Perkins levy vote is referendum on size of township gov't

Jan 28, 2013


Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in today's Register: Voters approved a fire levy in November, but the operations levy supplements the police department, highway and roads and nearly every other part of government services. There's plenty of time between now and the May election to argue the specifics, but residents will be demanding smaller government if they vote down the operations levy this year. 

That much will be clear. 


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Folks, this is the time to start controlling our government. It may only be at the township level but it's a start. Next we can reduce the size of our county or state and the federal government.

It's a start. Take back control from bureaucrats.

Tell it how it is.

Donut guy. So what do you want??? No Local police or zoning officials? No public schools? Privatization? You keep calling for this stuff with no solutions. You want less government but where? Your input is not constructive. What are your solutions. I can buy you saying we need no police department or we should all by four weel drive vehicles and forget cleaning roads but you need to offer some solutions instead of arranging coup.



In Erie County only their are 51 separate fiefdoms to head, have assistants and department heads and then we have boots on the ground for each. The bureaucratic burden is stifling. Consolidate or close some of these department. We need to eliminate paper pushers. We need to tell our state and federal governments no more unfunded mandates that add nothing but an additional employee for paperwork.


In the Perk, we don't need police. Let the county and Sandusky patrol as the do anyway. Sell off the Chargers and fix some infrastructure.


Wrong! Police are needed everywhere! This levy needs to pass to keep our township running safely!

Are you or have you ever been a wife of a police officer??? I am, and it is a thankless job for my husband. They are not respected, and 1 bad one gives all the good ones a bad name.

Yes, it may raise taxes, but they will be raised regardless. Lets pass this levy to keep our streets safe. Hopefully it will bring back those four unfortunate officers who have been laid off, who probably have families of their own. I thought 'Obozo' was going to "increase" jobs everywhere

Wake up people, we are in a safer area, do you want it to go downhill???


Then get ready to have the streets look like Sandusky's after a snow storm. Remember how everyone complained on here about the city streets after the snowstorm in November? Everyone is complaining that if the schools had been maintained properly, they wouldn't be in such bad shape as they are now. Well, what do you think will happen to the township roads?

And when you need the sheriff, you can wait til they get back from the other end of the county. There will be more shoplifting which will raise costs for consumers. If you think it's going to save you money to not have a police dept, you're mistaken. The sheriff/county can't afford to hire more deputies and they will need to increase your taxes and still not have the manpower that we have now. Ask yourself...why did I move or choose to live in Perkins instead of Sandusky?


Answer: Because it is safer. For a while. Until the crazies get people to vote no on everything that makes government work for them.




I don't have a horse in this race, but how much is too much. Last week Phil Michelson said he was going to move from California because his effective tax rate was 63.9%. Granted, he makes more money in a month than most of us make in a decade, but most taxes on the rich usually trickle down to "us." Look at our Federal government, they are broke and I dare say will be in receivership with in a decade if spending is not reigned in. The states and municipalities are not far behind. We all want to be safe, secure and happy, but those things cost money but at what cost? Are you willing to give over 50 percent of your income to the Federal, State, County and Local government to have this? We are at a crossroads right now, do we want freedom and liberty or do we want want to give up the freedom that our founding father's fought for?