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May 5, 2013


Excerpt from the editorial in today's Sunday Register:

Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer, detective Sean O'Connell, coroner John Wukie, county prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt, Sandusky County special prosecutor and defense counsel Dean Henry and Sandusky County judges John Dewey and Barbara Ansted and court administrator Brock Kimmet all seem to have contributed to an apparent credibility gap surrounding the multiple investigations of the death of Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012. 

That taint continues to this day like a stink that won't go away.  
But Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth, chief deputy Jared Oliver and the Castalia Police Department displayed professionalism during the protest and exhumation of Jacob's body from the Castalia Cemetery on Wednesday, like a beacon in the midst of the muck of dysfunction Sandusky County officials created.
They represented the Erie County law enforcement community in a powerful way.   
Sigsworth successfully and compassionately managed the peace during the protest and the upsetting exhumation that followed, and the respect he so obviously felt for the family and the community was a fine moment of leadership, from a true leader.
You made us all proud, Sheriff.


Simple Enough II

I guess everyone has their view of this mess. I bet we wouldn't even be having this discussion if the coroner hadn't marked the death certificate as suicide by accidental self inflicted Gun shot (not sure proper wording).


The elephant in the room question:

Was Jake's life insurance denied because of a suicide disqualification clause?

No disrespect intended. Just wondering.


Turduckenbreath, yes. That money has been looooong gone no matter what happens now. The family has made it crystal clear that they will not come out of this with any money. For anyone that questions that, imagine how much it costs for an exhumation, autopsy, and full time lawyer for a year. They don't give a damn about money. If they do successfully sue for damages. Jacob's daughter will be the only beneficiary.


Keep the coals hot, SR. This kind of corruption has to stop.

(No-one can tell me that Henry hasn't told Wukie behind closed doors, "You screwed the pooch on this one buddy. We'll be diggin' for awhile and you'll be lucky to come out neck high.")

Julie R.

For a county as corrupt as Erie County is ~ where a good share of the public officials are a real threat to society ~ it's refreshing to see a true professional like Sheriff Sigsworth. Makes me glad I voted for him.


How much does Sigsworth pay the register to always keep him in the good light. Hey register, do a story on how he treats his employees and other agencies. He only cares about his image and doesn't give a damn about anything else. He does't care about the safety of his officers or the public, only keeping a positive image for himself. He would throw any officer under the bus to promote himself......ask around!!


SR is always being accused of throwing law enforcement under the bus. Now they are being accused of always showing the sheriff 'in a good light'. The point is, you cannot make everyone happy at once. These blogs would disappear.


I agree. All we have heard during the limberios case is how the register is anti law enforcement and now all the sudden they are being paid off to shed good light in law enforcement?
I don't know the sheriff personally but while my cousin was in the Erie county jail my grandma went down to the sheriff to discuss his case and he treated her with respect and honesty. He never acted like he didnt want to be bothered with her concerns even though he wasn't the one investigating the case.
I don't know how he treats his employees but he seems to care about the public, which is a good thing!

Julie R.

Sheriff Sigsworth treats people with respect and honesty?

Sure is a big switch from Sheriff Lyons. Like his buddy Kevin Baxter, Lyons wouldn't even return phone calls.


I wouldn't even compare Sigsworth to Baxter.

Julie R.

I wasn't. I was comparing the former sheriff Terry Lyons to Baxter.


Sheriff Paul Sigsworth you are AMAZING

Truth or Dare

Self promoting? What, someone or their favorite candidate lose an election, or a job, or could? Had truth and justice been the priority it wouldn't of been suppressed (the action of putting an end to something through force), let alone refused from the git go! There are now what, 4 counties and their officials dragged into this miscarriage of justice! Lest I fail to mention now the Ohio Supreme Court! The residents and their elected/appointed or hired officials within all counties involved should be concerned!

We watched Fox 8 News live coverage on Wednesday morning and then yes, I veiewed it here. I don't know about anyone else, but when I saw that EC's Sherriff Sigsworth was personally escorting Jacob away w/the Fox News heli videotaping from above, I could only hope that they both escorted Jakes's remains all the way to Lucas County and offerred up prayers of gratitude for what he did, and that Fox 8 referred to this as one of their "top stories" and considered it worthy enought to cover.

Thank you SR and Fox 8 News for keeping that spotlight shining! Espeically thank you for all of the legal work posted here to read. Took some time, but well worth it! Same goes for Mr. McGookey! Too Sherriff Sigsworth and the Castalia PD, thank you for your voice of reason and compassion shown too the family and friends.

It's a big mistake in thinking us "commonfolk" out here aren't capable of recognizing COLLUSION (a secret agreement between two or more people for an illegal purpose) when we see it, and coming from the bench makes it that much more of a travesty! I for one will be sending off a letter to the Justices of the Ohio Supreme Court on behalf of the pleas made by the Limberios family.

Julie R.

That was an excellent comment and I agree about Sheriff Sigsworth.

On the flip side of the coin, don't kid yourself that Sandusky County courts are the only ones involved in "travesties of justice" because Erie County isn't one bit different. In fact, I would be willing to bet that not even the Sandusky County courts are as bad as the ones in Erie County.

They're all a bunch of jokes if you ask me.



Great compilation of evidence.

From the Justice For Jake page.(PS. unless you are a very fast reader, keep your mousey on the pause button.)


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