Regional gifted school bold move for Sandusky

May 20, 2013


Excerpt: Educators everywhere are finding it is not enough in today's competitive world to simply maintain the status quo in education. School districts must address the needs of a broad spectrum of students. The forward-thinking Sandusky school board and district superintendent Dr. Eugene Sanders have made a decision that will facilitate those needs. As of September, the Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies will be housed in the former Jackson Junior High School, helping some of the area's brightest students to realize their full potential.

While Sandusky schools have had an aggressive program for gifted students for many years, this will be the first time a full-time curriculum for such students has been available in a separate facility. Students from other districts also will be considered for admission with their $5,700 allotted state funding to follow them to their new school.



Great idea. Take the cream off the top of local schools at a junior high level and nourish their brains. Area schools have in place numerous programs for the underprivileged but have not addressed those who need more stimulation because of God's gift.

AJ Oliver

Good move Sandtown - our kids were lucky enough to attend the former gifted program at Glenwright Academy, at Hancock School, and learned a lot. Why do I say "lucky"? Because our kids had parents who did OK economically. And guess what, family income has a HUGE impact on student achievement. NYT article recently said that family income accounted for 95% (!!!!!) of the variation in student achievement.
Quote: (For the math geeks out there, the R2 for each test average/income range chart is about 0.95.)



Do you believe family income has a greater impact on students than a two parent family that values education?


@ donut: He was siting a study, not what he believed. You discuss 2 different variables:
What is the affect of living in a two parent family structure have on student academic outcome?
What is the effect on student academic outcome when education is valued in the home?

In a good study demographics are controlled.



I believe if you do a little research, you'll find an extremely strong correlation with both having a married two parent family, valuing education, and having a higher family income. Those three factors can almost be considere proxies for each other.

In any event, this program will suffer the same problem that kills all public gifted magnet programs. The parents of thuglets who don't qualify will raise a ruckus and claim all sorts of discrimination and threaten to sue, until their kids are allowed to join and ruin the program. Now they're even using the ADA to force their way into such programs.


Why do you always have some negative bs to say? And what case do you see anyone suing to get in . This is not the first time sandusky has done this. Why are you against anything scs does? All this thug garbage give it a rest you have just as many articles about perkins,norwalk as sandusky so give it a rest. Most that come up with this garbage is from perkins and with the drug problems they cant be serious .


The thug reference comes from other posters who commended a program that would exclude them. The problem is that these days, you can't exclude anyone from anything public. Across the country, many people have sued, or made enough noise in public, to get tons of unqualified kids admitted to these programs. In the other thread on this subject, I linked to an article about courts applying the ADA to these programs to force them to accept unqualified kids. Too many of these programs are a waste of time anyway - they just feed gifted kids the feel-good edu-tainment that they are smart enough not to need.


You mean quotas?




thuglets....soo true !! LMAO



Just asking an opinion. What do you believe has a bigger affect on a child's education? Finances or a two parent educational support household?


I think that they are all related. Two parent=two incomes. The greater the income the more resources available.

There is a difference between schooling and education. Schooling is, well, what is learned while in school. Education is what is learned overall. Parents are educators in that they are responsible for there children's learning. Parents raising children in poverty are focused on essentials for survival and many do not know how to educate their children. It is more than just putting your kids on the school bus.

I honestly see no way to solve the problems that we see in our schools until, as a society, we solve the problems associated with poverty. Schools that make a difference are outliers. They provide the resources that normally would be available to children in high economic status communities--health care, dental care, eye care, child care, (notice all the cares) tutoring, healthy diets, safety, transportation, and extra curricular learning opportunities. Think boarding school within a community.



Fallacy # 1 Two parents equal two incomes.
Fallacy # 2 Parents raising children in poverty.... do not know how to educate their

It is society's responsibility to offer education to our children. Whether they or their parents use that resource is their business not ours. God did not supply everyone with the same thinking capacity. It's not society's responsibility to make us all equal. Talk to God.


Fallacy? You asked for opinion. Do I THINK that kids raised in a two parent household do better in school? My opinion is that they do, but that opinion is biased since I raised my sons with help from my husband.

As I stated before, do not confuse schooling with education. It is our society's responsibility to school all of our children. Please do not bring cognitive ability into a discussion about resource availability. IMHO every child should have their basic needs met and an education that fits their ability--challenged, but not frustrated.

I'm not sure about how I feel about segregating students based on ability. I know that the research says that tracking above ability students benefit them. Most of these children are usually gifted in a single discipline or domain. Maybe this segregation will work out, because each classroom may have a diversity of well motivated abilities in each discipline.


Donut, your fallacies are misstated.

Two parents DOES CORRELATE with MORE income, not necessarily 2 incomes. Families with two married parents are economically better off for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that the impulse control, values, and discipline necessary to honor a marital commitment are also assets with respect to earning and personal financial management.

Poverty is largely the result of lack of education, and the education of the parents has a major impact on the education of the child. Those who value education and who understand it are more likely to be educated and thus more likely to be better off financially.

Eriemom, the fact that you are one of many cases that that support your opinion doesn't harm the credibility of your opinion.

Your assertion that every kid should have an education that fits their ability could imply more customized education for each child. This is both impractical and undesirable. Impractical because society doesn't necessarily have the resources, and undesirable because one of the most important lessons for kids is how to adapt to less than ideal situations.

Erie County Resident

I know I will be jumped all over for this.
Since this was Sandusky schools idea, WHY is the state of Ohio funding the entire project instead of SCS?
This seems to me then that it is a state school not a Sandusky school for all taxpayers kids in the area.


I think that there are funds available from state and maybe federal education entities that are strictly related to gifted interventions. I wonder if the Educational Service Center would be a better manager of this program. They are a regional education bureaucratic agency.

AJ Oliver

Well, ahem, as Eriemom suggested, some of ya don't know the difference between an opinion and an INFORMED opinion. What I "believe" has nothing to do with the data that is out there. There are also well-researched studies on the impacts of ethnicity, family structure, and much else on educational attainment.
Look them up - google is your friend.
But for sure stay skeptical. Be especially wary of Harvard economists (like Rogoff and Reinhart) who won't even provide the data upon which their conclusions were based. They made an utterly fraudulent case for economic austerity, and should be fired, but probably won't.
Sorry if I come across as snippy, but it just frosts me when people say that any old opinion is just as good as another. They are not.


Not snippy. I am often accused of being condescending or "snarkey" when others read my work. More likely folks are not reading informational publications, so are used to a narrative style of communication found in all fiction and most nonfiction.


Just say NO in August!


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