Obama's taxing Tea Party tactics

May 16, 2013

Excerpt rom the Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle: If it weren’t so serious, it would be comical to watch the media try to spin the Obama administration scandals the president’s way. When White House spokesman Jay Carney continued Friday to cling desperately to the fairy tale that the administration had not substantively altered the CIA talking points on the Benghazi attack — ABC News has released evidence the talking points were revised 12 times to hide the truth of the attack — some in the media wanted to downplay Carney’s fable.

“Jay Carney has got caught saying something that wasn’t completely true,” liberal commentator David Corn meekly admitted on one talking heads show.

“That’s called a lie, David,” responded Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute.

Even Watergate legend Carl Bernstein quickly came to Obama’s defense after the IRS admitted targeting conservative groups, saying he “can’t imagine” the outrageous and frightening tactic could’ve had the president’s blessing.

Really, Carl?



The Kingdom of the Progressive Messiah is crumbling.


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Oh my, this is just beginning. He is pis--ng off his own supporters with the IRS bit. Overstepping is just the edge of this bit, just wait and see my friends. Jay Carney needs to go join the carnival.


He already is in a carnival. He works for the Clown In Chief.


TRUST - that rare commodity that once lost is next to impossible to regain.

Pres. Obama's news conference should be INTERESTING.

Ever notice how "world peace," "job improvement," "housing starts," et al. (all the GOOD stuff) are through the hard work and effort of the Messiah-in-Chief?

But when the SHTF, The Teflon President and his cronies like Eric Holder say: Who ME? Didn't know a d*mn thing about it.


Sgt. Schultz Syndrome.


Gotta ask: Where are all the Pres. Obama SR comment section Obama sheeple rushing to defend him?

Other than their 'usual' moronic personal ad hominem attacks – they’ve been MIA.

BTW: Maybe it's time for Pres. Obama to hit the campaign trail and talk about gun control or jobs.

He can probably get in a few more rounds of golf too. :)

OMG: Sounds Chris Matthews has got 'something else' running down his leg other than that "tingle":



Gallup's got Pres. Obama's Approval/Disapproval currently (5/12-5/14) at 47% ea.

The next few days should be interesting.

IMO, his press conference is his ONE shot to ‘perhaps’ redeem his presidency - he had better make it a hole in one.

If he loses the trust of even his most ardent supporters, IMO resignation is the only salvation for the country.

Those who said from the beginning that the "Emperor has no clothes" are increasingly being proven correct. It’s unfortunate that it took some fools so long to realize it.



Teenagers, college students and young or unemployed people always seem to vote Dem. It is great to save the world until they go off to work and see that their paycheck is what is required to fund it. Now that the IRS, the people in charge of taking your hard earned monies is making their own rules like the EPA does, we are in big trouble and as nation playing in a global market we are for sure....

Just saying!



IMO, the problem is that 'technically,' paying fed income tax is voluntary. Loss of trust with the IRS can lead to MAJOR issues.

Without the Rule of Law we are DOOMED as a society and cronyism becomes the order of the day.

With GM and Chrysler (as two examples), Pres. Obama and his cronies showed us that age-old bankruptcy laws could be cast aside and private assets SEIZED and GIVEN to others in order to garner political favoritism.

Darwin's choice

Coasterfan ?? Big Dog ??? Deertracker???? Come on fellows, you're missing a big chance to make this Bush's fault, and enlighten everyone with some kool-aid spiced rhetoric of the blamer in chief's plan to save us all......Hahahahaha!!



Darwin's choice

From another site...
"Last night President Obama made a statement to the country promising to hold those responsible for inappropriate targeting of conservative groups at the IRS. He announced that his Treasury Secretary had asked and received the resignation for Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller. Sounds great right? Wrong. Apparently Miller was leaving anyway...at the end of June. Not to mention, Miller had only been in his position as acting director since November 2012. Six months after the election and two years of harassment toward conservative groups.
In an email to IRS employees, Miller claimed he would only be leaving next month because his assignment would be over.

'It is with regret that I will be departing from the IRS as my acting assignment ends in early June,' Miller wrote. 'This has been an incredibly difficult time for the IRS given the events of the past few days, and there is a strong and immediate need to restore public trust in the nation’s tax agency.'

Accountability! The question now is whether Miller will receive a full pension and how many others will be "held accountable." The real people to be looking at are:
-Douglas Shulman: he was in charge of the IRS as Commissioner until November 2012 and lied to Congress about ongoing harassment of tea party groups
"Yes, I can give you assurances [tea party groups aren't being targeted]" -March 2012" nothing to see here......


Well I guess we can blame Bush for this. Schulman was appointed by Bush.


If the President DIDN'T know what was going on, he's been derelect in his duties (surprise, surprise). If he DID know what was going on (and my guess is that he knew perfectly well), he's a criminal.

If some of these things started under the Bush administration, or were facilitated by powers grabbed during the Bush administration, the Obama administration should have ADDRESSED it, not expanded it! Sorry, Barry, still culpable even if you ARE engaging in the "Sergeant Schultz" defense!

And Eric Holder? Don't even get me STARTED on what I think of THAT felon...!


They will all still vote for him and the Democrats. They want all their "free" stuff.


Exactly. The Moocher Class will ALWAYS pull the "D Lever"


Pres. Obama's 'new' "previous administration(s)" BLAME LIST -

Treasury, State Depts. and Atty. Gen'l position created in 1789:

It's Geo. Washington's fault!

IRS (Dept. of Treasury) created in 1913:

It's Wm. Taft's fault! :)


Wondering if his "jobs tour" is really him looking for a new job...


Dear Register Editor,

Yo do realize the ABC news story by Jon Karl was not based on actually what was in the "smoking gun" emails, don't you? That was a fabrication.


News Flash, Pres. Obama lied, Pres. Nixon lied, Pres. Reagan lied,Pres. Clinton lied, Pres. Bush lied. All of you " right wing nuts" and " left wing nuts" are fools. You believe that just because a politician has an "R" or a "D" behind their name it makes them good or bad. Both parties only care about power. These politicians want you to blindly follow Fox News or Msnbc. Pres. Obama doesnt care about the average joe anymore than Pres. Reagan did.


So what do we, as a nation, do about that? Just continue to be happy in the pile and ignore what they are doing to our nation or fix it?

I have the first steps in repairing this country:

1) Delete all political party affiliation from ballots.
2) No person may run for office who has ever been a member of a political party or voted in a partisan election where they had to choose a party.
3) Public finance of all State and Federal elections.

Mr Bean

Yeah, Bucknutty---everyone is crazy except you---I get it----I sure appreciate you taking the time to lower yourself, just to enlighten the rest of us.

Mr Bean



You have some good ideas but there are too many billionaires( Soros and the Koch brothers) bankrolling their own agendas. Politics is all protecting the interest of a few and not the many.


I honestly think (and hope) that as Americans we can overcome the dollars being spent by the Unions, Soros' and Koch's of this land.

But until we present a unified front, that will not happen. With so many people being Sheeple instead informed voters nothing will change.


Obama is angry about Fast and Furious. Angry about Benghazi. Angry about the AP. Angry about the IRS. Let me guess, he's angry about military sexual assault scandal too?


The thugs from Chicago have stepped in it now. They won't be able to extract themselves on this one. Politics in D.C. is much different than politics in the Windy City.


That moment when you realize your unicorn messiah is really just a "donkey" in a dunce cap...


Very well stated!