Sandusky is not a charity case

May 6, 2013


Excerpt: It seems to never change. Wasting taxpayer money has become a way of life for Sandusky's city government, with little effort to explain and almost none at correcting the problem. And commissioners repeat conversations — from moving City Hall to whether the Keller Building on the waterfront should be demolished — for decades with little capability to manage change or plan for the future. They nurture a blighted future.

And it seems, every few years a commissioner comes forward with a bright idea to get charitable donations to prop up their favorite causes. A few years ago it was commissioner Julie Farrar's grand vision for a rec center, and more recently it's commissioner Jeff Smith's charitable donation to partially fund a $40,000 downtown parking study. 

Last year Cedar Point donated $50,000 to make needed upgrades at the police department, repairs and maintenance the city ignored for years. 

Earlier this month the Wightman-Wieber Foundation agreed to make a charitable donation to pay half the cost of making some repairs at the former Surf's Up waterfront property, a world-class city-owned property the city has neglected for a decade like a slumlord.

The waste adds up to big dollars — money that could be used to address real problems — to improve the quality of life for residents. 

Leadership requires fiscal responsibility and planning, but that's not how this city government functions. 

Operating government by propping it up with charitable donations is not leaderly. 

It's embarrassing.



I love Sandusky - the Sandusky of 1933, and that one is gone forever. I'll never return. If I did, it would break my heart.


Shame on the city for allowing certain elected officials to get what they want by knocking on the foundation's door for hand outs to get their project moved ahead of the line.

Matt Easterhold

JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS is what this area needs! Not seasonal work and minimum wage jobs. The SR leads the way in criticizing everyone, but they are just like the local govt......clueless, meaningless and ineffective.

Matt Westerhold

You might be projecting. 

Matt Easterhold

Projecting the truth maybe. This is a small town with amateurs running the place and amateurs reporting the news.

Sandusky won't be fixed until we merge with Perkins and knock down half of the city rentals.

You think filling the local paper with police logs and sticking your nose up in the air makes a difference. Unfortunately this paper is how the area stays in touch with what is going on, and all this paper does is point fingers and accomplish ZERO.


Sure, Easterhold, by all means, EXPAND the blight by dragging Perkins down with the city.


I think Easterhold protest too much. When you mess with tax dollars, you need to be held accountable. The citizens are going to have a say in what goes on like it or not.


Actually, it's encouraging to see the city do things with money given VOLUNTARILY, rather than with forcibly confiscated taxes. Maybe if more initiatives required voluntary buy-in by those with a proven knack for economic success, there'd be fewer boondoggles.


Blaming the SR for Sanduksy' problems?? I'll just guess you are still blaming Bush? Sandusky's main probem is similar to those of Cleveland, Detroit, etc. Electing and running the same old show and expecting different results.
Win or lose they report on all area sports teams, tragedies (local and national), upcoming events, etc. My question would be: Just name an example or two of something good that they have missed? I'm sure they would enjoy reporting on more positive topics. Everyone will rush to smoke, like that on Cleveland road, but how many people rush to see something positive?


It's still ok to blame Bush but to blame SR for Sandusky's problems is not smart.


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But keep holding out your hand asking for "donations" that doesn't make us appear to ignorant huh?