Dog killing spurs change

Mar 2, 2013

It seems to us the question must be: Is shooting a dog and allowing it to die slowly the proper and appropriate way to respond to a loose dog call?

It's not.

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Sandusky police chief Jim Lang said on Thursday he is developing a training program for officers in how to handle loose dog complaints. That's good, but there are legitimate questions whether it's appropriate to even have police officers in charge of loose dog complaints, given the enormity of the usual and important responsibilities officers already have. In the past, dog wardens and animal control officers were assigned these responsibilities, and were trained in the tasks.

Sandusky city commissioners are likely to claim budget constraints forced them to eliminate the job. But the city has a $15 million annual budget, and we're convinced there are still responsible ways to spend taxpayer dollars that have not been explored, given the waste that is ever present in the city budget.

We're glad Lang has decided to develop better animal control response practices. This incident should be viewed as an opportunity to correct bad practices; not endorse them.

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BW1's picture

Only one problem, father, the dog wasn't trying to attack people. If a dog that size had tried to attack the postal worker, the postal worker wouldn't have walked away.


i thought postal workers along with police were supposed to carry pepper spray?

i guess a 9mm glock is a much better dog deterrent.

hey when the little brats are running around outside throwing rocks at cars can i call officer didley do (whatever the doofusses' name was) and have him put a slug in 'em?


what are you 15?

oh yeah, sandusky. 15 and a father of 1. it makes sense now.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Paying your dog at large fine doesn't in any way pay the salary of a dog warden, does it? Just curious. Everyone wants the dog warden to come, but Ms. Hansen hasn't paid her last fine, which may in turn go to funding the dog warden.

looking around

To all you CCW permit holders, take heed this is all to do about a cop shooting a dog he felt was a threat to him and used deadly force. If you feel you are threatened and decide to use deadly force be it against an animal or a human this is what you will be faced with......think about it.


So glad Officer Brad did what he did, he helped Sandusky.

swiss cheese kat

What if a man in a hoodie tried to bite the mail lady and then ignored the officers request like the dog did, would it be ok for the cop to shoot him too?


Would not be the first time a guy was shot for wearing a hoodie!

BW1's picture

I'd be more comfortable around the dog than around someone in a hoodie.


As an owner of a 107lb Doberman, I am aware that I must take more precautions than an owner of a 30lb mutt. I am aware that my dog is large and powerful. I know that he would do nothing more than lick a person to death, but the perceptions of dobermans spark fear in people. I keep my licensed, micro-chipped, neutered dog under my control at all times. Not for fear that he may hurt someone, but for fear that he may get hit by a car. I fear for his safety, not the safety of others. I have invested time, money and love in my dog and it is my job to keep him safe.


I agree with you 100% However, if your licensed, microchipped, neutered dog/family member gets a little naughty do you want him shot dead!?

BW1's picture

Police puppycide doesn't just happen to big scary dogs:

Cumberland County, North Carolina:(

Gizmo, a 17.6-pound Pekingese-dachshund mix, was shot Wednesday by Deputy Barbara Siau, a nine-year veteran who works in the Child Support Enforcement division, said Debbie Tanna, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office . . .

or dogs running loose:

Dog caught on catch pole, dragged out of owner's garage, THEN shot - warning, video is disturbing

Oh look! here's a dog that was under 40 lb. AND tied up, whose owner had done NOTHING wrong:

It's a national problem - just ask the US Dept. of Justice

We need law enforcement that is less dependent upon firepower and more dependent on broad public consensus that the laws being enforced are reasonable. We need law enforcement whose equipment and tactics resembles those of London, UK more than some banana republic run by a totalitarian strongman. If we can't accomplish that, maybe it's time to call off the whole experiment begun in 1776.

Rod Farva

Why don't you just move to the uk then, that way your next dog can be billy clubbed to death

Father of 1

Bw1: I am curious. We're any of us there when the dog allegedly chased/attacked the mail carrier or neighbors? Was there a video the paper published on said events? Not thinking there was. So if they say they were chased/attacked by vicious dog (Lucy) I will have to believe that's true since the dog was in fact not fenced in or chained up. Also the dog was roaming around and did in fact seem uncontrolled when the officer got out of his cruiser. Then when he followed the dog around the corner that dog lunged out. So....... Since dogs don't speak English I will side with the mail carrier that the dog posed a threat. Thank you again Officer Wilson for doing your job. No one was in your shoes so they don't know what they would have/ should have done.

BW1's picture

Father, we have to rely on the evidence available, combined with our knowledge of the capabilities of the parties in question. If a dog that size, strength, and speed chased the postal worker in earnest, it would catch her. Highly fit humans can manage maybe 12 mph. An overweight dog that size can run 25 mph. If a dog that size and strength had attacked her in earnest, she'd have the marks to show for it. You cite as your basis for believing the dog attacked the dact that it wasn't fenced in. Why don't you pause to examine the inherent syllogism in that?

The dog NEVER lunged. Dogs lunge when they're close enough for it to count - 3-4 feet. The dog was never that close.

I have been in that situation - bigger, provenly more aggressive Rottweiler, bigger scumbag of an owner, and I didn't have a gun. I was a 14 year old nerd, 5'6" and 140 lb.(compare those stats to the officer) The dog had at least 10 lb. on me. All I had was a canvas Cleveland Press bag with about 6 newspapers left in it. How is it I am alive today?

Pastor Ron

Apparently the answer to protect officers from injury from a dog bite is to equip them with Cleveland Press Bags.

Advocate For Animals

Ron...I won't even call you Pastor because no real Pastor would applaud the killing of God's creatures....what is your problem with animals? Why do you hate animals so much that you applaud the killing of them? What's wrong with you?

Advocate For Animals

"Colorado senators to introduce bill to require cops take dog training"

This is what needs to be done in Ohio. Sandusky Register...might be a good idea to do a story on this.

Pastor Ron

I have no hate for animals but I do believe that wild beasts should be killed. That is Biblical.

Advocate For Animals

"Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives." - Dr. Albert Schweitzer


Deer tracker, as I said "it's my job to keep my dog safe".


there are some real thicked skulled people laying comments in here. it's pretty interesting hearing world views from those who probably never left the outskirts of erie county. good to know that the right wing bible thumping gun toting dog kickers still are the majority in sandusky. it takes a real 'big' man to shoot a defenseless animal.

all i know if that officer would have shot my dog he would have got his ass kicked and i would have gone to jail.

Julie R.

"all i know if that officer would have shot my dog he would got his ass kicked and i would have gone to jail"

That's not funny .... but it is.

Thanks for the laugh.

Rod Farva

I hope someone shoots your dog so i can see a dashcam of you riding the lightning


thanks for the comment 'rod'.

'ride the lightning' is that what you officers do on 'ladies' night down at the rawhide?

what a child.

Rod Farva

Where is this "rawhide " place? Sounds like a good time

Peaceful Streets Project - Sandusky's picture
Peaceful Street...

RodFarva is a worthless coward cop who sits on Sandusky Register's forum all day making excuses for other coward cops, all on the public dole. RodFarva is a coward, RodFarva is a welfare queen.


So in a nut shell....the dog is still dead, its still no ones fault the dog was out terrorizing the neighbors, Wilson still isn't in trouble and has his job, SPD gets K9 training (overtime), no new charges, no new laws have been passed, no new animal control officers/dog wardens hired, and peaceful street is calling someone whos been to war a coward from a computer chair in his safe livingroom. Got it.


A Couple of hit's of pepper spray and job completed. Cop wanted to shoot that dog. If he would have open fired a gun in my neighborhood to shoot a dog he would have had a problem. Granted the dog owner's are wrong, but what is this the OK Corral ? Smooth move Ex-lax,fire a gun right at those dog owner's house, thank god he didn't miss. IDIOT