Sheesh, make police chief decision, already

Mar 30, 2013


Excerpt from the Sunday editorial: Like many in Sandusky, we're disappointed and impatient with the long delay appointing a new police chief. It's been more  than five years since the department had a permanent leader. Only in Sandusky, perhaps, could that happen.  

We're disappointed, too, that the search process was mishandled, cost much more than it should have, and that most Sandusky city commissioners were oblivious to the expense, the charter violations and other shortcomings that occurred. City commission's majority coalition appeared unconcerned with the integrity of the process. 

We're also disappointed that current acting police Chief John Orzech's leadership and accomplishments and his value to the city seem to be overlooked or under-appreciated. 

It's time for city manager Nicole Ard to make a decision. 



Hire the one from Bellevue!


10 to 1 they are contemplating whether they should do another affirmative action hire or go ahead and hire the white guy permanently.


Don't hold your breath. This manager is incapable of making any kind of decision. Everything is always in limbo. Her management style is strictly crisis management. She waits until she is in a crisis and then she starts to manage it. I hope Orzech doesn't become a pawn in all this. His job is being eliminated so where does that put him if he doesn't get the job?



1. Don't panic.
2. It's time to panic.
3. Do something even if it is wrong.
4. Go into damage control mode.
5. Blame someone else.


From my vantage point, and I'm certainly NOT infallible, the only people who don't like Johnny O. are the ones on the other side of the law. John has a stellar reputation and his integrity is intact. If chosen, and I hope he is, he'll make one fine Chief. I've never heard a disparaging remark about Mr. O. He has worked through the ranks; he knows the job; he's not political; his record is clean & he's been a good cop. That's just my opinion...right, wrong or otherwise.

Licorice Schtick

Just two words: Peter Principle

J. Hartman

Ditto fiddle!


I thought this decision was made when it was announced that John O was the new acting chief. So now there IS NO decision? Come now, what is the hold up this time? The commissioners or someone else who must put their seal of approval on this decision? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life. First we have two commissioners who rant and rave about the decision because no Perkins people were on the "chosen list" (despite what they said later), then more money wasted to fulfil another search, then a long wait for this "acting chief" decision. NOW WHAT? Someone else can't decide? Who's holding up THIS ONE? Just give it to the acting chief and move on. At this point, who cares anymore?

T. A. Schwanger

What long wait? Acting Chief Lang retired two weeks ago. Lt. Orzech was named Acting Chief because the decision on a new Police Chief has not been made.

We all should care

To read the ICMA Study on recommended improvements to the Police Department, go to the City's web-page and search ICMA Study. Sandusky needs the best possible candidate to implement part or all of the ICMA recommendations


I am sick to death of hearing about that stupid study. Did LANG impliment it? Did you buds down at that commission? Seems to me if it is so darn important, why did NO ONE do anything about it in all the time they have had it since Nuesse? Because no one cared to. Using the excuse that it was to be done by the police chief is getting old really quickly. What did you call the "acting police chief"? Seems he was paid as the police chief, why not be one and do something about that study? Instead you and others do nothing but bring it up like it was a bible. Not one person as acting police chief or any city commissioner has done much with it, so why not? Because they are waiting? For what? So give us all a break and either do something about it or forget its existence because no one seems to want the responsibility for it.

As for the long wait. Ard named was pretty well stated in posts and in writing from the SR that someone had to make another decision. Where is THAT decision coming from? I believe someone said the commissioners, another said someone in the rank and file from the high ups at the city building. So if Ard named Orzech, then who is holding it up???? Get this over with and be done with it, because quite frankly there are MANY, MANY people out here who are just plain sick and tired of waiting and hearing about the police chief and who gets it. I am NOT ALONE on this one. Many of us wonder who is on first half the time with this government we one wants to be responsible for anything. They just want to pass the buck so they don't have to make a decision and have the buck land on them squarely. Votes will go to the person who has the guts to stand up and say I AM TAKING RESPONSIBLITY. I hope those running understand that is what MOST of Sandusky citiznery is looking for...not this pass the buck and make no decision stuff. We are all tired of. Policitcal speak is going by the wayside. If you aren't paying attention to that, you will surely lose. Plain talk is where it is at, not political ease.




I think Ms. Ard is far smarter and on the ball than most, especially the SR, think she is. I'm confident she'll do the right thing. And NOW that she has the "blessing" of the SR, she can promote Johnny O w/o fear of criticism from them. That may be wishful thinking on my part. Go Ms. Ard! Do what's do have supporters.


Athletic supporters?


@fiddledeedee...How right you are. They want her gone so badly, she has had to take a hit for everything: even things not her fault, but others. On this one thing, she might as well go ahead, she already has and no one seems to realize it. The decision now has to come from somewhere else and they are too petrified of getting the blame to speak up or take the hit. You watch.


All this affirmative action dribble is annoying. I guess because Ms. Ard is black, that means what exactly? It's opinions and bigoted thinking like this that prompted affirmative action in the beginning. Blame yourselves. This woman has taken a lot of heat from commenters on here. If some of you are so unhappy with her do something other than complain anonymously. For those of you that don't even live in Sandusky, why do you care? Especially you DraggQueen!

G George I du kno

She is incapable of making a decision and if she does it will probably be the wrong one! Orzech is the best candidate seeing the other guy has only been a chief at a couple colleges! He isn't ready for the big city!!!


Wait for it, wait for it. The last applicant just bowed out. Orzech is Chief.


Why are YOU so surprised. I remember you saying it would be Orzech from the beginning. Are you gloating or just grinning? LOL

Someone else just has to approve, don't they? Isn't that what you said before? Its someone else's responsibility to give the YES go ahead (two actually) before it becomes official. I remember you telling me so on another post...correcting me about when and if she appointed someone. So now she has....your who now gives the go ahead? Refresh my memory and please do not deny what you said as you where so knowledgable at that time. Please, educate us all on the next steps for John to take over as he has already been named and the charter says two or more.


April fools to you also Wired.

Read the Charter---City Manager appoints--no Commissioner involvement. I've said what many commenters have--if the City Manager waits long enough, the last remaining outside applicant will drop out leaving Orzech in charge by default.


Not surprised. The city fools around so long that this is bound to happen. The city was probably waiting for the guy to drop out so it would make their decision a lot easier--no contest.


Is the police chief required to live within the city?


I think, if not mistaken, that it is unconsitutional for them to make any person working for the city have to live within the boundries. Didn't this come up with someone once before?

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That is true for civil service employees, but appointed "city officials" such as the chief are required to live in the city.


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