Fremont Reservoir fleeces customers

Apr 30, 2013


Excerpt: Water customers will be paying for the mistakes for decades. 

"We anticipate that this will cause an increase in rates beginning in January 2014," said Fremont Mayor Jim Ellis, who did not oversee the project or take office until January 2012, after the snags and snafus that led to more than $46 million in cost overruns were set. 

We're not sure there's anything Fremont water customers can do to offset the anticipated rate increases except express their outrage.

Cost overruns are not uncommon in private industry or for government projects. 

But a five-fold cost overrun — from $8.6 to $45 million — is unusual even in most worst-case scenarios. 

If the city government hasn't already reviewed this to identify where the breakdown occurred that would allow this to happen, the next big project is likely to have similar result. And if residents don't demand accountability, nobody, likely, will be held accountable. 



Public oversight with no accountability.

Happens everyday on the local, state and federal levels.

When will the taxpaying public say enough?

Good 2 B Me

It is happening in Perkins right now. The School Board AND the Trustees. If you or I did it, it would be called criminal.



Do you mean the switching of millage and the elimination of public vote on school buildings?

Taxpayers in the Perkins School District must vote no on the upcoming operating levy or they will sacrifice the ability to hold a check and balance with the school board and superintendent on buildings for now and the future.


No-one seems to notice that this city's, this county's, this state's and this country's infrastructure is failing. We wait for a disaster, then fix it. Frip maintenance. Collateral damage.