Waterfront proposal has merit

May 27, 2013


Excerpt: The city has allowed the Sandusky Bay Pavilion (former Surf's Up) waterfront property to be neglected for a decade.

We can't understand why there has been no action from city commissioners to put this property into a condition city officials and residents can be proud to own.

The decrepit state it has been allowed to be for so many years makes it difficult to expect the city can enforce its own building code and residential standards for property owners when it cannot even properly manage it's own property. 

We hope the majority coalition on commission can get past the internal squabbling that's been the hallmark of this commission term the last 17 months and give the suggestion BGSU might consider an education center and partnerships at the property with local schools a fair review work in the seach for a solution to this long-neglected problem.



It is a shame we have to rely on BGSU to bail out the park. Sandusky should be taking care of itself and not always relying on someone else to come to the rescue.

Whiskey Tango F...

we were too busy building a beach next to the sewer outlet.


Come on honey, lets go swim in the tampon infested water!

Whiskey Tango F...

One has to admit that a college is an excellent addition to a summer based vacation tourist trap. The housing for students as well as the education would be a great addition to our area. Too bad they didn't get the chesapeake before it became weekly rentals to overlook the... well... lawfirm.


Offer it to a hotel for free with a casino


The best idea I've heard so far...


Sell it. From the Pavillion to city hall. Take the money and invest it. Pass a law that says you can 't touch the principle, only the interest earned. Don't put a bunch of restricitions on the developer as to what he can or can't do, such as keeping the shoreline open to the public. There is plenty of other shoreline areas open to the public. And before Save our Shorelines start their babble about it, if you want it bad enough, you buy it!


Spoken like a true Jon Eyemann Battery Park Marina District Con Project supporter.

Have you ever known the City of Sandusky to invest their money in anything--unless you consider squandering money an investment.

A one time $350,000 return from the energy company was squandered.

We all already paid for it--it's called taxes and grants (also tax money).


Sell it to the highest bidder, no matter what their plans.