Huron Schools face difficult choices

May 9, 2013

Excerpt: We've stated before in this space we believe each Huron school board member thoughtfully considered the circumstances and voted their conscious on the vote to terminate district superintendent Fred Fox. 

Although the vote was a 3-2 vote to fire Fox, the split doesn't represent a nefarious intention on anyone's part. In the end it was an honest difference of opinion in which each member on either side of the question made legitimate arguments for their positions. 

But that leaves the board, and more importantly, the school district  in a big mess that will take extraordinary effort and diplomacy to pull out of.  Fox and the board members all face the prospect of being entangled in litigation for years to come that will include endless conversations with attorneys and endless invoices from them. 

The best both Fox and board members might be able to do now is to hammer out an agreement to end the litigation.

Perhaps everyone could take a deep breath and ask themselves and each other, "What's it going to take to do that?"  



Excellent point --I sure hope both parties can reach an agreement before it is to costly.


Fox is an egomaniac and out for one thing....what is good for himself ! He cares about no one but himself ! His lying, cheating, intimidation of anyone who questioned him days are over ! All 5 board members & the Treasurer need to follow the Pied Piper right out of town !


No agreements will be reached. Egos have already gotten in the way. Lawyers too.

I still believe a class action suit from the citizens of Huron vs all board members and the superintendent would hasten the outcome and help the citizens recover some monetary loss from this three ring circus.


I must be wearing rose colored glasses..... I've known Fred for over 40 years and when he was a young man, he was super honest and forthright, very admirable. I keep hoping those qualities will resurface
I also believe the OEC will deliver their findings that will help end a lot of the turmoil - until then the 3 ring circus will continue

There you go again

I had a pair of those glasses, too. But then I removed them!


Blame Fox, he should have just left quietly to begin with, his mistress might have even been able to keep her job that way! Why is it that people like him, never want to accept the responsibility for their actions? It is a shame that the board members who were doing the right thing by the taxpayers and the school system, bringing Freddy, and his unethical and disgusting role model behavior, into the LIGHT, are then targeted by lawsuits, etc. Isn't that what we elect them to do? See that the school district is run by a responsible and ethical Super? Someone the district can be proud of? He and his good old boys, feel they should be allowed to do what they want, without consequence and that everyone else should pay. IF he had been doing his job, instead of getting one, none of this would have had to happen in the first place! Really, what taxpayer, or underling, wants to pay an underhanded piece of work like him to lead their children? I am still baffled that there is even an argument about this. Oh yes, it is Huron, and he is in deep with them, right? He should be ashamed, and if he ever cared about the school system, as his cronies claimed, then he would do what is right, and go elsewhere. Take your two goons with you. Might doesn't make right, much as it has always served you in the past. Are you hearing me now Fred? Once a bully, always a bully. I am all for class action, DonutShopGuy, meet you there.


Well said !

Truth or Fiction

It is unfortunate that wrong decisions were made from the beginning. The entire mess could have been avoided had the board excercised its right to renew or not renew the superintendent's contract. No contract - no employment - no lawsuits! Instead, it became a public specticle. Parties made it personal, accusations were promogated, and lawyers got involved.

I don't live in your district but I hope this mess can be cleared up before the innocent get hurt - your students!


Contract doesn't expire until 2014.

Tsu Dho Nimh

It would be wonderful if we could sue Fred and perhaps two of the board members. There has been years of back scratching between Fox and Caporini and Caporini has made a lot of money off of the schools. If I hear how he has donated more than he ever sold one more time, I think I will puke. Look at the records of his donations then look at the purchase orders and checks paid to Huron Cement over the years. It is disgusting! Fred signed purchase order after purchase order after purchase order. The maintenance department has bought a Dirt Devil sweeper, laundry detergent, ant spray, clorox wipes, mops, and a boat load of other items from Huron Cement on just one purchase...$2,499.82! It was about time someone (in this case 3 people) stood up to the crooks.



Please check with the Huron board office. TDN listed FACTS and the receipt mentioned DOES exist as do many others. Ask for PO#1200850 and check number 088832. Get your facts straight before removing posts due to libel!

Julie R.

Buy cleaning supplies at a cement company? Wow! That must have cost triple, if not quadruple, what it would have cost at Meijers or Wal-Mart. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why certain ones supported Fox!


"...Doesn't everyone buy their dirt devil vacuum, laundry detergent, clorox wipes, step stools and mop buckets at cement companies?..." <<< Tsu Dho Nimh

Why not? I've bought a lot stuff from my local cement company.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I hope you are joking. I don't recall seeing the items mentioned sitting on the shelves in the store when I have been in there.


No, I'm not joking. Even though some of the items may not be normally stocked they can be special ordered in case quantities and probably at a good discount. Talking about discounts, a lot of folks seem to have discounted the excellent record Fox has had with the school system over the last decade--I was looking over his history in the online pdf the other day--it's pretty impressive.


"... excellent record Fox has had with the school system over the last decade--I was looking over his history in the online pdf the other day--it's pretty impressive." <<< DGMutley


25.7 MB pdf


As a taxpayer, I respectfully ask that our superintendent have both an excellent record AND intregity. I don't think that's asking too much.


I appreciate your thoughts on integrity. In other words, an affair is something that we can't get past?


An affair in which email, which is subject to public records requests, was used to send inappropriate (and frankly disgusting) messages on taxpayer time...not to mention a 3 day irrelevent conference used to off-set a 7 day vacation...not to mention accepting free golf from someone who is argueably a vendor...not to mention intimidation of and making disparaging remarks about board members to colleagues. Did you read Lally and McCarthy's testimony, which was completely ignored by the ODE? Its not just one thing DGMutly. It's many things. Maybe its just me, but I think we should expect better than this.


I understand the many things. Is it just too much that we can't get past it?


Yes, I do we believe we can get past it. But give him his job back? I've yet to hear him acknowledge any wrong-doing. What I've heard is deflection and intimidation. As far as I can tell from the testimony, the only thing he has admitted to is having an affair, which isn't even what this is about. The community will get past this. The school system already goes on.


The motivating thing about mistakes is they give us new opportunities to do even better. Fox is a good manager. I think it is foolish to let him get away. I suspect that he recognizes the mistakes. I think there needs to be a confidential dialogue between him and the board. It’s worth a shot.


There WAS a confidential dialogue between him and the board - last Spring before the report was released. Did he admit mistakes? Who knows - it was confidential. If he recognizes he's made mistakes, he should approach the board with that recognition, rather than with lawsuits and accusations of defamation. A good manager inspires the people who work for him. Two very respected administrators came forward with serious issues, and they were very afraid of reprocussions when they did it (read the testimony). So how good a manager was he, really? I'm thinking there is better out there that can be fiscally responsible, trust-worthy, AND respected by those who work for him.


"The evidence in this case overwhelmingly established that this District is in very good shape in all areas that permit measurement of a successful school district. The Superintendent's leadership abilities must be given serious credit for this success. …" <<< Harry H. Taich

There should be an executive session between the board and Fox with the goal of reinstating him rather than terminating him (spring meeting).


I guess this is where we agree to disagree. I just can't imagine overlooking all the behavior and I think better leadership and trustworthiness should be expected, and is out there. Nice sparring with you!


We're getting closer to solving the "Jimmy Hoffa" mystery lol


Mutley, you might want to check out the itemized bill. I can go into Drug Mart and buy the majority of the items cheaper than the price afforded to the school and not have to wait for my special order to arrive. Here's what confuses me. Mr. Owner said at a board meeting (which is on video tape) that his business has never sold directly to the district. Wonder how this sale and many others took place? Do you have an answer?


I'm sure you are right. I've never special ordered case quantities from Drug Mart. I'm not sure if they are in that type of business. I have from the cement store though. I wouldn't consider these types of items biddable; more hassle than it would be worth. Much more convenient to order it from the cement store. My opinion.

I don't know about the owner's statement. I would think it's possible that he wasn't aware. What would be his motive for not acknowledging that he knew of the sale(s)? I'm sure he stands on his pricing.


I would gladly trade our board and Gunner for your board and Fox.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I hear Fox is looking for a