Stand with Perkins students

Mar 13, 2013

Excerpt from the editorial in Tuesday's Register: Perkins High School students learning French have been united in their interest in saving the program.

“If the only class left is Spanish, where does that leave me?” Junior Karla Camargo said. “Academics should always come first.”

We agree.

While the school board says it is inevitable some cuts will need to be made regardless of May’s levies, we stand with Camargo and all of the other foreign language supporters in defense of those vital academic programs.

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'“Academics should always come first.”'

Then cut money from the football team. Or better yet, get corporate "foreign language" sponsors. It works when schools want to build new, expensive sports stadiums.

Talkings hit

Excellent point.


Every teacher is passionate about their program and believe it is important to the students development. I fear that if each area starts to promote each programs as being more important than others it will have a negative affect. Also, extracurricular activities are important but all need to go before any academics.

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You can always take French at Firelands while still attending HS. Just an option if you are in a pinch for the course.


Another option is to learn French online or buy software to learn French at home. Ohio provides high school students to test out of taking classes.
"Ohio’s system of credit flexibility gives students new and innovative ways to earn academic credit, including the option to test out of a class by passing a rigorous exam or performing specific skills to demonstrate mastery of that knowledge."

I am curious about those trips to France. Who pays for the trips and expenses?


The students' families pick up the expenses of the trip, including expenses.


The students' families pick up the expenses of the trip, including expenses.


Maybe they plan on having the French class in the new football stadium. I know they wouldn't put sports before education!


More child propaganda..."Stand with Perkins students"... does that mean if a levy fails residents are against students?

Talkings hit

I think it means that WHEN the levy fails, we should look for ways to finance education instead of luxuries. It seems like a good idea.


Yes...that's exactly what it means. Don't try and tell yourself otherwise. If the levy fails, Perkins residents are less concerned with their childrens' education then most other communities in the county and state based on a measurement of local tax effort. It's as simple as that. Sorry to shatter your bubble of denial.


This is their mantra isn't it? You're either FOR US or AGAINST US. There are a lot of reasons people might not support the levy: 1) economic reasons based on job loss; 2) economic reasons based on limited income - senior citizens; 3) disagreement with the funding structure; 4) disagreement about the spending priorities of the school district; 5) disagreement with the BOE and their style of leadership; 6) political reasons; 7) etc., etc.


Exactly right! Vote NO


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Really, with all of the Border Patrol around Sandusky, there is still a drug problem? Amazing!

Matt Easterhold

It amazes me how hypocritical this paper is when it comes to Perkins and Perkins schools. The Register constantly pounds on local governments and their spending when it comes to taxpayer dollars, especially SCS and the City of Sandusky. Perkins Schools has shown the most irresponsibility when it comes to taxpayer dollars and deserves to be critized as harshly by this paper as anyone else.

It makes you wonder how many staff members have children in the schools or whatever advantage they would gain by not burning Perkins Schools at the stake as they would others.

I also wonder why the issue of MERGING with Sandusky hasn't been raised by the Register. Seeing as the Register is so concerned with taxpayers money being used correctly, you would think they would be the leaders of a merger campaign.

Why does this area need 2 police dept's, 2 fire dept's, 2 city service dept's, 2 road crew's, 2 city hall's, 2 schools systems, 2 school boards, 2 superintendents, 2 administrative offices, 2 high schools, 2 top of the line football stadiums that are all basically ACROSS THE STREET FROM EACH OTHER??

Perkins keeps sticking their hand out wanting more?? There is a high school across the street with better facilities and curriculum(if you don't believe me check for yourself, SCS has many more advanced classes, college credit classes and vocational studies than PS)

I'm just saying there should be a stronger drive in this area to merge together, and I'm just curious as to why this paper isn't the ringleader in this?


I couldn't disagree with you more. SR beats the crap out of Perkins: Carol Smith; the Waters and the bullying law suit; the $100million campus headline; not to mention them pounding the merging issue for more than two years (which you forget would INCREASE Perkins taxpayers by greater than 50% while SCS would reap the benefits). The only Love SR has for Perkins is all the drama it causes in this blog. They do everything they can to stir the pot.

Matt Easterhold

Don't forget the teacher at Perkins who had a relationship with a student, SMCC also had a teacher do this. But these are separate from the budget issues in which I brought up. The Register loves putting articles that will cause a stir in their comment sections, this is evident in how they comb through the daily log's to find amusing items.

Everyone gets beat up by this paper, I'm simply stating that the huge failure by Perkins Schools to operate within their budget is ignored by this paper. Which is odd considering that this paper especially loves to beat up local municipalities over their spending habits, you can't deny this.

There is no way that a merger would increase your taxes 50%, you must of been told this by Perkins. Remember they would rather lie to you to keep their high paying jobs than merge and lose their jobs. Both schools would lose jobs, but it would provide better service and schools to the whole area, not just Sandusky. But we wouldn't want to do that now would we?


SR reports news stories that generate interest. That is the job of the newspaper. They have not delivered strong editorial opinions on the Perkins Schools for a few years.

A few weeks ago, the SR published an editorial that was little more than a restatement of the facts regarding the controversy about the facilities report, the Health Department involvement, etc. Despite significant interest in the bullying lawsuit, they didn't address it from an editorial perspective. Despite the controversy regarding FRMC purchasing naming rights, the SR didn't publish an editorial criticizing the school district for that. They have written that the benefits of merging should be strongly examined, I wouldn't call that a pounding of the merger issue. The fact that you feel so strongly that they've pounded Perkins and other posters feel so strongly that they haven't suggests that they are problem maintaining some neutrality.


But Perdusky, Ohio, Blue Pirates doesn't have the same ring to it.


@Matt Easterhold, Perkins keeps sticking their hand out wanting more?? Sorry..... But, check your facts like I have. Although I am a student, I can do research... Perkins has not asked for any money since 2000. The board has stated that a financial levy should have been asked for 5 years ago. Although I might not agree with Dr. Gunner (a lot of the time), He has stretched our budget for the 5 years he has been here... Also, I don't agree with the money handling throughout the BOE. But as a rule of thumb, some of the decisions that the board has made has made Perkins stay afloat without asking for money for 13 Years...


At the last attempt to pass the levy, I believe the wife of the previous publisher was heavily involved with Perkins Schools. A one half page OPINION article was scribed by the usually FACT based future's, stock options and general business issues writer supporting the levy in a SUNDAY SR paper. Just saying.

I agree, merging school districts in such close proximity should be considered.


For the sake of the students, VOTE NO!

Truth or Fiction

The students are once again caught in the middle. As a community, we have a responsibility to them as they are our future. While I don't agree with all of the BOE and Administration moves, I do stand with and for the students. I will VOTE YES come May 7.


Here here Truth or Fiction!!!! Thank you personally for doing what you think is right for the students!!! :)


Stand with the students and VOTE NO!


How is it with us? I go to PHS Everyday... Levy failure hurts us.... We (The Students) all want the levy to pass.!.!.! So how would voting against the levy be standing with us?!!?!!?


Stand with the students and VOTE NO!


I AM A STUDENT!!!!!! IN CASE YOU CANT FIGURE THAT OUT....... You're certainly not standing with me or any of my friends or class mates.......... Just an FYI.....


Stand with the students and VOTE NO!