Ard challenged by Sandusky budget and finance committee

Mar 17, 2013


Members of the city commission's appointed finance committee have told city manager Nicole Ard to put a the city's 2013 budget plan in writing, but she has not done that or provided the committee with budget alternatives should revenues not meet the projections. As one committee member said, her current revenue projections assume every day will be a sunny day during tourist season and Cedar Point will have the same record attendance it did in 2012. 

Excerpt from Viewpoint editorial in today's Sunday Register

Committee members also want to know Ard's Plan B budget should their be some rainy days that result in less revenue, or other factors occur that result in revenues below the sunny projections Ard has forecast. But she hasn't provided a Plan A, or Plan B, or any plan the committee will accept, and it has refused sign off on the disjointed balance sheets she she did provide.       

City commissioners too will have difficult choices from among the mishmash of information. The commission supervises a handful of charter employees, while the city manager is in charge of all other employees. Commissioners cannot make an informed decisions if they aren't — hmm — informed. 

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Yet the commissioners haven't done a performance evaluation on her? They need to remember being the "boss" doesn't just mean privileges, it also means responsibility. And she and they clearly aren't being responsible!

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They're in a bit of a bind there. In order to establish their progressive authenticity, they made a concerted effort to hire someone who belongs to two protected classes, and now, with the memories of the Nuesse drama still fresh in their minds, they're terrified to do anything that might bring more such accusations.


What is Anonymous source for this dereliction of duty? Did the SR editorial staff substantiate the claims made? Was N Ard contacted for comment? This is a terrible accusation to just put out there. If true however there is a responsibility to the community for factual reporting.


If Ard hasn't given the committee the budget info they requested more than once, what makes one think she would respond to a request for comment?


It seems to me that she hasn't done her job from the beginnning. Time to go, Ms. Ard.


I think the blame is a fifty-fifty split between the City Manager and the commissioners. Unfortunately, the taxpayers do not know what goes behind the scenes or we could get a better handle on who is to blame for the city not being able to move on with decisions. I believe the search team consultants gave us two years to make up our mind if it was working out with this city manager. If not, they would do another search free for us within that time period. We better be making up our minds this year whether it is going to work or we will be footing the bill for another search, when we can have it done free.


Why is she not fired?


Really Perkins - Why ask this. Until Perkins is absorbed by Sandusky, INOYB.


Tell that to Sharon Johnson regarding her blog about the township hall...none of her business either.


Perkins will never be "absorbed" by Sandumpy. If Sandumpy thought they could do it, they would have by now. Have fun and enjoy your metro mecca.

T. A. Schwanger


Born and raised in Sandusky and following Sandusky politics closely since 1980, I am more scared for Sandusky than ever.

The poblems and termoil runs deeper than the fact City Manager Ard has never held the position of City Manager or that she was Assistant Manager of a small town of 6000. Rather than appoint a City Manager with experience, the Commission chose to hire an individual they could mold to their liking and now it's back backfiring.

When I ask City employees and others outside City Hall who have dealt with City Manager Ard their opinion, most simply look down and shake their heads.

Can the problem be resolved. Maybe, but only by bringing in the City Manager Search Consultants, The Novak Group, to provide an unbiased evalutation of Ms. Ard's performance in reaching the goals set forth when she was hired.


Ms Ard by her failure to provide responsible leadership is making a good case for voting out the city manager form of government. Perhaps the citizens need to elect a mayor who is responsible to the electorate. Our city commissioners have clearly demonstrated there inability or unwillingness to demand that she do the job she was hired to do.


We tried.

Matt Easterhold

Once again the SR boldly attacks the city but fails to aim their weapons of media mass destruction at Perkins Schools. Again, why is the paper not attacking the manipulation and miscontrol of taxpayer money being demonstrated by Perkins Schools??


Why don't you read the Perkins Register instead of the Sandusky Register?


Because Sandumpy is much more entertaining with all of their upstanding citizens.

G George I du kno

The decisions this city manager has made leads me to believe she has no clue what she is doing! I have a feeling her stay in Sandusky is very short lived. Keep up the good work on these corrupt government officials Matt!


T.A.S. you make good points.


Easterhold, probably because your allegations are inaccurate.