Perkins school board forges ahead

May 13, 2013


Excerpt: But voters aren't hearing the messages the way Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner and the school board intend for them to be heard, and some residents, so angered by the inside millage switch, have become activists of sorts dogging the district's efforts to gain voter support. 

The board voted last week to try again with a tax levy in August . If it's going to succeed this time around, Gunner, board members and supporters are going to need a plan of action that finds a way to overcome that voter resentment. 

And the vocal residents opposed to any increase might serve the community if they take the time to listen, and keep an open mind, this time around.




It's time that Gunner and the BOE "take time to listen" to the voters! They work for us, not the other way around. We've told them NO three times now.


It's called RAPE. No means NO.


I understand you oppose the school levy, but please don't call it rape. Words have power and shape attitudes. Rape is a horrific, ugly crime. Using the word rape to describe political or economic disagreements reduces what a rape victim suffers to being merely an irritant or a nuisance. Our societal attitude toward rape and rape victims are already poor without further diminishing the ugliness and seriousness of the crime.



How about "terrorism".

A group of individuals who continue to push their radical idealism. The keep trying and only have to succeed once to obtain their goal.

Señor Clown

'Raped' and 'terrorized' both accurately describe how I feel every time the property tax bill comes due.


terrorism = Republican


Get a life.


pissed? dont care.


Nope, not mad. You're just a child.


it's true anyway,

terrorism = Republican


Didn't work this time, did it? Yea', right.


@-Señor Clown
All the crap about Federal taxes don't seem to affect me like the property taxes do.

I agree with you.


If the operating levy would have passed the school board would have immediately started building a new school without the vote of the general public on the building.

The switch of millage months ago has given the school board this power. I will not give up my right to vote to this present group of ego manics or any other group in the future.

Please cherish your right to vote. Don't give them up without a fight.


I suspect that if they would just reverse the millage switch, and apologize to the public, they'd have all sorts of support.


Vote NO! They listen to us, not the other way around!


gunner has turned this into a control issue ! is he really worried or concerned about what is best for the school or just about who is going to win this battle ? VOTE NO !!!


Vote No.


Keep an open mind or OPEN WALLET?


It's pretty obvious what the School Board and Superintendent would prefer! Sadly, since it's apparently an open mind the majority in Perkins are cultivating, they're all too well aware of the behind-the-scenes hijinks (I'm not suggesting anybody did anything illegal, just...not quite RIGHT). And they're voting accordingly. Who could blame them?

I, too, object to the terms "rape" and "terrorism." It's not quite THAT bad! But I'd certainly consider the repeated levy attempts and the threats to be robbery, intimidation, coercion...and as far as I'm concerned, that's not good, either!


"Gunner, board members and supporters are going to need a plan of action that finds a way to overcome that voter resentment."

Strange choice of words. One would expect, under the concept of democracy, with their proper role being subordinate servants of the public, that they would need an altered plan that implements the will of the voters. "Overcoming their resentment" tends to imply that the administration must manipulate the voters into wanting what the administration wants, rather than doing what the voters demand.

Does the Register's editorial board have some sort of a problem with democracy?


Vote No.


It has come to my attention that my blog name has been compromised. To protect my family from undo problems from the superintendent, school board, administration and teachers in the Perkins School system I will bid you ado.

Never fear, there are two new bloggers who have taken up my belief in the right to free speech, voting rights and critical review of the public school system.

Now there's two.


Hopefully the Register didn't sell you out


vote NO[again] & [again] if necessary


So let me get this straight, the voters said NO, over and over. Now they want to try and change our minds becouse they feel we dont know what we rely want. Get rid of Gunner, forget everything that has happen, regain the public trust, Then maybe it will pass. What more BS can they blow, they rely do think the voters are stupid.




Look at the artical about the houses getting torn down in Sandusky. Is this what you want your township to be like. Take some pride in your community. 50 years ago, when Sandusky wasnt good enough for you, you moved. Now you complain about the taxes. Complain about the police levies, complain about the school levies. If you dont have the money to pay for these increases, come back to Sandusky and rent a nice Home. Otherwise, quit being so cheap. You get what you pay for.

Mr. D

You folks don't get it yet. The problem is not the superintendent. The problem is your BoE. Waste of time asking them to dispose of Gunner. He is their hit man. The job of any superintendent is to run the schools as dictated by the BoE and to carry out their agenda. Accept it, you will get a new school. . . They will get it passed! That is unless you get new people to run for the BoE and also get them elected. That is your only hope!


That's only partially true. The BoE is made up of laypeople, whose sense of thrall with vaunted "experts" is very strong. They believe everything he says, because he's the out of town "rock star" they spent so much money finding - he HAS to be messianically right in order to validate that expensive search to find him.

At the end of the day, though, they need to go and be replaced with members who don't fall under the spell.


The arrogance of Gunner and the BOE is amazing. They act like the levy isn't passing because the voters are too dumb to understand the facts. I understand just fine and will continue to VOTE NO!


And that's a fact, Jack!


Suggestion to the Perkins Board of Education:
Switch the "Inside Millage" back to the way it was, then present a levy for new school buildings. It may pass...


Asked and answered. They switched the millage because it failed twice, and now they've just thumbed their nose at the voters.


Hi everyone,

A couple days ago a friend of ours "donutshopguy" put out an SOS. Apparently his family has been pressured by members of the Perkins School staff for comments he has made on this website.

He has removed himself from direct commenting to protect his wife, daughter, son and grandchild.

It's a pretty scary world when those teaching our children threaten our children.

So myself and his friends will carry on his fight to speak the truth and fight for your rights.

First, Did you know this special election for the August school levy will cost Perkins taxpayers about $12,000. Yep, you voted down the levy again and now you get to pay to vote it down again.

Second, the superintendent and school board will threaten you with the loss of "special" if the levy is not passed. This threat is empty. It's just leverage on taxpayers and students to pass a levy that you have rejected twice before. If the threat had any merit the areas for these "specials" in the proposed "new academy" would have been removed. This has not happened.

How about we try a new type of leverage. I suggest the superintendent and school board submit their resignations to be effective if the August levy passes. Now, you have to ask yourselves "is this levy about the kids or about the egos of those in charge?" If it was only about the kids then you would think they would resign eagerly to pass the levy.

Leverage is a strange thing. If used properly the levy passes, the new school is not built without public approval and the kids are not harmed by the threat of removal of educational services.

Thanks for allowing myself and others to voice our 1st amendment rights. Power to the people. Your vote counts. Its more critical than ever.


If this is even close to true, some people need to go to jail over it.


This is the worst part of small town politics. Retaliation. Makes me sick, but doesn't surprise me.

Can someone explain to me why repairing the buildings isn't an option? I understand that renovating isn't a viable option because by the time the facilities were ADA, etc compliant the cost would be near to that of building new facilities. But maintaining the existing facilities and making minor repairs wouldn't require ADA compliance, would it? It seems to me that Gunner and the BOE steered the discussion immediately to exclude that option.


Because Gunner & Co. want their names on a cornerstone. Call it the edifice complex. Overseeing the construction and commissioning of new facilities makes a very impressive entry on Gunner's resume. It's ego, and resume padding.

Regarding the cost of ADA compliance, the private sector achieves cost-effective compliance all the time without building new facilities. The nation's most elite universities manage to educate the leaders of tomorrow in buildings that were built before George Washington was born.