Sandusky city commissioners balance the budget

Apr 2, 2013


Excerpt from the local editorial in Tuesday's Register: At its March 25 meeting, the Sandusky city commission spent about 10 minutes reviewing the $16 million 2013 city budget. They pronounced it "balanced,"  approving it in a unanimous 7-0 vote.

The budget does not include payroll, however, for a city engineer, a city planner, an assistant police chief, a general services director, an IT director or pay raises in union contracts spelled out.

It's been 10 years since the city closed the Surf's Up wave action pool but the cement pond remains, filled at times with stagnant water. From the sky it can look like a giant un-flushed toilet along the city's beloved waterfront, with it's world class view, a testament to broken government.

That — and many other chronic problems the city faces — likely won't be addressed anytime soon without a staff, or a plan equal to the challenges.  

But we're glad it's a balanced budget, don't get us wrong. Even the appearance of being responsible is better than not caring one way or the other. 

A balanced budget is a balanced budget. Now let's keep it that way by reviewing the expense-revenue ratio monthly, and listening to the city's lawfully appointed and volunteer finance committee.  Their dedicated and professional work on behalf of taxpayers should not be ignored by the city manager, or city commissioners. 



The budget is balanced at the moment but will it stay balanced? Who knows what the year will bring.


God willing and the creek don't rise, it might be ok. If not, the commission, Ms Ard and that finance committee will have to deal with it, won't they?


Somebody needs a dictionary. "Balanced budget" is NOT defined as "balanced if we leave stuff we already know is imminent" out of the calculations!

Meanwhile, I'm sorry, wiredmama222, but you're wrong. The Commission, Ms. Ard, and the Finance Committee WON'T have to deal with an unbalanced budget. WE will. Those parties will at least be sure to do THAT much!


@Sam, I sit corrected. LOL. What I mean is, it should be their responsibility....but then again????? I guess that word isn't big in the vocabulary of those within the controlers of the city vocabulary these days now is it? Seems that being a team at city hall is more like "every man or woman for themselves" and see who can deflect the responsibility the fastest.


Prediction:: By 2016 the budget will be balanced with a $6 million carryover balance leaving only the 7 City Commissioners and the City Manager on the payroll. All other employees have either jumped ship or been fired.

The $6 million carryover will be necessitated by costs associated with the Keller Building demolition and environmental clean up, a new $2 million downtown parking garage and a new $5 million downtown City Hall/Justice Center.

Thanks for looking out for the taxpayers Smith and Farrar.


well then you just jump right in there and you run to replace one of the seats that comes up for election in November and show them how it is done. Since you know all this, I think you would make a GREAT city have the answers AND the experience of having done this already. Go get 'em. You know what needs to be done, go do it!!! We have your back!!! Go for it. You can just pop right in there and take a seat and show us what needs to sit things right. Come on, we will all root for you. You got MY vote. I was going to run but since his darn heart attack and my lupus, I don't know if I will be able to by November, so YOU are the best shot we poor folks have out here.

Run, by all means, you have so much going for you and you always have the answers to everything.


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