Don't dig, step aside

Apr 25, 2013


Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry plans to have Jacob Limberios' body exhumed next week so the county can conduct an autopsy despite objections from the Limberios family.

But the time for the county to have ordered an autopsy was March 2, 2012, or even later, in the weeks and months that followed during which his parents, Mike and Shannon Limberios begged Sandusky County coroner John Wukie, and other officials, to order an autopsy. 

Jacob's family and friends don't trust Sandusky County officials. They don't trust the current "investigation." They question whether it is a search for truth and fear it is might be a quest for a version of facts — plausible at least, perhaps, even if not remotely feasible — that county officials hope will allow them to walk away from their responsibility, run from accountability, and declare victory. 

We find it difficult to disagree with that mistrust. 

In 14 months, Wukie has not spoken a public word or provided any explanation for his decisions. He never examined Jacob's body or visited the home where he was killed. Wukie ruled Jacob Limberios' death a suicide that might have been accidental after talking to deputies in a phone call just hours after he was killed. The incompetence of that ruling is a reflection on the entire law enforcement community, especially, but not limited to, Sandusky County law enforcement. 

Sandusky County officials should step aside and allow a competent agency to take over and conclude this investigation. Local officials should do that before a particle of dirt at Jacob's grave is disturbed again as a result of their incompetence. 



Whether he steps aside or not, they still need to do their own autopsy.

mhs parent

Kelly, they can do their own autopsy, they have had a tissue sample that was shared with them when Jacob's parents paid to have a Autopsy done when the County refused to do their own months ago. Until they at the very least send that sample to be tested (which they also have not done) digging Jake back up makes no sense. Sandusky County has done nothing but drag their feet and try to brush this under the rug for the past year. Now that they are under pressure and I personally do not trust them! All of this could have been avoided had they done their job from the get go. Now they are just being cruel in my opinion. It has been hard to and watch the Limberios Family go through what have have over the past almost 14 months. They are good people and no one deserves to be treated they way they have.


Kelly Point Blank ThEy Didn't Care To Do One Before They Deemed His Death A Suicide But Now They Know Their Nuts Are About To Roast On An Open Fire They Have To Find A Way To Cover Up Their Mess! every Last One Of TheM Should Lose Their Jobs And Another Law Enforcement Agency Should Step In Better Yet BCI Should Just Take Over, Investigate It As A Murder Because It Sure Looks And Smells Like One....Listen To The Interviews Conducted With The Other Teens, That Girl Changed Her Story Many Times And One Of The Boys Was So Full Of Carroll Even My Eyes Turned Brown!!!


Every word does not need be capitalized to get your point across, Brainiac2007.


I stopped reading after "point blank." It doesn't matter what they were saying if they can't type like an adult.


Carroll = crap


And it's obvious that they will, Kelly. Regardless...


WHEN im typing ON MY PHONE it does that for some reason, if you don't like the way I type then don't read it, that type of immaturity is not hurting my feelings one bit.. Someone that shallow obviously isn't adult enough to hold the type of conversation this case needs and im sure not the type of conversation anyone wants to hear, and you would definitely not hold the type of opinion anyone cares to hear. So have a blessed and wonderful day :)


Get a new phone or learn how to operate the one you have. The way you type is not socially acceptable.

Kottage Kat

Don't get upset, luvsblue doesn't like the way I type my comments either. Just go with the flow and bloom where you are planted



@luvblues2 --- tHe WaY yOu CrItIqUe EvErY lItTlE ThInG sOmEoNe PuTs On hErE oR AnY oThEr CoMmEnT sEcTiOn Is NoT SoCiAlLy AcCePtAbLe ! get a life. obviously you haven't one. how she or any other commenter is spelling or "proper capitalization" she is simply stating that she obviously cares and is suggesting ideas JUSTICE4JAKE.. it is not appropriate for you or any others to come on here or any other page as in the poor kid that got hit by the train -- seriously these are both families that are struck with the most unimaginable grief.. and you come on here and state negative things about the victims or criticize the grieving or others being supportive.. COME ON - ITS TOTALLY INAPROPRIATE!