioners are right to pursue further cuts in operations expenses across the spectrum of county services and elected offices.

Spending less on operations and more on improvements is the right formula for Erie County. Sewer, waterlines, facilities and other various infrastructure improvements are a never-ending need and investing more taxpayer money in these endeavors is an absolute necessity.



The Register gives the impression it's a one man show. Pat Shenigo. Why do we need Bill Monaghan? Pat has done everything.


Too much news about Erie County and not enough of what is going on in Sandusky. The only time Sandusky makes it in the paper is when there is crime to be reported. The Register needs to stop doubling up on their reporters sharing one reporter between Erie and Sandusky. The reporter only has time for Erie County.


Is Tom Ferrell alive? You only hear from him during election time and if there is something involving a union question.

I know how to save $50,000. Eliminate the ghost commissioner.


Ferrell is alive and well, trying to serve Erie County. But, Shenigo and the Register are running the County.



How is Mr. Ferrell trying to serve the county? Please expound on your answer.

Does Mr. Ferrell vote on any motions? Never see a unanimous vote or a negative vote.

Are you sure he is alive?

Julie R.

Why does it only give the name of 2 county commissioners? Isn't there 3?


These are not the droids you're looking for.