Lang: Right man, right time

Mar 21, 2013


We would be remiss if we did not note in this space the departure of former Sandusky police chief Jim Lang. 

It's true enough that during his tenure we were never reluctant to criticize or find fault with decisions Lang made. 

From our perspective, however, the Sandusky Police Department is the single-most improved local agency of government service we know. The community has Lang — and the men and women of SPD — to thank for that.



Thank you SR for acknowledging the efforts of Jim Lang and the committed members of SPD that are helping make our community a great place to live. The continued efforts of our residents to be the eyes and ears of Sandusky is making this transformation possible. Thank you Chief Lang for being a compassionate leader.


Headline says, "Right Man"
Gender bias, or irony,
after Nuesse failed?

J. Hartman

Ditto what Nor'easter commented! SR, I have not been shy or hidden my displeasure in the past for certain articles or reporting methods, but this is a positive step in changing some of those thoughts. Thank you for the positive words for Mr. Lang and the Sandusky Police Department. I do pray this is not a one time deal, but instead the push the ball needed to improve relations/communications between all parties involved! Thank you again SR and a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Mr. LANG for your service! S.M.I.L.E.


I disagree this guy was a joke ...............Always complaining on how many days he had left as the ringmaster of the sandusky circus department!!!!!!!!


Great job Jim. From a coworker from long ago. :)

Kottage Kat

I am going with what mom said.
Have known Jim since 1966, enough saidg
R I P Eunice. You are missed.


Job well done, Chief Lang. Thank you for your service.

Super Judge

Considering what he had to work with I would say he did a very fine job.


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All I am going to say in this matter , is that Lang will be missed and his experance as a law office and his wisdom are above board , and the city should be proud as well as he should be proud of the work he has done to make the police dept as well as the city a better place to live . We still have a long road to go in getting our streets safe for all that want to visit as well as live her
The sity commisson could take some notes from Langs play book and use them in make desions about the city and our future