Who could lead in War on Drugs?

Mar 13, 2013


Excerpt from Chuick Hoefert's column: After reading President Obama’s 1995 memoir , “Dreams From My Father”, where he proudly describes his marijuana usage in a Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham fashion, here, there and everywhere, it leads you to believe the reason we are losing the war on drugs is because our Commander-in -Chief is really our Cannabisin-Chief.

So, nobody should be surprised that President Obama would decline a drug test because after all, he’s already tested drugs.

So, nobody should have been surprised when Congressman Stephen Fincher from Tennessee introduced the Welfare Integrity Act of 2013 requiring random drug testing for illegal substances for welfare applicants and recipients who receive benefits from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program at the beginning of this month that the Obama administration was against it.

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Sounds like a good read. By good I really mean terrible.


Flashback to the historic Jan. 1995 SOTU speech wherein the three men on the dais, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Newt Gingrich had all admitted to smoking cannabis.

The WOD is an expensive failure, time for another approach.

Testing welfare recipients would be found unconstitutional.

Quit putting govt. in the role of a corrupt political charity by eliminating welfare, and then drugs would not be a taxpayer issue for some.


Actually, Clinton never admitted to smoking. I believe he denied ever inhaling. :/


If you did some research and had some facts, you'd know that most people 'on welfare' are white women with small children. So what you're saying is that all these women are on drugs. However, you're wrong so your comment is irrelevant.

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swiss cheese kat

Colorado did.


Every public official whether it be a government employee, judge, prosecutor or school employee should be required to take drug tests. The war on drugs is a complete failure. If private employees have to take drug tests, so should public employees.

Judges in particular should take an alcohol and drug test before a court hearing.

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I'll take a drug test anytime. Which one do you want me to test first?


And don't forget the public service jobs like police and fire. Many would still blow over the limit when arriving at work in the am--making it possible for some to finally get th DUI's they've been getting away with.

Licorice Schtick

Pretty much every opponent of the War on Drugs has a habit they want legalized.


I would like you to find one case of someone overdosing on weed. Just one, and then I'll respect your words. Marijuanas biggest opponent is the companies that produce pills. Marijuana is as effective/more effective than alot of the man/labratory made prescription pills. People overdose on pills every minute in this country. Never has anyone overdosed from Marijuana. I think that it takes like 2.4 lbs of THC being consumed in under a minute to provide a overdose. Snoop isnt even that good. Good try though.




I agree. Marijuana is a PLANT found in nature which happens to have MEDICINAL benefits. Leagalize it so so much taxpayer money isn't wasted on trying to find it, burn it (joke), arrest people for having it--which in turn clogs up the legal system. Can you imagine how much money could be made if the government sold it and taxed it for consumers?!


Don't forget that the farmers would have another cash crop!


Good point. Hemp is grown in Canada. Why not here?

BTW: Fisker quit. A $500M Obama green dream crashed, burned and died.



@ Licorice Schtick:

Got some facts to back up that opinion?

So maybe another few trillions of dollars of taxpayer money funding the drug enforcement industry will fix it huh?


Heck yea, just throw money at it. It will solve itself!

Talkings hit

Like a divorce.


"Why are some drugs legal and other drugs illegal today? It's not based on any scientific assessment of the relative risks of these drugs – but it has everything to do with who is associated with these drugs."


The Perkins High School needs to be searched next starting with it's band program, i.e. drummers. From what we've heard, there is a lot of drug usage within that program. Just ask a few of the parents that recently caught their kids with it. Pretty large and surprising ring of kids. Good luck on your trip to Florida, PHS!


People (and politicians) can be such idiots...

The War on Drugs was started by Nixon, and it was under the auspices of his presidency that marijuana was misclassified. Nixon's primary beef? Someone somewhere might actually be having a good time (look up Nixon's religion sometime).

Since then, various aspects of government have pretended to FIGHT the War on Drugs (while using it as a method of all-powerful control in reality), while other aspects of government have actively aided the other side for reasons ranging from unaccountable funding to power (again, look it up — start with the annual value of the opium poppy crop in Afghanistan and where the cash goes, as well as Iran/Contra).

I don't like Obama (to put it mildly). But criticizing him for a) smoking marijuana when he was younger, and b) suggesting he can't prosecute the War on Drugs because of it is nothing more or less than could be said about most recent Presidents, more than a few in Congress, and pretty much everywhere else in authority!

No, nobody should be impaired on the job, no matter the substance (drunk 9-1-1 dispatchers, anybody?). At the same time, Centauri's right when s/he says legality/illegality isn't based on safety or even efficacy. If we REALLY wanted to put a dent in the War on Drugs, we'd legalize them and focus on treatment for those needing it/wanting it. But no, that might actually reduce crime, add to the tax base, free up prison cells for the truly dangerous, enable law enforcement to secure our borders and go after REAL criminals, etc. In other words, it'll never happen.

Thanks, Tricky Dick! Your legacy lives on. (Don't get me STARTED on the probable Obama legacy, okay?)