Huron principal right to stop 'dirty dancing'

Feb 17, 2013

Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in today's Sunday Register: It seems these school officials are damned if they do, damned if they don’t when it comes to managing student behavior at school dances.

We think Huron High School principal Scott Matheny did the right thing earlier this month when he refused to allow students to 'dirty dance' during a school-sponsored event.


Here's a link to a previous 'dirty dancing' story. For the rest of today's editorial Viewpoint, click here for the e*Paper or buy a copy of the Sunday Register at a newsstand near you plus advertiser coupons and specials that will save you hundreds of dollars on your next shopping trip. 


Parents entrust the schools with their children, and it’s up to school officials to make sure students are acting appropriately.

It’s not up to them to guess whose parents will or won’t approve. They have to set a standard appropriate for a school function, which rightly should err on the conservative side.

If parents want to host a private party and take responsibility for the teens’ behavior, they can do so. But we totally stand with school officials in requiring these students to act like young ladies and gentlemen while they’re at a school function.

Some of these teens might even thank them for it once they become old fuddy-duddies — like us.


Click here for the e*Paper or buy a copy of the Sunday Register at a newsstand near you plus advertiser coupons and specials that will save you hundreds of dollars on your next shopping trip. 



Id rather see this than butt cheek hanging out all over town........


@Jerry, why are you looking at the rear-ends of minors? All over town, no less?


When they wear their pants around their THIGHS it is hard to MISS the butts all over town. If you let your rear end hang out in fancy boxers, no less, you MUST want people to look at it!

looking around

Those moves are nothing new.....we perfected them in the back seat at the drive in movies, we just never jumped out of the car to demonstrate them to the family in the car next to us!


Kudos to the principal!




Really? Trying to shut Pandora's Box that was opened so long ago? Good luck with that. :)


It's really simple. Cancel all school sponsored dance or dances held at a school building.

Easy button.

BW1's picture

Amen. We pay taxes for schools to educate children during the day, not entertain them in the evening. Let the parents who want their kids to behave with some class sponsor a dance with their rules, and let the parents who want to let their kids run like dogs in heat sponsor a grind-fest. The government has no place deciding questions of culture and morality, so get it out of the business of hosting events that implicate those questions.


I guess they should then cancel football, basketball, band concerts. These are all activities that happen after school hours.

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Absolutely - providing sports teams is not a compelling public interest.
Better to follow the European model of club teams - end the linkage of sports teams to schools, and in so doing, end the NCAA, with all those rules propping up the charade that it's anything but a business.


Patrick Swayze would be proud.


Great movie!

Tsu Dho Nimh

If the kids don't like the rules, then they don't have to have a school dance.


This is where the parents should act like parents and tell their it's not alright to dance like they're in a strip club....

Schools should stop having dances...period... it would be better than caving in ...and ya know that's what will happen.


The parents and kids are not upset that the principal is taking a stand on "grinding" -they are upset that the principal did not announce his policy until the day BEFORE the dance over the PA system AFTER the tickets were sold. He also refused to return the money to students who no longer wanted to attend.
It isn't the policy but the way it was presented to the students.

Dont Worry Be Happy

If the kids can not go to the dance and fun without dirty dancingthen these kids have issues. Its like people who can't have fun without consuming alcohol, I personally like to remember the fun I had. Parents need to control their kids and teach them about personal values. I for one would be embarresed if my kid dirty danced at a high school function.


are you serously OK with this type of activity at schools? he shouldnt even need to make it a rule, kids should know better, so should parents!


Wow a whole days notice! ( being sarcastic) Since when do student and parents need a warning? It should have been a given right from the start!
If my kid ever got called on the carpet about dirty Dancing at a school dance, trust me.. There would be hell to pay when they got home!

Tsu Dho Nimh

I guess I am taken back that anyone would assume that dry sex on the dance floor would be allowed. It should not even need to be announced.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Soooo true

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

You are so right, TDN !


windyglenn, are you kidding me. Your going to say he was wrong? He shouldn't of even had to say that over the pa. Your sticking up for this because he didn't tell the kids in enough time they couldn't pretty much do it on the dance floor. I bet it doesn't bother you one bit (if you have kids) that yours might be doing this. And we wonder why our kids and this country is messed up.



Darwin's choice

listen to all the "saintly" commenters posting..............


I've never claimed to be a saint, but, I knew how to behave in public around teachers/ and other adults when I was in school.

Don S

Back in 1962 Huron. We did do some dirty dancing, but you knew it was against the rules and knew that you would be thrown out of the dance, if caught. But today's dirty dancing goes way beyond what we did then. Today's dirty dancing is actually rubbing the sex parts together and should not be allowed, as a rule for a school dances. The kids know this, so they have no excuse nor arguement about the rules the principal announced. These parents that are condeming the principal, for setting standards, should be ashamed of their own actions in this one.

Kottage Kat

@ Dons
It was shagging
Lots different
Fun though thought we were really the kats-sass


Well, hell, come to think of it, all that's missing is the girls wearing kneepads, with the way they're bent over "grinding" they could get both ends done..

Yeah I know, I'm being crass and crude... and brutally honest.


I just hope they wear "protection". We don't need unwanted babies or diseases.