Huron Council should consider pay increases

Mar 12, 2013


Excerpt: We were disappointed a few years ago when the Sandusky city commission declined to place a charter amendment on the ballot recommended by the city’s Charter Review committee to increase the pay rate for city commissioners. They earn about $100 a week now, and that pay level is simply not realistic to the job duties of a city commissioner.

In Huron, city council members Brad Hartung, Trey Hardy and Thomas Solet have proposed raising the salaries for council members, for much the same reasons, and for one very important one: Better pay will lead to a better field of candidates.

We hope Huron residents will look closely at the proposal and consider the value in it. While some will decry pay raises for council members, we think it’s important to remember the old adage “you get what you pay for.”

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That's funny, I bet everyone of them knew what it paid before running for office..Shame on you guys trying to do good for your community but wanting more from them.


Pay increases when economy is tanking and cities are cutting back and employees are going without raises. Bad timing for these guys to ask for a raise. They are to be setting examples. Government ceases to amaze me. I think I would be looking for new people to run for their seats.

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So, it is the judgement of three who were candidates under the current pay scale that the current pay scale condemns the city to inferior candidates.

Think about that.

Yes, I know, logic is hard.

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Most people that run for these offices consider it an opertunity and they have real jobs!

That is unless you are living in DC, then the real job is politics.



Well that didn't take too long for all of the know-it-alls to get on here and comment. $100 a week equals $5200 a year. Most high school sports coaches make more than that in a season. I would imagine that more people would be interested if the money made it more worth it. It is always the same people on here that cry when someone else gets or may get a raise and they didn't. And darkhorse, I think you meant the government NEVER ceases to amaze you. I would suggest to all of you bloggers that think you are just God's gift to solving all of the problems to run for office and fix everything for us. Please!


Blaze, well said!!!! Would love to see all the negative people that CONSTANTLY comment & know it all run for office & "set an example". They can't because they are too busy spending their precious time degrading others!!! All three council members mentioned above absolutely deserve a raise!!


If there ever were a shortage of qualified applicants I might understand this proposal. There are plenty of city residents that would love to serve the citizens of Huron as a council member for the sole purpose of making the city a better place to live and work and not to just collect a paycheck. I don't want someone on council that is doing it for the money. I still can't believe these three members have the audacity to ask other city employees to take a three year pay freeze, (which they did), and now want to ask for a pay increase for themselves. Disgusting! Enjoy your position while you have it because you won't be getting my vote next time around.

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The Hero Zone

Speaking for the pay of Sandusky commissioners only, I agree that it would be nice to see some kind of raise over $100/week as the work they do (or should be doing if you don't believe they are) is worth way more than that considering the amount of grants and other programs they draw in and administer. Considering your relative loss of privacy, too, it is a huge lifestyle change for $5,200/year.

Let's say I decided to run. While I would put my heart and soul into the job for very altruistic reasons, the amount of money I would lose being distracted from my business would outweigh what I could bring in from the city either putting me out of business or making my city work suffer since I can't put time into it. When I can't even pay my rent for the (effectively full time) job I have at city hall, that is saying something.

So the point is it expands the margins of candidates who want to help but can't overcome that income gap from whatever else they could be doing. I want to help Sandusky in a leadership role, but I also like having a place to live and gas in my car. Whether you look at it from one political side of the aisle or the other ("only rich fat cats can run since they can afford the lack of pay" or "s/he's just using bigger government to his/her own advantage for extra income elsewhere") there almost can't be a way for thoughts of some kind of doubt to creep in even if we don't want to think negatively about those who serve the city.


The first thing about it is, one has to know their limitations, HZ. I would not run for any office anywhere, for even hamster catcher. Why? I know my limitations and they certainly would not meet the publics expectations.



Well stated. That's about as open and honest as you can make it. I appreciate the well meaning thoughtfulness and effort by many of our local politicians, but most are in, well over their collective heads.