Recovering from addiction

Mar 9, 2013


Excerpt: People's attitudes, and even the attitudes of local state and national governments, to some extent, are changing. The arrest-them, jail-them, release-them and do-it-all-over-again approach of our criminal justice system that punishes addiction and the crimes associated with it is not effective and not productive. In some way it encourages a cycle of despair and hopelessness, and crime and punishment is the single-highest taxpayer expense across the spectrum of governments. 

We believe Erie County Health commissioner Pete Schade's hope to establish an inpatient treatment clinic is a worthy one. We believe it is an expensive proposition — but a wise investment — and a better opportunity and alternative to the lock 'em up, release 'em later with no treatment approach currently dominant in response to problems associated with alcohol and drug addiction and issues of mental health. 

Either way, taxpayers spend money. Investing in people and in their recoveries is a better approach.

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So, it sounds to me like Mr. Schade doesn't want there to be any consequences to doing drugs (which is illegal). No jail time, just an inpatient treatment (which we all know who will pay for). Will this include the people who are caught driving drunk? Why don't we just pay for inpatient treatment for everything that we can control. I would love to go to a spa for losing weight and have it paid for. After all, for me food is an addiction. The only difference is I had to eat to survive. These drug addicts don't have to have the first "hit".


Peter sounds like a whiny liberal.


I will never vote for another health levy. I always used to do it for the good of all people who couldn't afford care, then every time a levy passes Mr. Schade gives himself a hefty raise. No more of my money. I'm broke.


I too was duped...Never again

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Translation of this editorial - go ahead, use drugs, get addicted, run your life into the ditch, and we'll forcibly confiscate from productive members of society the money for which they've worked, and use it to make everything better, ensuring you don't EVER have to face the consequences of your choices.

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swiss cheese kat



i wonder whose backyard this facility will end up in ? not pete's. you can count on that. that's why they are being tight-lipped about what property he has in mind. not with my money !!!!!

Erie County Resident

Yes the prison sytem is very costly.
Why you might ask.
Well the liberal crybaby mindset made it so it isn't a prison but more like a Holiday Inn resort complex.
Lock them up 4 to a cage, let them out for an hour a day in an excersie yard to walk in a circle then shower. No more college, tv, trade schools, special meals, or any other extras that COST a lot of money.
No more unlimited legal resources to clog up the court with non-stop stupid appeals and run up taxpayer funded lawyer fees.
Way past time to stop rewarding the criminals by allowing the mental crutch used by them. It is obvious they are mental or they wouldn't have done the crime.
When they get sentenced they serve it, no more early release for any reason.


addicts can surrender themselves at the hospital,announce they are addicted to Heroin, crack. pills, and they will be transported to Toledo, to start a substance abuse program now. They will be given a perscription for medicine to help them be repelled [get ill] from those drugs, now tax payers need to babyset them too. We cant afford it, stop telling us we have to do this, stop the tax happy dance for everything under the sun.

nothing new

FYI: They may have done that for a few ppl..but that is NOT routine. Especially if ur uninsured. They call frmc mh and recovery and have u set up appt and release u. I've worked there and that is not how they do things. Rehabs monies are allocated for their counties resident s. Unless they are court ordered or insured. Erie county has a serious drug problem that needs addressed. Unfortunately addiction is so powerful with a huge failure inpatient rehab is not the best use for tax dollars. Prevention is the best investment


Well, I say ship all the addicts to Siberia and then start cutting the "mule trains" in this area.