Opinion: Sandusky County death probe lacks credibility

Feb 23, 2013


There are too many reasons — too many red flags — for anyone to be comfortable with a Sandusky County special prosecutor’s motion to seal all the evidence in the investigation of the March 2, 2012, death of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios.

“It is clear to (me) that (the Limberios family) intends to try their case in the media," special prosecutor Dean Henry said after filing a court motion to hide all the evidence from public view.

Even if that were true, it would not give Henry cause to conceal the best facts now available as to how Limberios was killed. The coroner ruled it an “accidental suicide" just hours after Limberios was killed by a single gunshot to the head; evidence brought forward by the Limberios family suggests it was a homicide.


The prosecutor filed a motion to seal all the evidence; the family filed a motion to declare it. Read the motion. Click here for the e*Paper or buy a copy of the Sunday Register at a newsstand near you to learn the latest developments in the botched investigation of the death of Jacob Limberios.

In our opinion, Henry’s motion to quash the open investigation is nothing more than more arrogance piled on top of the incredible and arrogant incompetence Sandusky County officials already have displayed. It’s obvious local officials don’t want the public to know. It’s obvious Henry, sheriff Kyle Overmyer and county prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt do not want an independent investigation; they want one they can control.

And it’s obvious that Judge Charles Wittenberg should order an independent investigation by a competent law enforcement agency. Or the U.S. Attorney should. Somebody should. The excuses for not having one are just too lame they are not worthy of addressing here.

The Sandusky County sheriff’s office — it seems clear — discarded evidence, buried evidence, ignored evidence and accepted incompatible witness statements. The investigation of the botched investigation also includes statements from law enforcement officials one day that don’t seem to hold any meaning on another day.

Henry’s role is itself shrouded in doubt. He’s representing Sandusky County sheriff Overmyer and coroner John Wukie and others involved in the initial investigation in a civil lawsuit, and he’s also been given the duty of investigating them and their roles in the initial, botched investigation.

For all we know, what went wrong is nothing more than the same high-level of incompetence the Sandusky County sheriff’s office has shown before; the same incompetence that led to the killing of a sleeping man by deputies; the same arrogance that caused the sexual exploitation by jail guards of a mentally ill female inmate at the Sandusky County Jail

It’s time for an independent investigation. 


Swamp Fox

I am shocked the Register agreeing with their own biased reporting of this incident, all while the Registers favored attorney is in litigation on this case. Would like the Register to explain how the U.S. Attorney would have any jurisdiction in this case?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Swamp Fox. You're 'shocked.' Pretty funny.

But perhaps you could be more specific with your suggestion the reporting is "biased?" This article is an opinion from the Register's editorial board, so it does contain an opinion. 

With regard to the news reporting, is there something in a story or news clip here at the website in particular that troubles you? Your suggestion the reporting has been "biased" seems too broad to address. 

A prosecutor who seeks to seal evidence and shuts down communication with a reporter is likely to be disadvantaged in ongoing news coverage since he would be seeking to quash that news coverage and not represented in it beyond his refusal to be forthcoming.

That's not bias, however, on the part of the newspaper or the reporter.



Good Job sandusky register! I gotta give it to you guys for sticking to this story and demanding and asking the questions! Sad Sandusky County has failed in so many ways for this family.Even more sickening that Sandusky County is threaten by a newspaper and reporting the facts and providing it for the public to see. A common person like myself can see there is a HUGE cover up and/or lack of them doing their jobs in this case. I just wish a national news station get wind of this and bring bigger lights to focus on this and see how fast the roaches scatter then.. Nancy Grace would have a field day with this.. But I do applaud you for your hard work, dedication, responsible reporting, continuous efforts, fairness,and compassionate you have had in regards to this situation. Please continue to cover this. County officials should not be above the law and they should be held accountable for their actions.


Spot on Register!!! It would appear that the good ole boy syndrom has been caught in Sandusky County from the contagious Erie County!!!


What is Sandusky Co. trying to hide? I'm not all that fond of conspiracy theories, but it seems like something is getting covered up. I lived in that county for half my life. They have strange ways. Also, any effort to seal public record is not acceptable to me.


just my opinion, but I think an investigation should start ALL the way up at the top and work it's way down.


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titanfan, Did you even look at the attachment on this article? If you took even 5 minutes to skim over it, You would think differently. It points out several FACTS as to why that is NOT TRUE.

What a waste

This is exactly why a bunch of immature kids have no business being allowed to handle firearms. And no parent wants to admit their kid killed themselves. Let them spend a ridiculous amount of money trying to justify the death, it is their dime. Guess I'm confused as to why the police would want to cover it up if it was a murder. Unless the police killed him I see no reason they would want to say it was suicide if it wasn't. Statements made by a bunch of scared kids who just saw their friend die are not exactly reliable ever. I think people are looking for conspiracies where there aren't any!


One does not try to hide evidence when relevant.


The witnesses were not friends of Jake's. He was there to possibly sell the firearm to one of the males, who was an acquaitance of a distant friend. Why on earth would someone who was thinking about killing himself, do it in front of a bunch of people he didn't know? "What a Waste"- at least you got your name right. I take it you do not have kids (Thank God!). Otherwise you know that any parent would spend any amount of money to find out the truth about their child's death.

Kottage Kat

This was not Suicide
Good job SR
keep the pressure one


How deep can you dig that hole, Dean Henry?


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

Kottage Kat

Titan fan
Have you read any of the articles.
If not or you are unable to read, please have someone read them to you.
Anyone with basic intelligence can smell a rat in this one a mile away.
You seem to be cold and heartless
pity for you is the best I can do


Pity for me I think everyone is tired of reading about how this kid killed himself and his family can't get over it SR please stop wasting the ink to print this story

Darwin's choice

I'm not tired of it! Something is rotten here, Stevie Wonder can see it, so don't speak for me!


I'm not saying it was suicide or it was accidental or what, but I can tell you there are a LOT of things that don't add up. I believe the family has the right to the truth. I hope they get the closure they seek.


simple as this... If YOU are tired of reading about this.. THEN STOP READING IT! Better yet why even take the time to move your fingers and reply to it? Hmmm. Maybe your either A. Related to a Sandusky County official involved in this.. B. Your one of these morons in Sandusky County that is suppose to help this family & is NOT doing your job. C. your one of these Teenagers parent.friend.relation in some way.. Because if you were a PARENT you would want answers to how your CHILD died.. you control what you read.. so don't read the stories if your "tired" of seeing it... plain and simple.. And your wrong "everyone" ain't tired of seeing this story. I am tired of SANDUSKY COUNTY NOT doing their J-O-B!!!! And so is so many other people in this community! Keep up the good work Sandusky Register!


The problem starts with the word suicide. If the coroner would have listed this as accidental would this whole situation be playing out?

Not sure how Henry will do with this case but he is a pretty good defense attorney otherwise.

Kottage Kat



my oh my

Only comment here is no comment.Why did the "witnesses" under oath during their depositions done by the plaintiffs make statements regarding russian roulette comments?Normally bad things result from the same unfortunately.Alcohol and firearms don't mix well.Let this unfortunate incident serve as a wakeup call for today's youth and young adults especially when it comes to underage drinking...Be thankful that was the only person injured/killed that evening and no one else injured/killed on the highway from drunk driving upon leaving residence.




I have a serious question here. A few days ago the register covered a story about how a 48 yr. old male passed away in Sandusky County. They felt it was do a health issues but,, (SANDUSKY COUNTY) sent him out to Lucas county for an autopsy. Now I am a little confused here.?! You have a 19yr.old and 3 Teenagers and a fatal gun shot and you(SANDUSKY COUNTY)MORONS find NO need to send Jake off for further testing or even do a proper investigation? O my! This shows exactly how this case was botched and covered since! And for Sandusky County and Dean Henery to worry about what the public thinks is ridiculous! You (sandusky County) are SCARED the PUBLIC has MORE sense then all your big egos and all the Bs you walk around with! This family should NOT have to fight or spend ANY money to see what the truth was that KILLED their son! ANY PARENT WOULD WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR KID! Karma will come one day to anyone who have had their hand in this mess! But NOBODY should fault these WONDERFUL PARENTS for wanting the FACTS AND TRUTH to what happened to THEIR SON! A mother carried him for 9 months and raised him for 19 years & A father raised him and taught him to be a great father and a good man and a hard worker. EVERY MOTHER & FATHER OUT THERE SHOULD BE SUPPORTING THIS FAMILY! I for one will stand and fight and do whatever I need to and help! Please join in and message,call,write EVERY NEWS AGENCY LOCAL AND NATIONAL and DEMAND HELP AND JUSTICE FOR THEM AND JAKE!

Julie R.



I wish SR would continue the coverage on this. Like alot of you said there is something fishy going on and it needs to be addressed- too bad the family had to take the steps to find out the truth. Sad situaton all around. Keep up the good work SR!!!!!

Cracked Cherry

This is like a bad dream for those kids in that house that night. They thought this was done and over with. Now the truth will come out and some one will be held accountable in this homicide.


I am glad that the SR is doing their part to keep this case in the spot light! While some, like titanfan84 may be tired of reading about it, those of us who knew and loved Jacob and his family are grateful that his death is not being swept under the rug. The crux of this case is NOT parents' denial - it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE that Jacob pulled the trigger, either intentionally or unintentionally. I would think that any resident of Sandusky County would DEMAND answers from their elected officials...the next botched case could involve you or one of your loved ones. Maybe it is easier to judge this family if you are not personally involved or if you have not experienced the loss and devastation that the Limberios' have. I pray that the truth comes to light so that Jacob can finally rest in peace. God bless the Limberios family, Kayleigh and little Ella. Justice for Jacob!


Only newspapers can expose the corruption. Newspapers did expose Watergate and other cover-ups. The powers that be are protected by the powers that be.

Corrupt Kentucky sheriff brought down by reporters
"CBS News) A pen and a pistol were the tools one young Kentucky newspaper reporter needed during his investigation of his hometown sheriff. Adam Sulfridge exposed corruption in local law enforcement in his rural Kentucky county and ended up with an award-winning story and enough death threats against him that he had to start carrying a gun."